Puritan’s Pride Vitamins Review: Is It Working As Well As It Should?

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Do Puritan Pride Vitamins serve the intended purpose in your body? Read our articles and explore the health and wellness supplements, vitamins, and nutrients from Puritan Pride for full-body wellness. Please find out more from our Puritan Pride Vitamin reviews.

Vitamins and supplements are very vital not only for human beings but also for pets and kudos. As a result, many Americans are shifting to online supplements and vitamins or nutrients online. Puritan’s Pride is one brand that aims to offer these supplements only with a click.

The company claims it has been operating for over five decades and has gained enough experience to be trusted for selling wellness and health products. Though it is based in the US, there is more you need to know about Puritan Pride.

In this Puritan’s Pride Vitamins review, we will guide you through the brand's best-selling supplements and products, the customer feedback from online platforms, the mission, history, and quality of the services, or where to get the products. This way, you will be able to make the right decision. So keep reading with us to the end.

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Puritan’s Pride Vitamins Review

Puritan’s Pride is a brand that was launched in 1973 and wanted to ensure that customers have access to quality vitamins at the same time they maintain transparency on the ingredients. And they clearly make it simple on the website that what you see on the product's label is what is involved and what you will get.

The company guarantees that all the ingredients are typically unique and raw to a particular area. The materials are sourced from around the world in 106 countries. For instance, the company sources fish oil from South Africa. Once the brand has received the ingredients, they inspect and test them.

This indicates Puritan Pride controls all the manufacturing stages. Therefore, the company makes and sources the products for distribution—all formulations and ingredients are FDA-approved. The company has been growing and expanding. Today, it offers over 1000 products. You can get supplements for humans, kudos, and pets. There are vast categories of items to select from.

As earlier stated,  Puritan’s Pride aims to offer the nutrients, supplements, and vitamins you need for your wellness and health. Therefore, you can shop based on the deficiency and ailments as long as you know what you want to order. These range from energy support to eye health products, blood sugar support, etc. the brand has a large customer base on Facebook and other social media platforms.

This far, you have a clue about the brand. However, it is time to go deeper besides the overview. Therefore, here are Puritan’s Pride vitamins’ pros and cons to guide you along.

Puritan’s Pride Pros:

Puritan’s Pride Cons:

Why We Like Puritan’s Pride Vitamins

The fact that Puritan offers supplements, vitamins, and nutrients for human beings and pets, as well as an impressive over 1k products to select from, makes us fall in love with this brand. They offer all you need to meet your health and wellness needs. These ranges from essential oils to nutritious snacks and skin care products.

Therefore, to help you understand it much better, in this review. We will go into some of the best-selling products from Puritan pride. But we recommend that you consult your doctor on health-related products.

Most Puritan pride products come in a pack of two. When you buy one product, they offer you one for free. Customers can decide to buy the products in the bundle of five items which only costs you the price of two items. This is encouraging.

Best-Selling Puritan's Pride Vitamins

The best-selling and most popular Puritan’s Pride Vitamin on the market and from their website is Puritan’s Pride Mega Vita-Min Multivitamin is the perfect choice to bolster your health and is meant for adults to swallow a pill daily after a meal. The second is Puritan’s Pride Melatonin, which is good when you have issues sleeping as it can help battle jet lag and perfect the sleep cycle.

The next best seller is Puritan’s Pride Omega-3 Fish Oil. Besides the meant purposes, the product also works well in supplementing the skin and joint health. There are many popular products like Puritan’s Pride Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine good to boost your immunity. Puritan’s Pride Probiotic 10 with Vitamin D is good in helping your body fortify so that you can feel better and healthier. There is also Puritan’s Pride Garcinia Cambogia containing HCA as the active component and other ingredients that control sugar metabolism.

The list is endless; instead, we would not fail to mention the likes of Puritan’s Pride Milk Thistle and Puritan’s Pride Retinol Cream. However, Puritan’s Pride Retinol Cream is a skincare product from this brand.

From the review online, we also noted that the brand offers FDA-Approved products to customers. In addition, even though most of the products are formulated for adults, there are also specific supplements and other products meant for pets and children.

Customer Review

For this review to be complete, we also had to mention customer feedback on multiple products. Well, the extensive collection of products is promising, and many people love it; still, some people must read the testimonials to be convinced.

Since there are many websites with reviews for the brand and products, we will start with the official website Puritans Pride. There are many featured influencer reviews on the platform. Most people are impressed with the quality, instant results, affordability, and collection. One of the Influencers recommends saying:

"With all of the task on my plate, I've had the most stressful weeks of my life. Anxiety and insomnia have taken over. And because a stressful week demands rest. Melatonin has been helping me feel more refreshed and excited for the day!!! That, and sticking to a routine as much as possible! The gummy melatonin are definitely my favorite."

On the Beautymnl.com site, Vitamin D3 400 IU Bundle gets 4.8 stars after 58 reviews. This shows how satisfied the customers are with the product from around the world. The latest customer reviews on the site complement the vitamin, saying:

"Very sulit. This is one of the most powerful supplements I've ever acquired. It had been shaken en route, so there were powdery remnants in the bottle. I'll buy it once more."

There are plenty of reviews on Walmart. For instance, Puritan's Pride in Vitamins & Supplements has different products, and Q-SORB CoQ-10 200 gm gets 5 stars after 99 reviews, while  Milk Thistle  4:1 Extra has a 4.3-star rating after 268 reviews. And if you go to eBay, the reviews are excellent as well.

