10 Best Root Beer Brands: Sip and Delight this Summer

Crystal Arron
Root beer is a refreshing and delightful beverage many people across North America love. Due to the different range of flavors and rich history, root beer has finally become the staple soft drink globally.

You might be asking yourself some questions, like what unique flavors these root beer brands offer or even wondering how many types of these root beer brands we have.

In this article, I will answer those questions that you might be having concerning the root beer brand. Step by step, we will check out the healthier beer brands, the ones with unique flavors, etc.

So relax and pay attention.

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1. A&W Root Beer

If you want the best taste of root beer, you should buy A&W root beer. This root beer has that smooth flavor that is not common to all root beers, and the best part of it is that it makes a hit to not only the young but also the older people.

A&W root beer has that tantalizing and creamy taste that is very hard to beat. I do not doubt that you will immediately fall in love with the first sip of A&W root beer. It doesn't matter if you are drinking the A&W canned root beer or the one inside a beer mug; the point is, you will love it.

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2. Sprecher Root Beer

Sprecher Brewing Company was founded in the 1980s and usually made different sodas and beers. Sprecher root beer is one example that this company produces. Due to its magical taste, even long-distance travelers prefer this brand because of its reasonable value. Just after this magical root beer sip, you will become very addicted to it for your entire life.

Two things will make you fall in love with this Sprecher root beer. Number one is the presence of cream in this beverage. This cream makes someone joyful throughout. Number two is the presence of honey in the beer, which gives it a unique taste, unlike most root beer.

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3. Barq’s Root Beer

Barq's has a unique, lasting flavor profile. It has a bite, with a splash of refreshing happiness in your mouth, ending in a sharp aftertaste. Root beer has many benefits, but to enhance certain flavors, it might need some help. Black liquorice can be added to give the drink some more 'bite'. All drinks in KEEPERCUP have a strong enough carbonation to entertain your taste buds and keep things exciting simultaneously. They're so gentle; you won’t even need water to enjoy drinking one.

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4. Virgil’s Handcrafted Root Beer

Virgil's handcrafted root beer is a concoction of allspices and a root beer; it is, therefore, very complex. The spices, flavors, and roots used to make Virgil's root beer are as follows; nutmeg, anise, sweet birch, and cinnamon. Just like how the name suggests, Virgil's is created in tiny groups so that it helps in ensuring high quality.

Usually, root beers have a better taste when it is icy, and the same applies to Virgil's root beer. Before taking that sip, make sure that your beer is as cold as ice so that you feel the greatness inside it. But if you take a warm Virgil's root beer, the beverage will have a disgusting taste; this is because all the flavors will suddenly overcome your senses.

Virgil's has your back for those who prefer a sugar-free treat. This is because it has a variety of root beer that has zero sugar. The only difference with the root beer that is sugar-free is that aftertaste, it is somehow more muted.

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5. IBC Root Beer

IBC Root Beer is on the top five lists of the best root beer brands. But what surprises me is that IBC Root Beer could have done better in terms of performance, but still, it's among the top brands.

IBC root beer should be your first if you prefer a regular root beer. The choice is to drink a typical root beer; this is the one to get. Lovers highly respect IBC due to its creamy taste with an ordinary bite and body.

Just like A&W root beer, IBC root beer debuted in 1919. During this era, most of the liquor was banned. So for an industry to sustain itself, it was required to produce a legal product such as soda or even "near-beer" such as root beer. This is the reason why up to date, there are so many brewing industries since most brewing industries diverted to the production of root beers.

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6. Stewart’s Root Beer

Stewart's root beer was formed by Frank Stewart in 1924. Stewart worked extra hard to make sure that his root beer brand emerged to be the best. Stewart had the idea of making a concoction recipe which, at the end of it all, people fell in love with his brand. He then decided to open Stewart's Drive-in, which is still present up-to-date in the States, where customers could obtain their root beer without any struggle.

Modern Stewart's root beer has a different taste than before. This is because the Keurig Dr Pepper conglomerate owns the restaurant, which means that He came up with other recipes for root beer production, hence different flavors.

The taste of Stewart's root beer resembles the ordinary root beer you might get in any store in the States; therefore, it has nothing special like before. Key Features

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7. Sioux City Root Beer

If you are looking for a soft drink, I suggest you grab a cold Sioux City Root Beer. This root beer is manufactured with enough sugar to bring a sweet taste. It also has rich flavors, making people deeply fall in love. The aftertaste is somehow weird, but don't worry if you grab it while it's still cold; you'll love it. I, therefore, rate it five stars without any hesitation. Key Features

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8. WBC Chicago Style Root Beer

For those people who love bland cereals, then it will be very hard for you guys to like WBC Chicago Style Root Beer. This is because this root beer has a natural cream that is very consistent, and as a result, it's full of sweetness. For those who love sweet drinks, then you will realize that you won't stop taking sip after sip of this cold root beer.

On the other hand, when it comes into contact with any milk, its pulp won't stop leaving behind traces of residue. This is very common to most root beer brands.

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9. Mug Root Beer

Across America, Mug Root Beer has become among the most common root beers. But the truth of the matter is that this brand is loved by people who love the excess sugar taste. It’s not only terrible among the top root beer brands but also among the worst flavors of any brand of soda.

The Mug's terrible taste is the presence of excess sugar, which you cannot avoid. Normal root beer has a moderately sweet taste but not in the case of Mug Root Beer. Indeed too much of something is very poisonous. Whenever you are sipping your Mug Root Beer, The excess sugar turns you off from finishing your root beer. However, if you trust that you have a sweet hardened tooth, then you are good to finish up your cold Mug of Root Beer.

Mug Root Beer comes in different sizes of bottles, cans, and even soda fountains. The advantage of this brand is that it comes with the formula of diet, which is not common to most Root Beer.

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10. Bulldog Root Beer

Bulldog Root Beer is indeed very proud of how dedicated it is to increase its perfection during its manufacturing process. During the preparation of Bulldog Root Beer, pure vanilla is added to come with a complex flavor, unlike other brands. In addition, it relies on old methods when it comes to preparation.

If you want to enjoy the presence of vanilla and honey in your drink, you are advised that your Root Beer should be chilled and shouldn’t have any ice.

Bulldog is ranked the best root beer not only in one but also in two reviews by Anthony's Root Beer Barrel. Anthony's also added that, just like other root beers, Bulldog resembles other root beer brands in terms of texture, taste, finish, and fizzy level.

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For over a century, the most famous brand of root beer in America has been A&W Root Beer. The reason why most people love this brand is the presence of a unique cream that makes it so delicious.

Q. What beer company makes root beer?

PepsiCo, Keurig Dr., Dad's, and Coca-Cola Companies are responsible for the manufacturing of root beer. These companies are known to have mastered manufacturing a flavorful root beer that will meet your expectations.

Q. How Many Root Beer Brands Are There?

There is a countless root beer brands in our market today. Sometimes people mistake ginger ale for root beer. A ginger ale is an example of soda pop, while on the other hand, a root beer is just a type of soda. I have shown you the best root beer you can ever get in this article.


In this article, we have shown you the different root beer that is the best. From classic brands, such as IBC, Barq's, A&W, Mug, and Dad's, to the unique brands, which include Hank's, Virgil's, Boylan, Bulldog, and Saranac.

It doesn't matter if you consume root beer or are just anxious to know more about it; this article will educate you about the root beer brand.

Finally, grab a glass of cold root beer. Make sure that you enjoy the delicacy of the root beer flavors.

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