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Do you want to explore the secrets and work hours at the Big Lots? Please read our detailed Big Lots Hours article to the end, learn more about when they open and close, and arrange for the next trip to purchase from the popular retail store effectively. Learn from experts and enjoy an impressive shopping experience.

Shopping has advanced; today, many customers place orders online and wait for deliveries. Therefore, depending on your location, many online retailers have physical stores for in-person purchases. But you sure have heard about the famous Big Lots store when you are based in America. Among the reliable stores in the region, this store ranks as the best, with numerous collections of merchandise as well as household items.

The only issue is that you might not know the Big Lots working hours. The opening and closing hours are sometimes confusing, but this is why we are here today for a detailed guide.

This article will explore the Big Lots Hours from opening to closing and during the holidays. We will cover everything to give you an ideal shopping experience. First-timers and seasoned shoppers, rest assured and have a proper planning schedule.

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Big Lots Overview

Big Lots is the largest and most prominent American retail store that offers numerous home discounts. The company has well-spread retail stores in about 48 states and is ranked among the best-in-class ecommerce platforms because it has expanded in terms of delivery and claim fulfillment power.

Big Lots was established with the aim of helping customers not only live big but also targets to help save a lot. Hence, in the collection, customers are exposed to multiple access to seasonal and treasure decor, pet supplies,  food items, kitchenware, cleaning essentials, laundry, etc.

The company is also regarded as the recipient of the Home Textile Retail Titan Award of 2021. These guys are headquartered in Columbus-Ohio. There is a lot you can learn from the available information. Though the working hours seem confusing, we intend to break it down for ease of understanding.

Big Lots Hours

As we stated, Big Lots has stores well distributed in about 48 states. But for the available information, these stores primarily open at 6 am and close at 9 pm Monday through Sunday. The company's website states that its standard operating hours are 12 hours daily. This only exception is during the holidays, which we will discuss later. But we recommend you navigate to their website and use the store finder to analyze the specific store working hours from the locality.

If you intend to grasp the working hours of Big Lots on special occasions like the weekends, holidays, or senior hours, then let us keep reading together until the end. We will have many critical tips and important facts about this company.

Though Big Lots remains in operation for 12 hours from Monday through Sunday, these hours might vary, and the whole story depends on the store's location. Most of these stores open at 9 am and close at 9 pm. However, the stores in busy streets, such as Big Lots Southwest and Las Vegas information, indicate that they open at 8 am while closing hours remain at 9 pm.

Also, note that these working hours tend to change during the stipulated public holidays, but on Christmas, the stores remain closed.

Big Lots hours on the public Holiday and weekend

While the company nomination says that the operating hours are 12 hours daily from 9 am to 9 pm, there are few exceptions. When the store is located in busy areas, these guys open at 8 am during the weekend. It is advisable to always move with time, and thus, we still insist that we head to the website and use the store locator feature for more information on the opening and closing hours during the weekend and normal working days.

When it comes to the public holiday hours, things change. The company honors these holidays as well, and as of 2023, there are a few listed holidays that the company has scheduled as follows:-

The other public holidays on which the company was on regular operating hours are as follows:- Good Friday, 15th April, 17th April. Easter is on Sunday, the 30th of May; Memorial Day is on Monday, the 4th of July; Independence Day is on Monday, the 5th of September; Labor Day on Monday, the 10th of October, celebrated as Columbus days; Veterans Day is on the 11th of November; Friday, days before thanksgiving 23rd November Wednesday, 24th December Christmas eve, 26th December boxing day and 31st December New Year eve Saturday is normal operating hours.

There are a few scheduled dates that the company rescheduled their operating hours. On the 24th of November, Thanksgiving Thursday, the stores opened from 7 am to midday; then, on the 25th of November, Black Friday, the stores opened at 6 am, while on Christmas Day, the 25th of December, the stores remained closed.

But you also have to note that all the local stores have the right to change their regular operating hours for the weekends and public holidays when necessary. However, these changes in the standard working hours depend on the traffic the store anticipates to receive during the holidays and weekends.

Big Lots hours on Black Friday

The company has regular working hours, 12 hours daily from Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. As per the available information, most stores extend their operating hours during black Friday.

Also, remember that these hours vary from one store to another. You can utilize the store locator tool to access more information concerning the black Friday working hours and local stores, which vary from one to the next.

These extended working hours of a particular Big Lots store are an initiative done by a specific store to serve customer traffic and give them more time to grab discounted items and lucrative deals.


Q. Do Big Lots remain closed on Thanksgiving day?

The information we shared in the above article indicates that the company remains open on Thanksgiving. Additionally, most of these stores open at 7 am because of the anticipated traffic; they close at 1 pm to give employees time to enjoy themselves with families and friends.

But the actual hours vary as well. Hence, accessing the solid working hours is available on the schedule of particular stores, which you can get through the use of the store locator. Make arrangements and visit the site using the zip code if you do not search the states and cities.

Q. Does Big Lots offer dedicated senior hours?

The good news is that the company, through the stores, offers dedicated senior hours targeting senior citizens. This decision is available with the aim of working as a preventive measure on the health concerns among the senior citizens in the stores.

The company says the senior hours are 9 am to 10 am. At this time, senior citizens are given priority before any available consumers. This means the store reserves special senior hours for customers above 65 and those with underlying health conditions vulnerable to infection or diseases.

The other stores at the Big Lots that offer senior hours are Food City, Costco wholesales, Aldi, Dollar Tree, Lidl, BJ wholesale, Lowes Food, etc. Follow up on these guys and learn more about the company, their stores, their pricing, and how they hire the employees.


In the above article, we have reviewed the Big Lots working hours. Ideally, most Big Lots stores open from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday. However, some stores have varying working hours determined by customer traffic.

In the article, we have seen that Big Lots are reliable retailers, and you can count on them even on the holidays as they maintain operating hours. Many customers have praised their flexibility and senior hours for vulnerable consumers. Unfortunately, the stores remain closed during Christmas.

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