On external sites such as Lifepharmacy.com and FlipKart.com. Generally, the customers were satisfied and recommended other new potential customers purchasing these products. Most are marked with high ratings, whereas the least is 4 stars.

On Fitnesshealth101.com, The supplements have a 9.57 stars rating of 10. In addition, the author clarifies that the products are massive with beneficial nutritional supplements.

The brand has an average rating on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. On Trustpilot, after 218 reviews, the customers gave it a 1.9. While on Sitejabber, 31 reviews give the brand a 3.7-star rating. The products are an excellent choice for high quality and affordable price.

Where to Buy Puritan’s Pride Vitamins

As a potential customer of Puritan Pride, you might be wondering where to purchase these supplements, vitamins, and nutrients. So, the first place we recommend getting the products is heading to the Puritan.com website and placing an order.

However, the products are also available from online retailers. The choice is yours based on your location and needs. some of the reputable retailers include:-

Is Puritan’s Pride Vitamins Worth It?

The puritan brand has been on the market for over 40 years. They understand what it takes as long as health and wellness. The company has over 1000 products in store for customers to select from. Therefore, it is a one-stop shop for all supplement needs and carries products for adults, kids, and pets in one store.

Another reason why we recommend buying these puritan products is the fact that these guys are transparent about the ingredients. Every page of the products has a detailed breakdown of the constituent and how much it is contained. In addition, many customers have given the Puritan's Pride vitamins positive reviews since the brand has kept the scientific jargon referring to aluminium.

The Puritan e products stand out compared to the rivals. They offer multiple options and ensure that you have a stock. Still, they also have bulk deals on their platform to help you.

Therefore, the brand is worth it for the family's health and body wellness. So if you need personalized vitamins, take the quiz, and you are good to go.

Puritan’s Pride Vitamins Discounts

When you place an order, you can enjoy many Puritan Pride Discounts on the platform. These discounts change based on time. But at the time of the review, some of the active discounts and promotions are free products when you purchase a popular product. This does not need the coupon code to be applied. For example, if you get one product,  they give you two free; when you buy two products, they offer you four free as a promotion.

With the Puritan perks, you can earn 10 points for any $1 you spend on the orders on the platform. You can also earn discounts, charity donations, and gifts. There are also selected products for a 20% discount, and new customers enjoy 20% off on signing up.

The Puritan pride also has the occasional super sales, which go up to 70% off as discounts. The best way to get updated with these deals is to subscribe to the newsletter and be always informed.

Puritan’s Pride Vitamins Contact

Because of time and the fact that covering everything might make the article boring, we failed to cover what you wanted to know about the company. Therefore, for any inquiries, you can channel the question to Puritan pride customer support. They have listed many ways to contact them.

First of all, they have a live chat button on their website. If that is not enough, then you can contact them using the telephone number 1-800-645-1030 or send them an email address using custserv@puritan.com, and they strictly state that you must use the subject line customer service request. They are available from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 12 am EST.

Still, you can chat with these guys using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and resolve your issues.


Q. Who Owns Puritan’s Pride company?

When writing this article, we discovered that the company's parent organization is The Bountiful Company. In addition, this firm has other brands such as Solgar, Body Fortress, Nature's Bounty, and pure protein. Most of these we have covered except a few, which we will cover in the next articles.

Q. Is Puritan’s Pride Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

The brand makes it clear that they follow best practices and never performs a test on animals. Therefore, products are cruelty-free. However, some of the ingredients have gelatin and are not entirely vegan. If you want to access vegan supplements products, check the vegan product page. There are almost 170 vegan products to select from.

Q. Where is Puritan’s Pride Made?

The company's website data shows that the supplements and other products are made in the US. However, they sourced the ingredients from around the world and tested and approved them before manufacturing.

Q. What is Puritan Pride’s Shipping Policy?

Puritan Pride offers international and domestic shipping. However, international shipping only covers a particular range of countries worldwide.

For domestic shipping, there is free standard shipping if your orders total $49 and above. If not, you must incur the shipping charges of $4. but shipment to the places like Alaska, US Territories, and Hawaii, you must pay an extra surcharge of $5.

There are no fixed costs for international shipping since everything depends on your location and the weight of the products. And no shipping promotions, e.g., no free shipping of particular orders. Instead, the international shipping is delivered through DHL. in case of additional fees; then customers are held responsible.

Q. What is Puritan Pride’s Return Policy?

Definitely, Puritan Pride has a 90-day money-back quality policy. This is applicable regardless of whether you have opened the product as long as you send it back to the company within 90 days from the shipping date to receive the full refund.

However, when you have ordered, let us say, 3 products and only one is opened, then you must send back all three, but if all two products are opened, you are not entitled to the refund.

Refer to the return policy website for detailed information and steps to return the product to the company.


In the above article, we have covered the Puritan pride vitamin reviews. Puritan Pride is a company that manufactures and sells supplements from vitamins to nutrients and other supplements approved by the FDA as cruelty-free. The company also offers a few vegan products and has established a strong reputation online from customer feedback. This is your go-to for all the supplements needed, including pet supplements. It's just a click away, and you will enjoy numerous deals and bulk purchase programs at an affordable price.

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