How to Access Amazon Pay Stubs? (A Full Guide)

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Amazon Pay Stub is a payroll service that puts your paychecks and W-2s in the palm of your hand. Information on the company, the employee, the pay period, the salary, the number of hours worked, and the number of deductions is all available. So, how can you access Amazon pay stubs? Keep reading to discover!

With Amazon's workers' human resources EHR portal in the current year, workers may quickly and conveniently access their pay stubs and other perks. To use the Amazon website, workers need Amazon login credentials or an Amazon ID number. If Amazon fires you, you should pick up your last paycheck stub from Hr.

Read on to learn more about how to access Amazon pay stubs, get a copy of your Amazon paycheck stub, the best way to locate your username, and more.

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How to Access Amazon Pay Stubs?

Accessing your Amazon pay stubs and other benefits is a breeze with the employee human resources (EHR) website. All you need to do is set up an EHR account and log in using your Amazon login and password or ID number to view your pay stub and benefits information.

Step 1: Access the Amazon EHR portal for staff members.

Step 2: Click on the "Amazon Benefits" tab after you've checked in.

Step 3: If you're an employee at Amazon, enter your Amazon login, which the firm will likely have given you (which you may reset if you've forgotten it).

Step 4: After entering your user name, proceed by selecting "Next."

Step 5: Enter your password to finish logging into the system.

What Includes In A Paycheck From Amazon?

The Amazon pay stub includes the current pay period's earnings and the yearly salary total. The pay stub also includes a record of any deductions made from the employee's salary, such as taxes.

The pay stub also includes the employee's gross compensation for the pay period (net pay) and is helpful for both managers and workers. Additionally, Pay stubs are available for employees to see and verify that their deductions are correctly processed.

Is A Paycheck Stub the Same Thing As A Pay Stub?

Pay stubs detail a worker's paycheck for a specific pay period. Paycheck stubs, payslips, and wage statements are all names for this document. All information relevant to an employee's pay is included, including gross and net salary, pay rate, tax withholdings (payroll taxes), company details, and personnel details.

Where Can You Obtain A Copy of Your Amazon Paycheck Stub?

In 2022, Amazon's EHR portal will make it simple for workers to access their pay stubs and other benefits. However, if you are a new employee, you must create an EHR account. On the other hand, if you are an existing employee, you must have an Amazon ID number or employee login credential to access the site.

If you are an employee at Amazon, you must make a formal request to the HR department for a pay stub copy. You must sign up for an IRS portal account to access these documents. Former workers have the same access to their W-2s online as current ones.

To set up the account, you must have your SSN, birthday, and postal address. After registering, workers may see their most recent and prior W-2 forms at any time.

Online W-2 Access for Current and Former Amazon Workers: When and Where to Find It?

W2 forms are sent annually to Amazon employees and include a summary of their pay and tax withholdings for the prior year. You'll need your Amazon 10-digit employment ID number or login credentials to access the EHR website, where you may print a copy of your W2 form.

Since it is a secure site, employees' sensitive data is safe on the EHR platform. Employees may save time and stress by printing a duplicate of their W2 from the EHR website, which is especially useful if an employee loses their original W2.

How Do the Fired Amazon Workers Access Their Pay Stubs Online?

Seeing your online pay stubs after you leave Amazon may be challenging because only active Amazon workers get given access to the EHR website. Former Amazon workers who need access to their last pay stub must contact Amazon HR.

What Is the Best Way for You to Locate Your Amazon Username?

Forgetting your username and password for a crucial website, like the one that manages your benefits, maybe a significant hassle. But, if you work for Amazon, the company has made it simple to retrieve lost login credentials. To recover your password, use the "Forgot Username" link and respond to the automated questions that appear.

In the first place, Amazon will confirm if you still have access to the Amazon ID issued to you. If you still have your ID, the system will prompt you to provide your Amazon ID, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your birthday (mostly in MM/DD/CCYY format).

If you follow the procedure above, you will receive your Amazon login at the address you linked to your Amazon account. But if you need the password for your email account, contact Amazon's support staff. Amazon's user-friendly interface makes retrieving a lost account password and logging in easy.

How Can You Get a Copy of Your Pay Stub If You Use Direct Deposit?

Employers might email or physically present your pay stubs for direct deposit. Introduce the idea of this option to your organization and see if they can assist you in any way.

If your employer refuses to give you pay stubs, you have the right to file a lawsuit to get them, and the court may even order the company to pay damages to you.


Amazon facilitates online access to pay stubs and other employee benefits information. You must provide your Amazon username and password to access the EHR portal. Once signed in, employees have access to their tax information, overtime, and sick leave accruals for the week.

Moreover, if Amazon were to terminate your job, you would still be able to pick up your last payment from HR.

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