12 Best Wholefood Multivitamin Brands for Your Health

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Have you been directed to buy wholefood multivitamins but need help on the best brand? Worry not. In this article, we shall guide you on the 12 best wholefood multivitamin brands in the market, which you won’t regret considering.

Routine uptake of wholefood multivitamins can be a great way of ensuring your body meets the necessary nutrient requirements. With so many brands in the market, unbeknownst to many, most brands produce synthetic multivitamins that do not meet the natural vitamin requirements as those made with whole food. For that reason, it can be cumbersome to shop for the best wholefood multivitamin brand. But keep in mind, there are some outstanding brands.

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What is Wholefood Multivitamins?

Wholefood multivitamins are vitamin supplements made with natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and herbs and are rich in nutrients compared to synthetic multivitamins. They are available in capsules, gummies, liquids, and paste. They can boost the body's immunity, energy levels, and even digestion. Some brands which manufacture wholefood multivitamins are;

1. Garden of Life

Garden of Life is an extraordinary multivitamin brand with 21+ assortments of capsules, gummies, tablets, liquids, and soft gels. It uses several fruits and thus is considered to have great potential nutrition-wise. It is a nice multivitamin brand to incorporate into your diet.

Garden of Life uses organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make products that support optimal health. Additionally, they offer formulas specifically designed for men, women, and children.

Key features

Its product prices range from $18-$42, depending on the variety.

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2. Ritual

Ritual is a science-driven brand. Its multivitamins are customized in a see-through capsule from which one can identify the ingredients used. Overall, it has proven to be the most loved brand, reflected by its subscribers online with great reviews.

Ritual is a great supplement rich in magnesium and vitamins D, E, and K.


It costs about $30-$35 per 30-day serving.

3. New Chapter

New Chapter supplements are made from organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They produce several sustainable multivitamins designed for men, women, and those for prenatal care. These multivitamins are beneficial in boosting energy, smoothening the skin, preventing hair breakage, and boosting growth.

The brand's four pillars of functionality include; being eco-friendly, waste reduction, giving back to the community, and climate-smart farming initiatives.

They support body health and well-being.

Key Feature

A bottle of this multivitamin costs about $20-$54.

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4. Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition also managed to get to our list of the 12 best wholefood multivitamin brands because of its great rating of 4.7 stars. The tablet is very soft on the stomach without an unpleasant aftertaste and is rich in minerals. It isn't a multivitamin, but its formula contains potent and easily absorbed nutrients for better immunity.

Ancient Nutrition formula contains an array of multi-collagen powders, which are important in the development and strengthening of joints, and they prevent skin inflammation.

Key Features

A serving for 45 days goes for $70.

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5. Pure Synergy

There’s a beautiful story behind the invention of Pure Synergy Multivitamins. From his personal experience, Mitchell May encouraged the world that their potential was within them. No matter one's current situation, it is possible to unleash your potential. In 1992, he invented a functional nutrition method that produced multivitamins from fermented whole foods manufactured using solar and wind power.

Key Features

Pure synergy costs around $33 for 30 servings.

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6. Thorne

Thorne is a science-driven brand, unlike several wholefood multivitamin brands. Thorne multivitamins do not contain extra herbs and enzymes. Also, it contains active folate, a source of Vitamin K2, which, alongside vitamin D, helps develop bones and cardiovascular disease.

Besides the vitamins, it is also made with green tea and curcumin, which are vital in relieving muscle and joint soreness. In addition, green tea lowers cholesterol in the body and boosts blood flow, while curcumin supports heart health. This brand is highly recommended for athletes.

However, it contains excess vitamin B.

Key Features

A three-month serving of Thorne costs about $67.

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7. Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations is a wholefood multivitamin brand with a great assortment of multivitamin supplements. They are supplements specially designed to balance genetic variations in the body like auto-immune, while others are designed to boost energy and the general well-being of the body like supported breast cell health, prevention and treatment of UTI for women, boost eyesight, and some are essential for emotional health.

Key Features

A month’s serving costs about $33-$70.

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8. FullWell

FullWell is a popular Multivitamin basically for its reproduction benefits. Besides boosting nutritional needs during and after the natal period in women, it boosts men’s reproductive and sperm health.

It is rich in Choline supplements that boost the development of the fetus. And it has extra dosages of vitamin D that can optimize those available in pregnant moms. It, however, lacks Omega and iron.

Key Features

They are priced at $50 per container of 30 servings.

9. Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants Multivitamins works well for adults of all ages and sex. They contain omega-3 for general body health, which reduces the risk of chronic diseases and prevents skin inflammation. Also, they contain added sugars with no artificial flavors or synthetic colors. On the other hand, Smarty Pants for Kids is also rich in omega 3s, thus good for kids' brains as it supports learning and cognition.

Key Features

Their prices range from $21 for kids and $33 for adults.

10. Naturelo

Naturelo is a great nutrition supplement and is considered very fresh, made from fruits and vegetable blends and other fermented ingredients to produce an undeniably rich nutrition supplement in high demand.

Key Features

It costs about $20-$50, and a two-month serving for $80.

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11. Nature’s Own

The founder of Nature's Own was driven by his personal experience of the great role vitamins played when he was very sick. Upon recovery, he decided to put that into action. He started this brand which produces over 50 multivitamins for women, men, and children, each designed uniquely to suit its purpose.

 Key Features

12. SiSu

SiSu is a clinically tested supplement best designed for general body wellness. It supports the body's immune system, boosting eyesight and bone health. Some contain iron, while some don't have it.

A bottle with a two months dosage goes for $25.

Key Features

Are Multivitamins Beneficial?

Yes, Multivitamins are critical as they supplement the body with vitamins and minerals and ensure adequate uptake of minerals. Such reduces the risk of deficiency of those nutrients. Some of the groups that benefit from these supplements include;

How to Shop For the Best Wholefood Multivitamin?

1. Brand

While every brand is dedicated to producing the best wholefood multivitamin, eventually, there must be an outstanding one. From the information provided above and by checking reviews online, you will be in a position to make a sound choice.

2. Quality

Manufacturers used different raw materials to manufacture their products. It’s therefore advisable to sample each brand’s ingredients to figure out what goes well with you.

3. Purpose

We all use supplements for various reasons. Shop for one that suits your purpose, as there are vast varieties for specific purposes and some for general benefits.

If you have health issues, seek professional advice from your doctor!

4. Functionality

While it is cheaper to purchase a multipurpose wholefood multivitamin for the whole family, it is better to purchase specific multivitamins for specific gender and age as it can be more beneficial.


Multivitamins play a vital role in our bodies. Shopping for the right multivitamin requirement is highly recommended. All you need to do is seek professional advice on what your body requirements or deficiency are and then check with our list to know which among the 12 best wholefood multivitamin brands listed above produces the one which matches the requirements before going ahead to order yours.

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