12 Best Air Conditioner Brands for This Summer (2023)

Crystal Arron
Looking for the best air conditioner brand is like finding the perfect partner - you want one that's reliable, efficient, and can keep you cool on those hot summer nights! Join us as we explore the top 12 brands and discover the ideal match for your cooling needs.

Choosing the perfect air conditioner can make or break your summer comfort. The last thing you want is to buy an unreliable model that leaves you sweltering in the heat. And not only that, the electric bill associated with a low-quality AC unit can be astronomical. We've seen many online complaints on forums where people bought the wrong AC units and are now frustrated. So if you are thinking of buying or replacing your AC, hold on for a minute and check out our list of the 12 best air conditioner brands that promise to keep you cool and save you money. Trust us; you will be so glad you did!

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1. Lennox

Lennox air conditioners are one of the top-rated brands in the industry. The brand provides a wide range of units, from compact mini-splits to full-sized models. With their partnership with Energy Star, Lennox provides energy-efficient models capable of cooling larger spaces with a SEER of up to  28. Lennox air conditioners come in a range of sizes and models, with prices typically ranging from $3000 to $10000, depending on the specific unit chosen.

Price: $3,000 — $10,000 SEER rating: Up to 18

Key Features

2. Trane

If you are looking for a customizable and reliable air conditioner for your home, Trane is one of the best brands available. Their mobile app enables you to control your air conditioner from anywhere, making it incredibly convenient for busy homeowners. This will also be helpful if you are trying to reduce your electric bill by monitoring the energy usage of your air conditioner. Trane goes above and beyond with their warranty options for their air conditioning units, offering a 12-year compressor warranty and a 10-year parts and labor warranty.

Price: $3,000 — $15,500. SEER rating: Up to 22

Key Features

3. Carrier

If you are looking for a really quiet experience, Carrier should be one of your top picks. The brand has some of the most advanced technologies, making it one of the best air conditioner brands. Their air conditioners only produce low noise of about 51 dB, meaning you can barely hear it running. The air conditioners also have a mobile app that allows you to control your air conditioner anywhere. If you are looking for smart home appliances such as air conditioners, Carrier is the way to go.

Price: $3,200 — $15,000 SEER rating: Up to 26

Key Features

4. York

York is a brand that has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and yet it remains one of the best air conditioner brands in the market. Their air conditioning units come with limited warranties and extra guardrails that help safeguard the coil and compressor, ultimately extending their lifespan. By optimizing your HVAC system, these solutions ensure that your home maintains a consistent temperature using only the necessary power.

Price: $4,500 — $9,000 SEER rating: Up to 21

Key Features

5. LG

As they say, Lifes Good with LG, and this is certainly true when it comes to air conditioners. If you are looking for high-quality, window-mounted units or one of those portable air conditioners, LG is among the best air conditioner brands on the market. Just like with all their other quality electronic products, LG  air conditioners are built with cutting-edge technology, so you can be sure that you are getting an air conditioner that you can rely on. Moreover, LG air conditioners offer voice command compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing for effortless control and convenience.

Price: $300 — $900 SEER rating: Up to 18

Key Features

6. American Standard

Since 1929,  American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has been a leading provider of reliable, high-quality air conditioning systems. They offer top-of-the-line products that are designed to provide maximum efficiency and comfort. Their air conditioners offer superior performance, advanced features, and the latest technology—all at an affordable price. They also offer a mobile app that allows you to easily access and control your air conditioning system from anywhere.

Price: $3,500 — $11,000 SEER rating: Up to 21.5

Key Features

7. Ruud

Ruud is known for offering competitively priced and reliable air conditioners. Their units are backed by solid warranties and a well-earned reputation for reliability. Ruud also emphasizes sustainability, producing energy-efficient air conditioners that help reduce energy bills. With Ruud, you have the option to use Solar Power and other renewable sources to reduce your energy consumption.

Price: $3,000 — $6,000 SEER rating: Up to 20

Key Features

8. Amana

Amana is a brand that has been a leader in the air conditioning industry for over 80 years. They are the go-to for middle-ground air conditioner solutions that offer both affordability and quality. They also provide smart thermostat technology, energy-saving features, and various home cooling options. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable air conditioners, Amana is the perfect choice.

Price: $1,500 — $10,000 SEER rating: Up to 24

Key Features

9. Rheem

Just like other top brands on this list, Rheem has been a reliable name in air conditioning for years. The brand is known for providing quality air conditioning units that are both cost-effective and energy efficient. By fully integrating a cost-effective AC unit with your home's heating and cooling systems, you can achieve optimal comfort and savings. Moreover, while some of its units offer average performance, EcoNet smart-home products can be seamlessly connected to many of them, providing customers with added convenience and control over their air conditioning system.

Price: $3,000 — $7,000 SEER rating: Up to 20.5

Key Features

10. Goodman

Goodman is a brand that immediately springs to mind for many when it comes to air conditioners. Their air conditioner units are known for their efficiency, durability, and affordability. Aiming for durability, the company incorporates features such as dirt-blocking filters and rail guards that protect coils from harsh weather conditions. Goodman provides added security with an impressive warranty package, which includes a 10-year limited warranty on parts, a 10-year limited warranty for entire unit replacement, and a lifetime compressor warranty, ensuring customers have long-term protection for their investment.

Price: $1,500 — $10,000 SEER rating: Up to 24.5

Key Features

11. Frigidaire

Frigidaire has become a common name amongst the top air conditioner brands, and rightfully so. Their air conditioning units are built with the best technology, offering high-quality performance and reliability. While Frigidaire offers both built-in and portable air conditioning units, it particularly shines in the category of window-mounted ACs. These units offer advanced features typically reserved for larger models, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile app control, and energy-efficient inverters that optimize air circulation and cooling performance.

Price: $400 — $700 SEER rating: Up to 20.5

Key Features

12. HEIL

Heil is one of those brands that is not as known, but it has some of the best air conditioners on the market. With its innovative technology, this AC brand enables heating and cooling components to communicate with each other and synchronize their performance, resulting in increased energy efficiency and overall reliability. Heil AC products boast high-efficiency ratings of up to 97%, impressive SEER figures of 19, and comprehensive 10-year warranties for added peace of mind.

Price: $3,562 — $4,465 SEER rating: 14 - 19

Key Features

Bottom Line

With these 12 brands,  you are guaranteed to find the perfect air conditioner for your needs. Depending on your needs and budget, you can find the right air conditioner to cool your space efficiently, quietly, and quickly. We have also included the price approximations, which should guide you in making a reasonable purchase decision. Before you go ahead and make the investment, ensure you do your research and consider all the important factors that come into play when selecting an air conditioner.

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