Pick the Best Proxies for Scraping Walmart 2023: Performance Compared

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Web scraping is only possible with the right proxies. If you want to scrape data from Walmart, I will recommend you make use of proxies that are optimized for that. The article below recommends some of the best proxies for scraping Walmart.

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Overview of Best Walmart Proxies for Scraping Walmart

Guide to Walmart Proxies for Efficient Walmart Scraping

Firstly, diving into the e-commerce ocean, we find Walmart to be a treasure trove of data. Whether you're a researcher, business, or marketer, Walmart's vast product database offers unparalleled insights. Here, we unpack the world of scraping Walmart.com and navigate the challenges and solutions it presents.

Why Scrape Walmart?

No doubt, extracting data from Walmart.com is immensely beneficial. The reasons to scrape include:

From product titles, descriptions, and prices, to reviews, the scope of data is immense. Bright Data's Guide further elucidates these benefits.

Challenges in Scraping Walmart

Scraping Walmart isn’t a walk in the park. Here's what you're up against:

So, It's time to use proxies for Walmart,

Why Use Proxies for Walmart Scraping?

  1. Bypassing IP Bans: Walmart can ban IP addresses that send too many requests in a short period. Proxies allow you to rotate IP addresses, making it difficult for Walmart to block your scraping activities.
  2. Geographic Targeting: If you're looking to access Walmart sites specific to certain countries or regions, using proxies from those locations can be beneficial.
  3. Concurrency: By leveraging multiple proxies, you can send numerous concurrent requests to Walmart, speeding up the data collection process.

Tips for Efficient Walmart Scraping with Proxies

Best 5 Walmart Proxies for Scraping Walmart (Performance Compared)

Walmart has made a name for itself as the biggest retailer in the US. It has millions of products listed, and you can be sure of the integrity of the data on its platforms as they do have systems in place to discourage game plays. If you are a web scraper looking at scraping data from Walmart, then you need to choose the right tools — from web scraping bots to proxies and even captchas.

This article is strictly for the proxy side of things. In this article, I will be recommending to you some of the best proxies you can use for scraping Walmart. Residential proxies are the best for scraping Walmart. This is because the site has invested a lot in its anti-spam system, which will most likely discover your web scraping footprints.

You need undetectable proxies, and residential proxies best suit that. And they have become a lot cheaper. I will be recommending the best residential proxy networks you can use for scraping Walmart without getting blocked. These proxy networks have been tested, and I will be comparing them in terms of performance in my recommendations below.

1. Smartproxy — Overall Best Proxies for Scraping Walmart

Smartproxy is a premium proxy provider. It does have over 40 million IP addresses in its pool, with IPs from over 195 countries. The United States is the most supported as it has over 7 million IPs from this location. The proxies are some of the best for scraping data from Walmart or any other e-commerce platform. This is because the proxies are high-rotating proxies that will switch IPs for you after every request.

You can even generate as many proxy endpoints as you want, and each will get a unique IP without any added cost. One thing you will come to like about this service is its performance. It has got one of the fastest response times in the market while carrying out the performance test.

Currently, I recorded an average response time of 635 ms. 99.4% percent of the requests were successful, and the download speed recorded was 29.76 Mbps. This performance result and the fact that it is undetectable makes it the best proxy network I will recommend for Walmart. It is priced based on bandwidth and is quite affordable.

2. Bright Data — Best Walmart Proxies for Enterprise-Level Scraping

If you have consistently read my proxy recommendations, you will know how I love to recommend this service. This is because it is one provider for everyday use and does have the most advanced features in the market. It is as effective as Smartproxy when it comes to scraping Walmart and any other website on the Internet.

There are over 72 million IPs in its pool, and during the performance test, I discovered it returns the most number of unique IPs — over 80 percent of IPs for the test were unique. I find this impressive, as most providers returned 70 percent or fewer unique IPs. But that is not all.

While Smartproxy slightly edges it in success rate since its success rate is 99.2%, it edges Smartproxy in terms of response time with a value of 564 ms. The download speed for this service is also better than what is obtainable from Smartproxy, as I recorded 32.87 Mbps. The ping rate was also considerably better. However, to use this service, you will have to go through the compulsory KYC process.

3. Soax — Cleanest Proxy Pool for Scraping Walmart

Soax can’t be said to be at the level of performance of Smartproxy and Bright Data. However, its performance, specifically in terms of the success rate for scraping Walmart, is something to look at. This provider is new compared to the aforementioned two, and I was surprised to get about a 98.60% success rate.

This shows it is quite undetectable, and this is not far from its secret of having one of the cleanest pools on the market. Soax regularly checks its proxy pool and remove dead and bad IPs to ensure the number of restores and connection failure is brought down. During the performance test, I recorded an average of 24.65 Mbps for its download speed and a ping rate of 945 ms.

The only area that this provider flops is in terms of unique IPs. For this service, IP rotation is time-based, and as such, you get IPs repeated more when you use this service compared to Bright Data. Soax has got over 5 million IPs and support for over 100 countries across the globe.

4. Nimbleway — Premium Proxies for Scraping Walmart

The Nimbleway service is even newer than Soax as it is less than 1.5 years old at the time of writing this article. However, it can be regarded as one of the best services out there. The service learned from the mistake of other providers to provide a reliable residential proxy service that never fails. Looking at the pricing for this service, you can tell that it has its eyes on companies and big proxy users.

