12 Best Ceiling Fan Brands to Keep You Cool This Summer

Billy C. Williams
Do you want to enhance the decor of your room? Then you should get yourself a ceiling fan. But with the many styles and models available in the market, it can take time to decide on the right o for you. That is why we have compiled the 12 best ceiling fan brands to ensure you bring the right amount of air to a room while being classy.

The fan industry has evolved from noisy, pull-cord-operates fans to stylish, silent, easy-to-control fans. The market has been flooded with a wide range of models with different styles of designs. The right fan is essential to bring proper air into a room. On warm spring days, your air conditioner can get a cool temperature into your house chambers.

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1. Westinghouse

Westinghouse is a quality lighting and ceiling fans company that ensures its products reach the required standard. The company provides a wide selection of high-quality, affordable modern, traditional ceiling fans. Its models are 135 and differ in size, shape, and style. Whether you are looking for something stylish that brings warmth or something class and of excellent quality, Westinghouse has you covered.


2. Prominence Home

The Prominence Home brand's main ceiling fan is a 5145-01 Marshal Ceiling Fan. The brands also provide Matte Black fans, the perfect addition to industrial farmhouses. The fans have a superb, stylish matte black finish with great texture. It comes with light bulbs that can elevate and illuminate your indoor spaces. The brand fans are perfect for large and medium living rooms, bedrooms, and dens.


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3. DuMaiWay

DuMaiWay 36” Ceiling Fan is a ceiling fan brand with various features. The fans have delicate features of retractable blades that are perfect for small spaces. The brand fans also come with remote control to easily adjust the fan's settings. Its LED light also adds an elegant taste, and the polished chrome can complement any decor.


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4. Hykolity

Hykolity is a ceiling fan brand mainly known for its 52-Inch Indoor Tropical design. The brand provides stylish fans with a bronze finish. It also has five unique ABS palm leaf blades that are perfect for any room in your home. Hykolity also features a quiet reversible motor that can reverse, especially in winter. It helps to circulate warm air in a room. The designs of this brand range, and you can choose from download to angled mount to close-mount.


5. Honeywell

Honeywell is a ceiling fan company that provides 50614-o1 Carnegie LED ceiling fans that are 52 inches. The fan brands are rustic barn wood and have industrial cage lights to give your room a unique and stylish look. Its motors are reversible, making the control of your room temperature to be easy. The blades are also dual-finish and reversible.


6. Modern Forms

Modern Forms is a ceiling fan brand that offers the latest styles and technologically advanced, classy fans. The fans have innovative designs. The brand fans also have LEDs, sensors, silent motors, and more forward-thinking features. The fans are built to last; you will be okay with spending money on them. The design is also luxurious and a bit more expensive.


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7. Kichler Fans

The Klicher brand company not only offers high-quality but also installation services. The brand has displayed constant motion with its products and extraordinary innovation. With each invention, the company provides its customers with a guide on how to use its products. The brand is top-quality and long-lasting. They offer classic fans in modern and traditional mixes.


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8. Quorum Fans

Quorum fans are a brand that transforms a room's temperature to a new level. Fans of this brand have motors and blades that come separately. The company offers portable, indoor, and outdoor fans that make you buy something flexible. The prices of the fan parts are different, but you can also buy them as a whole.


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9. Minka-Aire Fans

The fans of this brand have decorative lighting and excellent quality. The brand ensures quality and creativity in its section. They offer modern and industrial-style fans as well as artistic and contemporary fans. Their fans also come with lights, a remote control, speed selection, and more. They are more affordable.


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10. Mathew Fans

The Mathew fans are of innovative styles and excellent quality. The company produces fans that ensure customer satisfaction due to their fabulous designs and efficiency. The fans have creative designs where they can pump out fresh, moving air. The company has an excellent reputation for its high quality and affordable pricing.


11. Hunter Fan Company

The Hunter Fan Company provides awesome fans but is best known for its Builder Deluxe. The fans feature a new bronze finish and LEDs covered by toffee glass. The motors are multi-speed and reversible enough to provide powerful airflow in a room. They can be changed from downdraft craft mode to updraft mode as required. The light energy is also sufficient to light up a room.


12. Craftmade Fans

When looking for a craft design fan, this is the best one. The Craftmade company has ensured it stays at the top of the market by using top-quality materials. The fans are of excellent design and are stylish. Despite being of high quality and perfect design, this company has ensured its products are accessible and affordable.


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Regularly regulating your room temperature is essential to your health and the health of those around you. Hopefully, this guide has informed you about the best fan brands that will ensure you keep your room fresh and warm. From the Hunter Fan Company to Craftmade Fans, ensure you control your chambers as you like, even when on a budget.

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