Are Amazon AirPods Real? (Some Things You Need to Know)

Carl M. Peterson

Since Apple goods are so successful, many other businesses and technology companies are selling their imitations, the AirPods being the most imitated. If you were considering buying one, you might wonder, are Amazon's AirPods real or fake? Read on to find out!

Amazon sells the Airpods at a better deal since they buy them in bulk. The Airpods have their original packaging and unique serial number that clients can use to confirm their authenticity. When buying Airpods on Amazon, you should be keen, especially third-party sellers, to avoid buying fake ones.

In this article, you will learn more the Amazon AirPods, how to verify their authenticity, how to tell the difference between genuine Amazon AirPods and counterfeit AirPods pro, and more.

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Are Amazon AirPods Real?

Since Amazon is an Apple-approved vendor, the AirPods they offer are of the same excellent quality as those sold by Apple. You can access the Amazon mobile website and the Amazon app from any mobile device's web browser.

There is also the fake Airpods pro, whose sale price is usually just around 10% of the cost of the original product. However, the fake Airpods pro sellers are well-known for using fabricated reviews to boost their perceived quality to the customers.

If you want to know that the AirPods you're buying on Amazon are authentic, search for the Apple logo and a code you can enter into Apple's website.

What Are the Benefits Of Amazon Airpods?

According to customer reviews, the Airpods feature a solid Bluetooth connection, excellent sound quality, and the convenience of pairing and syncing with your iPhone. According to other reports, the AirPods' battery life is impressive and simple to recharge. Because of the rapid charging capability, you can take your AirPods without worrying about running out of charge.

How Can One Verify the Authenticity Of Airpods?

Though Amazon does not sell counterfeit AirPods, some unethical third-party merchants on the site may. If you are doubtful about the authenticity of the Airpod, you should use the process below to verify: Make Sure to Verify the Serial Number.

Make a connection with an Apple device. In "Settings," look for the Airpods symbol to appear next to Bluetooth once you pair your AirPods with your Apple device. If the icon doesn't appear, know that they are not the real deal.

How Can One Distinguish Between Genuine Amazon Airpods and Counterfeit Airpods Pro?

The size of the fake AirPods is nearly double that of the original. In other words, no one will confuse them with the original Airpods. Furthermore, most of the fake AirPods have lights. When you wear them, the blue and red lights will blink on and off every few seconds. You may not draw much attention during the day, but when night falls, everyone will know that something is up with your AirPods.

The real Airpods don’t have these features. Moreover, the knockoff AirPods do not quickly connect with your iPhone since they don't feature Apple's H1 chip (or the W1 chip found in the first-generation AirPods). You will have to use Bluetooth settings for connectivity. Since the fake Airpods don’t have optical sensors, they can’t turn on and off by themselves when you put them on.

So, you will have to press and hold the "multi-function" button on one earbud to switch it on and off, unlike the original AirPods, which do so automatically. Again, Compared to real AirPods, which may last up to 5 hours on a single charge, you can expect the fake Airpods pro to have a battery life of roughly 1.5 hours.

The fake Airpods pro has no bass and won't sound as lovely as Amazon's real AirPods. Additionally, there is no Lightning connector. The fake AirPods' charging case will only work with a micro-USB cable, not Apple's unique Lightning cord. Even worse, Apple does not approve them as "MFi-certified."

Is It Possible to Upgrade A Fake Pair Of Airpods?

The short and straightforward response to this inquiry is "No." Unfortunately, the current software that Apple releases for genuine Apple-made AirPods is incompatible with the fakes. That’s one of the significant problems with fake AirPods.

Is Wireless Charging Available for Fake Airpods?

The AirPods Pro should include features like being able to charge wirelessly. They are not original if their charging cover doesn't allow wireless charging. When you open the cover for your iPhone, your AirPods should automatically pair with it. Fake Apple products often lack the Instant Connect function.

Why Are Airpod Pro Cheaper on Amazon?

Compared to their regular prices, Apple items are so much cheaper on Amazon. Amazon can offer Apple items at a discount while still making a profit because the company purchases the gadgets in quantity, in advance, and at a price lower than Apple's suggested retail price (MSRP).

Do All Airpods Enable Noise Cancellation?

Unfortunately, not every pair of AirPods has active noise cancellation. There is no noise cancellation in the first two generations of AirPods. The new AirPods Pro, on the other hand, comes with noise-canceling capabilities. These features include Active Noise Cancellation and a "Transparency" mode that combines the internal sound with the surrounding environment.

The counterfeit AirPods, on the other hand, offer a fake noise cancellation feature that is almost ineffective if you try using them. It is essential to regularly clean the mesh found on the tip of the AirPods Pro, as debris or earwax may affect Active Noise Cancellation's effectiveness.


On Amazon, you may get authentic, high-quality AirPods for a reduced price. You may confirm the authenticity by verifying with Apple at any time through the serial number. Even if you can't improve the fake AirPods, they're still a good deal since they're cheap and have many of the same characteristics as the original Airpods.

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