Buying a TV on Amazon (What Should You Know?)

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Buying a TV online offers you incredible comfort since you have to make a few clicks on your phone while relaxing on the couch, and you'll have a brand-new TV delivered to your door a few days later. You can choose your ideal brand from the several brands Amazon offers you. Continue reading to learn more about buying a TV from Amazon.

Amazon, the largest e-commerce website, offers several popular brands of televisions. If you have a particular brand in mind, you can easily filter your search results and have your TV delivered in one to two days if you have Amazon prime.

Furthermore, Amazon saves you the hustle by offering you free installation services if you buy a smart TV. In this article, you will learn more about buying a TV from Amazon, their return policy if you don't want the TV, and some of the brands available on the Amazon website.

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Buying a TV on Amazon

Amazon is a convenient and reliable place to shop for a new TV. They offer a wide selection of TV brands, including popular ones like Samsung, Sony, and LG. If you are a Prime member, you can get free shipping on your purchase.

Amazon also offers TV installation services for Smart TVs, so you can have your new TV set up and ready to use as soon as it arrives. Keep in mind that not all brands may be eligible for Prime shipping, so be sure to check the shipping details before you make your purchase.

Does Amazon Provide a Service to Install Televisions In Customers' Homes?

Once you order your TV from Amazon, the Amazon delivery staff will install the TV for you, but the after-sales service is only limited to Smart TVs. Additionally, they will provide you with a TV bracket and still assist you with mounting, loading, and testing your TV's hardware.

Again, if you request them, they will send a qualified technician to your home to help you set up the TV and Alexa integration. Amazon not only offers an installation service but will also provide cable management so that you can organize your TV cables neatly.

Do TVs Qualify for Free Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime?

To its Prime members, Amazon offers expedited delivery options for some televisions within one to two days. Sadly, One Day and Two Day shipping are not always available in all areas. Again, Most of the televisions sold by Amazon are eligible for standard Prime delivery, which is free for Prime members.

To check whether or not you are eligible, you can check the guidelines on the left side of relevant Amazon product search pages. Even if you don't meet the requirements for One Day or Two Day delivery, you can still get a TV using Prime's standard shipping service and have it delivered to your door in around four to five days.

Can You Return a TV Bought from Amazon?

You can opt to return your TV set for any reason, but it must be within 30 days after it is delivered. However, you must return it in a brand new condition, in its original packaging, and delete any personal data by factory resetting for Amazon to accept it. Amazon will pay for the shipping costs associated with the return or replacement of the item if it is broken or damaged.

When Customers Return Their Televisions to Amazon, What Does the Company Do with Them? and Direct Liquidation are two examples of online liquidation websites that benefit from the returned goods sold by The websites sell them to anyone willing to purchase them, ranging from opportunistic online merchants who believe in shopping for cheap and selling expensive to fortune seekers expecting to make a significant discovery.

Is Amazon a Good Option for Purchasing a TV?

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy just about anything today, and purchasing a television is not an exception to this rule. You won't find a more extensive selection anywhere else, and no other merchant will provide thousands upon thousands of reviews written by other customers to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

How Many Exchanges or Returns Can a Customer Do Using Amazon?

Even though Amazon does not have a return restriction that is stated clearly, it is fair to assume that the website will take notice of customers who return nearly every item they place. Returns are a common aspect of online shopping; nevertheless, if you send back 5-10 of your purchase each month or more, Amazon may send you a warning email. If this is your situation, you should read that email carefully.

Can TVs Be Damaged During Shipping?

Televisions can get damaged; however, this incidence is relatively uncommon. It is very challenging to transport delicate items such as electronics globally. Each year, Amazon improves its shipping methods based on what they've learned about what works and what doesn't.

You may request that eligible products be replaced using the "Your Orders" section of the Amazon website if you got a damaged, faulty, or erroneous TV that Amazon sold. To return your TV: Navigate to Your Orders and pick the button next to the product you need to replace.

Does Amazon Need You to Sign an Agreement to Get a Television?

Once you purchase items from Amazon, signing upon their delivery is not mandatory. Even so, a few Amazon sellers may request a signature upon delivery, and they can enforce this policy for specific brands of televisions strictly. If you want to know more about the policies of the TV you are interested in buying, you should visit the brand's official website or the seller page on the e-commerce platform Amazon.

Which TV Brands Are Available On Amazon?

Amazon offers a wide range of TV brands you can choose from, such as Samsung, TCL, Sony, Skyworth, LG, Hisense, Jensen, Free Signal TV, and JVC are just a few of the brands now available.

The sizes of these TVs vary from twenty to seventy inches, and their quality is from about ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K to standard HD (1080p) to high-definition (720p). Their prices will vary by manufacturer and TV size. You can narrow your search results by typing the brand name you are looking for in Amazon's search bar.


A TV from Amazon can be one of your best decisions, especially if you are a Prime member. You will get a variety of brands to choose from, and if they deliver a broken or faulty TV, you can quickly return it to them, and they will replace it at no extra cost. Although Amazon does not limit you from making returns on items you buy, they are keen to notice if you do it habitually and will send you an email.

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