Amazon Trade-in Program: Thing You Need to Know!

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You may want to get rid of some old, unused electrical equipment, but you have no clue how to accomplish so, right? Then you need to check out the Amazon Trade-in program. You can sell those items there and make some extra cash. To know exactly how this program works, read on!

To get an Amazon Gift Card, trade in one of several good products, such as mobile phones and video games, via the Amazon Trade-In program. Additionally, certain trade-ins are only acceptable for a limited time for a discount bonus towards purchasing a new Amazon device.

This article will discuss Amazon's trade-in program, including how it works, the products you can trade in, and whether or not the service is worthwhile.

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What Is Amazon Trade-in Program?

Amazon will start accepting trade-ins on cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, and more starting in January 2022. Customers can trade in their items on Amazon's website and receive an email confirmation 2 days later. The email will tell them whether or not the company accepts their item. Amazon offers free shipping labels for qualified purchases and pays you with Amazon gift cards for making these qualified purchases. Shipping handling is free.

How to Submit An Item for a Trade-In

Amazon has made it as simple as possible for you to submit an item for trade-in. You need to take these steps to offer a gadget for evaluation.

Once Amazon receives your goods, they'll inspect them to ensure they're as you have described them on the website.

What Condition Should Be the Condition of the Items?

Amazon gives you an option to trade in anything, from a completely broken TV to a perfectly nice one. But if you want the most money from your trade-in, ensure your old gadget is in top shape. Additionally, you may send your broken Amazon device to a recycling center that Amazon has vetted, and you could even get a discount on a new one if you do it before the program ends.

What Items Are Eligible for a Trade-in?

Even if you purchased the item elsewhere other than Amazon, you should consider using Amazon's Trade-In Service to sell it. On the contrary, your products must agree with the option shown in the Trade-In search results or on the Amazon product page. If the item is not in the Trade-in store, that means Amazon cannot make you an offer. Regularly check the things you can trade in since the program constantly changes.

How to Get An Old Gadget Ready for a Trade-In?

Before mailing your trade-in item, you should disconnect your gadget from any cloud-based services. Always create a backup of your essential gadget so that you can transfer your data from one compatible device to another for use immediately. In addition, carry out a factory reset to get rid of all data from the device you want to trade in.

How Long Does Amazon Take to Pay for the Trade-In Items?

It might take, at most, ten business days to complete your trade-in once your items arrive; however, this time frame varies depending on your region. Amazon has a policy to inform you through an email whether or not they will accept your item once they complete an appraisal; this will occur within two business days of receipt.

Once your trade-in is successfully processed, your gift card balance will reflect the amount you receive in exchange for your trade-in. When you submit a trade-in, you may have the option of receiving the Amazon Gift Card for money received for the old item instantly if your request qualifies for Instant Payment. As a bonus, you could enjoy the privilege of a time-bound discount on acquiring a suitable Amazon Device, which is new.

How to Ship Your Trade-In and At What Cost?

To avoid potential damage during transportation, you should print a mailing label and carefully pack the item you want to trade in a box or padded envelope. You can take the gadget you want to sell to any UPS location or drop-off site approved for trade-ins.

You can easily print a free, prepaid label when completing a trade-in free of charge. Amazon will pay your delivery fees back whether or not they accept your item for trade-in. However, don’t stress if you need some cash to get your equipment out the door but don't have any until your next paycheck arrives. That's why there's Pirscapital to rely on in such situations! They're reliable enough to get you over till your next paycheck arrives.

What Happens to Traded-In Amazon Devices?

Amazon will evaluate the item to establish its state for trade-in. Eventually, the Amazon Warehouse sells the used yet fully operational Amazon gadgets; however, If it doesn't meet Amazon's guidelines for resale, Amazon sends the item to a third-party recycler with their approval.

What Happens When You Misplace Your Shipping Label?

If you misplace your shipping label, you can reprint it from the print shipping button. Be keen on the packing and shipping guidelines, especially if you are sending numerous shipments or have other shipping-related inquiries.


The Amazon trade-in program is an easy and convenient way to get paid for things you no longer need. Everyone involved in the program wins because it is simple to complete a trade-in.

You can use the Amazon trade-in program to make extra cash for broken or unused items or even good-condition items you no longer need.

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