A Complete Guide to Amazon HR Policy

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Human Resources are the most valuable assets in any organization.  In this post, we will walk you through what the Amazon HR Policy in 2022 is all about. Keep reading to find out.

Human Resources are the most valuable assets in any organization. They contribute a lot to the success of any business, and therefore an HR department is essential in any organizationAn HR department is involved in the hiring and firing of staff, administrative functions, training, and development among other roles. In this post, we will walk you through what the Amazon HR Policy in 2022 is all about. Keep reading to find out…….

The first thing that comes into your mind when you think about a job opportunity is the HR department. Human resources being an essential part of an organization, various factors that may affect their productivity should be looked into keenly. For this reason, the Employee Resource Center was established in Amazon. Here you are going to learn about the details of Amazon's HR policy.

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What is the Role of the Human Resource Department (HR) in an Organization?

The HR department is entrusted with several functions to ensure maximum employee productivity and protect the company from any legal issues resulting from the workforce. Some of these roles are as follows:

Does Amazon Have an HR Department?

Amazon has an HR department. However, unlike other organizations, the Amazon HR department is designed differently. While other small and medium-sized companies may establish a single HR department for their entire workforce, Amazon has allocated a single HR manager for every 153 employees. For that reason, Amazon has got a dedicated Employee Resource Centre. HR representatives are always in touch with their subordinates. Thus, they easily understand their staff's challenges and what motivates them.

Being an e-commerce company, Amazon’s HR department relies greatly on technology. It, therefore, employs automated and virtual support. To discuss matters related to HR, its employees have 24/7 access to extensive HR resources online, whereby they can contact the Employee Resource Centre.

New employees are taken through an orientation program to bring them up to speed on the Amazon Employee Resource Centre and how they can reach their HR representatives for smooth operations.

What is Amazon’s HR Policy in 2022?

Amazon values its employees very much. Therefore, it has established different employment policies and a functional Amazon Employment Resource Centre. The HR Centre functions 24/7, and it covers everything from performance management and training to employee relations. The department is tasked with ensuring employees remain productive while also getting the necessary support and benefits related to their work.

What is Amazon’s HR System?

Amazon does have an HR System that it uses to manage its employee affairs. As the Amazon HR partner, the Employee Resource Center is one of the world’s largest employee contact centers. It offers convenient phone and even chats option for its workforce on a 24 hours basis. That’s to say, Amazon employees can contact their HR department round the clock.

Amazon brands itself as a great working place. Because employees easily access HR resources to discuss any issue that affects them directly. Some of the common issues include employee leaves, pay, job promotions, work environment, and employee rights.

Also, it provides several employment opportunities in HR fields within the company. It regularly lists Employee Resource Centre HR Specialist jobs and other related roles on its website.

There are readily available resources for all employees. To enhance this, Amazon has teams specializing in specific areas despite the point they are in the line of duty. Whether they are about to begin delivering, working in the customer support, or are based in their corporate offices.

What HR System Does Amazon Use?

Amazon has an HR system to support its growing workforce. As of 2022, Amazon still uses the PeopleSoft HR system predominantly. According to some sources, the retail giant also uses the Workday HR system. It’s important to note that there are a number of human resource software out there. However, for the management of employees at scale, you need to find what works best for your use case. For that and a couple of other reasons, Amazon uses the above-mentioned two.

How to Access and Contact Amazon HR Department

You may want to reach Amazon HR to inquire about job opportunities or discuss matters relating to employee benefits.

Amazon simplifies this process by providing all the information about available opportunities on its website under the ‘Jobs’ page. The details about job openings, locations, and teams can be accessed on this page. And they are updated on a daily basis.

Amazon provides specific contact information of their contact persons near you, depending on your stage of employment. Amazon HR mostly communicates through emails and then a phone call in some cases. Therefore, it is advisable always to monitor the email linked to your account for whichever purpose.

If you want to contact the Amazon Employee Resource Centre directly, you can reach them at (888) 892-7180.

Advantages of Amazon HR Department

Some HR departments are better than others, depending on an individual’s experience.  Amazon strives to ensure its workforce is satisfied with the knowledge they get during their engagement with the company. To enable this, it offers a highly supportive and cooperating HR department. Here are some of the associated advantages:

Components of Amazon’s HR Policy

Workforce training Management

Training of employees is very crucial for any organization. Training increases employee efficiency by polishing their skills and incorporating their work experience. During the training period at Amazon, employees are equipped with information about the business model and how it works.

Assessment of employee performance

Being a leading brand, it is essential to measure the potential of each employee by monitoring their performance each time. This is essential for reward purposes and for promotions. In addition, performance assessment also motivates employees to give their all.

Reward management

A meeting between the senior management and the HR team must be held yearly at Amazon, where employee performance is examined, and those with exemplary performance are rewarded.

The HR team is in charge of the legal matters of their employees. Employees are always assured of their financial security and rights at the workplace. In addition, it keeps all legal requirements up to date.

Ethics is very significant in any company that wants to remain productive. Amazon ensures that its employees are always well behaved by training them on the Dos and Don’ts that appertain to workplace ethics.

Diversity and inclusivity management

Amazon comprises a large pool of employees from various ethnic backgrounds. The HR department seeks to always incorporate people from all walks of life into their labor-force. The motive is to create a conducive environment for all employees to thrive.

Employee relations

By maintaining a high level of transparency and discipline, Amazon ensures its employees are well-behaved and relate well with each other at the workplace.

Customer-centric management

Amazon trains its employees to focus more on the customers. Their customer-centric approach seeks to make each customer’s shopping experience memorable and worthy.


The Amazon HR policy in 2022 provides an outline of how Amazon takes care of its employees. Moreover, it details what it is that you should expect from Amazon as an employee. With that said, we come to the end of this post on Amazon HR policy in 2022. Hope you found it very useful.

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