A Complete Guide about Biggest Amazon Warehouse in 2022

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Amazon is the largest online marketplace with a wide range of products. Amazon offers different types of services to its customers like Logistics, Software, etc, and has set up its warehouses across the globe. Curious to know the largest Amazon warehouses in the world in 2022? This guide will talk about the e-commerce giant's warehouses and what makes them different from other companies.

The Amazon Fulfillment Centers are some of the biggest in the world. The company has been making headlines for its growth and success for years, but it's not just about being big—it's about being fast. As one of the most innovative companies globally, Amazon is always looking for ways to get packages from one side of the planet to another in record time. This comprehensive guide will show you all of the biggest Amazon warehouses to see how this fantastic company operates globally.

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What Was the Largest Amazon Warehouse in 2022?

The giant Amazon warehouse in the U.S., and possibly the world, is located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. This massive building standing at 3.6 million square feet, is five stories tall, with 80,000 square feet of offices on the top floor. It's so large that it can hold over 1 million products, making it one of the enormous warehouses in the country.

How Big is the Largest Amazon Fulfilment Center in the World?

If you're a retailer, the size of your fulfillment center is a pretty big deal. It's where your products live and where they're packaged and shipped out to customers. And there's no bigger fulfillment center in the world than Amazon's sortation center in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

The building is 3.6 million square feet and has five stories of highly automated warehousing facilities, which amounts to 80,000 square feet of office space for employees. It also has a huge parking lot that can accommodate over 1,000 vehicles.

How Many Square Feet Are Amazon Warehouses?

As a company that sells many products, including those shipped directly to consumers, Amazon has come a long way in building out its physical infrastructure over the years.

Amazon's first fulfillment centers were opened in Seattle and Delaware in 1997, with the Seattle facility covering 93,000 square feet and the Delaware one 202,000 square feet.

Today, Amazon's sortable fulfillment centers are 800,000 square feet on average, while non-sortable fulfillment centers are 600,000- 1 million square feet.

The company has continued to expand these facilities over the years; they are now aiming for multi-million square footage to enhance their facilities further.

Which Amazon Warehouses in California Are the Largest?

Amazon is no stranger to the California warehousing game. The company has over 25 warehouses in the state, but the largest by far is the Moreno Valley facility. Located at 1,250,000 square feet and sitting on 75 acres of land, this warehouse is about twice as big as the state's second-largest Amazon warehouse.

Where Are the Biggest Amazon Warehouses in the U.S. Located?

Amazon has several large warehouses in the United States. The company's largest warehouse is located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee being Amazon's first robotics fulfillment center, and it's pretty large—3.6 million square feet, to be precise. It includes 80,000 square feet of office space and five stories of automated warehouse facilities.

It won't be Amazon's largest for long: the company plans to open another facility in Colorado near the Springs Airport that will measure 4 million square feet when complete.

How Many Warehouses Does Amazon Have in the U.S.?

Amazon has around 110 distribution centers in the U.S., with plans to open more.

The company uses its network of warehouses to store and ship all of its products, which means that it can offer fast and reliable delivery to almost all country areas.

Amazon uses its distribution centers to fulfill orders made by consumers through its website or mobile apps and those placed by businesses that sell products through Amazon Marketplace. Employees can fulfil these orders from a single location or several warehouses depending on product weight and size and the time frame between order placement and delivery.

Where is the Biggest Amazon Warehouse in the U.K. Located?

Amazon has several extensive facilities across the United Kingdom, but the biggest is situated in Tilbury on the outskirts of London. The company's warehouse covers two million square feet and employs over 1,000 people. The warehouse has its robots to navigate the factory and process speedy fulfillment orders. Employees finish up the orders for shipment and then send them off to customers.

Another large facility covering 1 million square feet at Dunfermline in Scotland also plays a role in Amazon's success across Britain.

How Big are Amazon Warehouses in Asia?

The Amazon fulfillment centers in Asia are no less impressive than those in the United States.

There are currently more than 60 fulfillment centers in 15 states across India, and they have collectively made up more than 8 million square feet of space. That's not even counting the sortable fulfillment centers, which tend to be about 800,000 square feet each.

Where Are Large Amazon Warehouses in Australia Located?

Amazon is one of the world's largest companies. It's also one of the biggest employers in Australia, with more than a thousand employees working at its warehouses across the country.

In Sydney, the largest of these is Goodman/Brickworks' Oakdale West Industrial Estate. The mammoth fulfillment center spans 200,000 square meters—more than four times the size of an average football field.

Amazon runs eight other fulfillment centers in Australia: two in Moorebank, two in Dandenong South, one in Brisbane, and one in Perth and Melbourne.

How Many Warehouses Does Amazon Have Worldwide?

Amazon has 110 fulfillment centers in the U.S. and 185 total centers worldwide. Some fulfillment centers are sortable while others are non-sortable to help fulfill orders faster.

In addition to these centers, Amazon also has at least 1,500 full-time associates working in them to make sure that your orders get out on time. You can find the locations of these fulfillment centers in North America, the U.K, the E.U, Asia, and Australia—so no matter where you live or what products you buy from Amazon, there's a good chance that your items will come from one of these warehouses.

Bottom Line

The Amazon warehouse in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is the company's largest facility globally. It's also one of the most environmentally friendly warehouses in the world.

Amazon has over 100 fulfillment centers throughout the United States and Europe alone. They also have many distribution centers worldwide and sortation centers that help them deliver items.

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