Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box: All You Need to Know About It!

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It's a fact that preparing for a new baby may drain your bank account. But don't worry, because you'll get some free samples of essential baby items with the Amazon baby registry welcome box. That way, you may test out various products for your infant and choose which ones you need. Read on to learn more.

Amazon is one store that provides a welcome baby box once you purchase a baby registry. Amazon claims that the box is $35 value due to the inclusion of complimentary items like diapers and wipes. The offer of free baby supplies is rather attractive. However, there are a few hoops you must jump through before you get one, so it might not be easy to figure out how to claim it. This article has all you need to know about the get-baby box and the conditions you should meet to get one.

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What Exactly is an "Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box"?

Congratulations on the incoming member of your family! In addition to preparing for the baby's arrival by developing a birth plan and packing a hospital bag, you may also create a baby registry in preparation for a baby shower. 

A baby registry on Amazon might result in a "welcome baby package" being given to you. Products for mom and baby are included in this sampler. Upon completing your baby registry, you will access the free box by adhering to a few requirements.

 The purpose of the welcome box is not only to congratulate new parents but also to assist them in determining which infant care items would best suit their needs.

What Items to Expect in the Amazon Welcome Baby Box?

You may expect to get various samples from Amazon's most trusted partners. Still, the specific contents of this one-time box of baby samples are a surprise and vary periodically. Everything inside is a sample of what you can get on Amazon, so consider it a sampler box. If you try any of these items and enjoy them, you can easily find more of them on Amazon and purchase more.

Water Wipes, a Swaddle Designs muslin blanket, a NUK pacifier value pack, and a set of five long-sleeved bodysuits for girls from Simple Joys by Carter's were all included in a recent shipment.

How to Qualify for the Free Amazon Baby Welcome Box

Even though the welcome box costs nothing, you must meet the following conditions to get one. It would help if you were both an Amazon Prime member and a member of the Amazon Household to qualify. You must be the account's principal holder. Don't have Amazon Prime yet? Join today and get a free trial for 30 days! You must make and fill up a baby registry on Amazon.

For the list to be valid, it must meet all requirements in each section.Since you've already entered a lot of information when you signed up to be a Prime member, this part is very simple. You will need to input information such as your due date, the address you want presents mailed to, and sharing preferences. Must Complete 60% of the items on your list. To help you start your Amazon baby registry, Amazon will provide a checklist of 74 items. Complete at least 45 items on the checklist. If you don't want all the 45 items, mark the appropriate boxes.

Spend at least $10 on items from the register to activate the registration. Since this is a baby registry and others will probably be giving you things, remember that you don't have to be the one to spend the $10. A friend or family member might be the one to purchase any non-gift card item(s) off of your registry. Alternatively, you might go ahead and make your very first purchase!

Remember that your package won't be sent until after your purchase has shipped. If you don't get a complimentary box, you can buy one for $35. Once you've met all the conditions, claim your benefits by clicking the "claim now" option on the "Benefits and Welcome Box" page and put the welcome package in your shopping basket. Make sure you click the option "use your $35.00 Promotional balance" when ready to pay for your purchase. If not, the box fee will be applied.

When using regular delivery, the package should arrive at its destination within two to five days. Unfortunately, the package cannot be sent outside the United States or to an APO address. Package labeling will read "Amazon Baby Registry." Give the freebies a try and discover what your family enjoys most.

Must have items for a newborn

It would help if you stocked up on items that will make caring for your newborn easier as you wait for their arrival. Baby formula and diapers are some of the must-have items. It would be wise to stock up on these things in advance so you can get them easily when the time comes. If you want to see how your infant reacts to these products, it's best to start with little amounts and work up from there. In short, you'll need to stock up on the following infant necessities: Several diaper rash creams, formula, a variety of diaper designs and breast pads.

Where Else Can you Find a Baby Registry Box?

You can also find a sampler package like the Amazon welcome baby box at Walmart and Target. To get the Walmart baby sample box, you must register and fill out a form. The sample box offered by target will have over $100 in discounts, and you'll need to pick up this package from your neighborhood Target. Other brands offering the welcome baby box are Seventh Generation, Medela, and Similac.


As a new parent, you may feel overwhelmed deciding which baby goods brands to purchase, but welcome baby boxes can assist. The Amazon welcome baby box is just one example of a variety of firms that provide such gift sets; it's offered at no cost and contains samples of several Amazon items. Getting a baby box requires certain requirements, but doing so is well worth the effort. TheseThese samples determine which brands to buy while shopping for baby supplies.

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