This is because its starting price is $300, which is above the budget of most small users. As in the case with the other providers here, I also tried using it to scrape Walmart in other to get performance details.

And the result was also impressive, as I got a success rate of 98.95%. The average speed I got for the download speed is 27.25 Mbps. In terms of response time, I recorded 814 Mbps, which is also seen as being one of the fastest, too — considering the proxies are residential proxies.

5. Oxylabs — Largest Proxy Pool for Scraping Walmart

The last on my list of proxies for Walmart is Oxylabs. Oxylabs is the perfect competitor to Bright Data, only that of late, the number of connection errors has risen a bit, thereby bringing the success rate a little down. At the time I carried out the performance test, I recorded a success rate of 95.39% and an average speed of 27.16 Mbps. The response is one of the best in the market — I recorded a response time of 659 ms.

It might interest you to know that there are over 100 million IP addresses in the pool of this service, making it the largest in the market. The proxies are some of the most undetectable as it route requests via the devices of real Internet users, making their requests indistinguishable.

From this service, you get high-rotating proxies that are perfect for Walmart scraping. All countries and cities are supported by this service. The pricing is a lot like that of Bright Data. As in the case of Bright Data, Oxylabs requires KYC, too, for you to use its residential proxies.

6. NetNut — Fastest Proxies for Scraping Walmart

NetNut offers Residential Proxies that are great for crawling and scraping Walmart. Dealing with Walmart's strict website rules can be tough, but NetNut's residential proxies work well and provide strong security. You won't have to deal with annoying CAPTCHAs and anti-spam measures from Walmart anymore.

For successful scraping and crawling, you need proxies that cover a wide range of services, protocols, and platforms. NetNut's residential proxies fit the bill with over 52 million IPs available worldwide. This wide coverage allows you to access Walmart from wherever you need. The city-level targeting feature is useful for accurate geo-targeted campaigns, competitive analysis, market research, and brand protection in specific regions.

NetNut also lets you control how the proxies rotate, which is useful for optimizing data collection, managing ad campaigns, and enhancing privacy. This kind of customized IP rotation is particularly useful for professionals in technology, information, internet, IT services, and consulting sectors. Also, you can make use of the more than 1M+ static IPs to maintain addresses that only you use at a specific point in time

You can try out NetNut's residential proxies risk-free with their 7-day free trial. If you need more bandwidth, there are paid plans starting at $350 for 20GB per month, going up to the largest 1TB Master Plan. NetNut's residential proxies are designed to work smoothly with Walmart's web platform, giving you confidence as you navigate Walmart's data-rich platform.


Q. What Proxies are Best for Scraping Walmart?

Walmart does have an anti-spam system that detects proxies. If you use private datacenter proxies with low spam scores, you can still access it. But for scraping, the rules are different. This is because of the too many requests you will send will get you blocked.

You need proxies that are not only undetectable at an IP level but also switch the IP to make it difficult to suspect its activities and residential proxies as the proxies for these. These residential proxies route requests via the devices of real Internet users, making their requests indistinguishable from regular devices.

Q. Will Proxies Make You Undetectable to Walmart?

Proxies are just a piece of the puzzle, helping you to remain undetectable from the IP level. If you can remain anonymous on this front, then you have done a large part of the work. You also need to use a web scraping bot that does not leave a footprint that shows it is a bot, as this will lead to the occurrence of a captcha.

You will also need to have a captcha solver in place to solve the captcha. If you are highly inexperienced, you might find it difficult to avoid getting blocked if you handle a fairly large Walmart scraping project because of the footprints you will leave. In such a case, you can just make use of a web scraping API. With one, you can avoid getting blocked, as it handles proxies, captchas, and Javascript execution for you.

Q. What are the Best Free Proxies for Scraping Walmart?

Free proxies are a magnet to many small proxy users because of their free nature. However, I would advise against their usage. This is because free proxies are a product of hacks, and you can also be caught in the process. Away from the obvious security risk of using one, the performance is nothing to write home about, and you also have to deal with getting your time wastage and even your project ruined.

It is for all these reasons that we advise against them. Instead, you can purchase cheap proxies from Bright Data and Smartproxy. If you can’t afford them, you can look at Proxy-Cheap and Hydraproxy — they are equally effective with stripped-down features.

Round Up

Proxy Provider IP Pool Size Locations Concurrency Bandwidth Start Cost Start
Smartproxy Over 40 million IPs 195 countries Unlimited Starts from 1GB $12.5 monthly for 1GB
Bright Data Over 72 million IPs 195 countries Unlimited Starts from 1GB $15 monthly for 1GB
NetNut Over 52 million IPs 200 countries Unlimited Starts from 20GB $300 monthly for 20GB
Smartproxy Over 40 million IPs 195 countries Unlimited Starts from 1GB $12.5 monthly for 1GB
Soax Over 5 million IPs 100 countries Unlimited Starts from 8GB $99 monthly for 8GB
Nimbleway Undisclosed Most Countries Unlimited Starts from 21GB $300 monthly for 21GB
Oxylabs Over 100 million IPs 195 countries Unlimited Starts from 1GB $15 monthly for 1GB

Walmart scraping does not require any special proxy — all it needs are IPs that are undetectable and then the capability to switch them frequently. These don’t come easily in the market as a good number of the providers don’t meet this requirement enough.

There is also the issue of performance like speed, success rate, response time, and ping rate. All of these affect the time you will take to scrape all of the data you need. The providers mentioned above are some of the best providers I have tested and have proven to work well for scraping data from Walmart.

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