Buying Shoes on Amazon (All You Need to Know!)

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There are a lot of choices, so it can be overwhelming when deciding which shoes to buy. You want to get the best deal without compromising quality! Here is what you need to know before buying shoes on Amazon.

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Buying Shoes on Amazon

If you're looking for sandals, sneakers, or boots, Amazon has a wide variety of shoe brands and styles. Many options make it easier to find what you want! To avoid counterfeit shoes on Amazon, go for sneakers sold and shipped by Amazon instead of thor-party sellers.

Types of Shoes Available on Amazon

Different kinds of shoes are available on Amazon, and it can be hard to track them all. Whether you are looking for children's, men’s, or women's shoes, Amazon has a wide selection. Here are some of our favorite types:

Most of these boots are made from leather or suede and have rubber soles, making them waterproof. Thus, you will not have to worry about getting your feet wet when wearing them in the rain or snow.

Whether you're looking for hiking boots, dressier shoes, or casual shoes and sandals for a special occasion, Amazon has your style!

Shoe Brands Available on Amazon

Amazon's shoe selection is as diverse as its inventory. This giant marketplace carries a range of shoe brands from famous footwear manufacturers, including Nike and Adidas. The wide selection on Amazon makes it easy for shoppers to find their favorite shoes at affordable prices. The top-selling shoe brands on Amazon include;

Besides the renowned brands, Amazon also stocks generic shoe brands that will cost you less but guarantee quality wear!

How to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Shoes on Amazon

Amazon is a reliable marketplace for buying quality shoes. Fake brands find their way to the platform due to the company's size. In most cases, counterfeit shoes are sold by third-party vendors. Thus, any shoes sold directly by Amazon are reliable and not fake! Here are some tips on how to avoid buying counterfeit shoes on Amazon:

1. Buy through Amazon or from verified sellers only

The best way to avoid counterfeit goods is by buying from verified sellers only. Verified sellers carry badges on their pages listing their status and can also use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

The odds of receiving fake goods increase when you buy from unverified sellers because they don't have a reputation on Amazon. Buying from an official seller helps ensure that your product will be genuine. These sellers are often verified by Amazon and have established reputations for selling quality products.

2. Check the seller's rating

Look at the overall rating and recent ratings of any sellers you're considering purchasing from. If they offer big discounts or free shipping deals that seem too good to be true, be extra keen on their ratings. If there are complaints about fake products on the seller’s page, it may be best not to buy from them.

3. Avoid buying from third-parties

Many counterfeit sellers sell their goods through third-party sellers on Amazon. These sellers tend to have low prices compared to the manufacturer's website and other online retailers, but the items they sell may be fake. Always check that the seller is listed as an authorized dealer by the manufacturer before making a purchase.

4. Check return policies before you buy

If the seller does not allow returns or does not respond to inquiries about returns, that's a red flag. If a seller is legitimate, it will provide information about its returns policy.

What is Amazon's Return Policy for Shoes?

Amazon has a straightforward return policy for shoes bought from a verified dealer on the platform. If you ordered shoes that are not the right size or don’t like what has been delivered, you qualify for a full refund. However;

While Amazon is a credible shopping platform, they might send you an incorrect size or the wrong order. When this happens, you can always return the product. Ensure to comply with the return policy to qualify for a full refund on your purchases!


No matter what your shoe style need is, Amazon got your back! The platform has a variety of shoe designs in different colors and sizes. However, you must be keen not to fall for counterfeit brands!

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