A Complete Guide to Amazon Employee Discount

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Does Amazon give its employees any discounts in 2022? In this article, we will elaborate more on this so that you understand it fully. 

 Well, maybe yes, maybe no. Let’s begin by stating here and now that Amazon does give its employees discounts on purchases. Keep reading to discover more about Amazon discounts……

According to the Amazon employee discount policy, any product sale made by an employee and then fulfilled by Amazon within 30 working days, attracts a 10% discount for the particular employee. In addition, employees are allowed to make purchases up to $1000 of the discount given. All Amazon employees are also subject to other benefits like health insurance, paid maternal leave, and tuition reimbursement. This post is about Amazon employee discounts in 2022 and other related details.

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What is Amazon Employee Discount?

Amazon employee discount refers to a benefit that an employee is entitled to following the successful sale of certain products. The discount is about 10% of the cost of selected items and has an annual cap of $100. Meaning, employee can buy up to $1000 of merchandise that’s subject to a discount. Something else to note is that the employee discount at Amazon can be used during Amazon Prime days. That implies that, as an employee, you can save big if you make your purchases during Prime days.

Does Amazon Offer Employees a Discount?

Yes, very much so. Amazon does offer its employees discounts of up to 10% on the purchase of certain products. However, there’s an annual cap of $100 to it. Moreover, the offer is only available for certain products and can only applies during Prime days.

When Are Employees Eligible for the Discount?

Before one is eligible to get the Amazon employee discount, one must have been working with the company for about a month – 30 days.

Besides the 10% discount, there are other benefits that one can get by working with Amazon-like insurance or tuition reimbursement. However, these benefits are activated at different times depending on when you were hired.

What Products Are Eligible for the Amazon Employee Discount?

There are several restrictions on items that qualify for Amazon employee discounts. It all depends on the products one buys. First, it is important to note that not all Amazon merchandise is subject to employee discount.

Secondly, only purchases that are made directly on Amazon are eligible for the 10% discount. That’s to say, only products bought and fulfilled by Amazon directly can be given this discount. Merchandise bought from third-party sellers on Amazon won’t be considered for the employee discount offer.

Are Any Products Excluded from Amazon Employee Discounts?

Unfortunately, yes. Only products sold and fulfilled by Amazon are eligible for the 10% employee discount. If an employee were to buy items from third-party sellers on Amazon, such products won’t attract the 10% discount.

How Do I Get My Employee Discount on Amazon?

To get the discount, you must be an Amazon employee. Once that’s met, next you need to log in to your Amazon A to Z account to access your discount code. The unique discount code is located below your staff photo in your account profile page.  On the profile page, you will also be able to see the account balance of your employee discount which is usually a total of $1000 annually.

Do Amazon Employees Get Free Amazon Prime Membership?

As of 2022, Amazon employees are not given free access to Amazon Prime membership. Similarly, Amazon Prime members are also not eligible for the 10% Amazon employee discount. That’s to say that all employees have to play the full subscription fee for Amazon Prime if they wish to access that service. So, apart from the 10% discount on purchases and other benefits, Amazon employees are not entitled to free Prime Membership.

What Benefits Do Amazon Employees Have Access To?

Besides the 10 % employee discount on qualifying products, Amazon employees are also entitled to a host of other benefits. To begin with, all Amazon employees, irrespective of their position, are entitled to a salary rate stating at $15 per hour. Moreover, the employees also earn one and a half times their normal hourly pay rate during holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, New Year celebrations, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and other public holidays.

Amazon also offers a host of benefits to its employees, besides the $15 per hour minimum rate. Some of these include:

1. Career Benefits

Amazon offers support programs that can enable its employees to achieve individual goals. One is subject to a 95% tuition fee, textbooks, and other related costs by the company. Such a support program targets hourly workers who may have difficulties with their education due to fees and other related constraints.

Then there’s the tuition reimbursement which targets employees who have been at Amazon for at least one year. Eligible employees are entitled to 95% tuition reimbursement towards the pursuit of an Associate’s degree program at select universities.

2. Financial Benefits

The company contributes to the financial security of its employees. For instance, Amazon usually matches employee contributions to different investment plans ad options. Moreover, employees are also entitled to a host of insurance covers including life covers, accidents, and other policies.

3. Health Benefits

Amazon provides all its employees, new and experienced alike, with health benefits. This applies to all the employees who have clocked at least 20 hours of work per week at Amazon. In addition, Amazon works with a range of health providers to guarantee its employees the best in health care. The health benefits package also covers Dental as well as Ophthalmic care. What’s more, Amazon is known to support employee health coverage by contributing towards their preferred health packages if they have an active Health Saving Account with Amazon.

4. Family Benefits

Besides health, career, and financial benefits, Amazon also offers its employees Family benefits. This applies only to employees with families. Full-time employees at Amazon are entitled to 4 weeks pre-partum and 10 weeks post-partum leave. In addition, new parents also enjoy a flexible return to work programs for smooth integration into the workforce.

Amazon Family benefits package also caters for adoptions. And for that, the retail giant offers up to $10,000 for Group & Sibling adoptions and $5,000 for single child adoption.

Do Amazon Employees Earn Extra for Working on Holidays?

Amazon employees are entitled to paid holidays. However, this only applies to public holidays including Christmas Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving day, etc. For hourly employees at Amazon, the pay rate is one and a half times the normal hourly rate.


Amazon employees receive a discount worth 10% on products sold and fulfilled directly through Amazon. The deal also has a cap that enables employees to save up to $100 annually. With that said, we wrap up this post hoping you now know so much about Amazon employee discounts.

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