Aldi Yogurt: Everything You Want to Know Is Right Here!

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What variety of Yogurt does Aldi offer from their stores among the pantry and kitchen staples? Here is everything you need to know about Aldi Yogurt, including its variety and collection for your next shopping trip. Read and find out.

Different people need varying nutritional content. While some are rushing for the probiotics, many are going after calcium as well as proteins. One of the reliable sources of all the nutrients is Yogurt. Yogurt is the best and most convenient snack you will find in stock from different stores around the world.

One of the brands known for offering Yogurt and other groceries and cat food is Aldi. Therefore, if you're curious about what Aldi offers regarding Yogurt, keep reading our article to the end. We will emphasize the Aldi pantry and kitchen staples to find out what type of Yogurt these offer.

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About Aldi Yogurt

Aldi is a famous store when it comes to yogurt supplies. The selection features Greek yogurt and regular options in various sizes, from the most petite 5.3-ounce tubs to the 32-ounce tubs. Besides, you will also get to access flavored and plain yogurts. The company often rolls out the occasional seasonal flavors on the website, which fall under the find line category.

The pricing also varies based on the side of the Yogurt you are going for. More in the next section. If you're curious to learn more about Aldi yogurt and the category, as well as pricing and options, then keep reading our reviews to the end. We will review the detailed kinds of Yogurt the brand offers, where they source from, and more information.

Types of Yogurt at Aldi

Aldi offers different types of Yogurt on their website. While the category can be cut across the flavors such as plain yogurt, Fruit yogurt, and Yogurt alternatives there are still other options to consider. Many sites have featured different categories, which we will review in detail.

Selecting the Aldi Yogurt based on the brand, you will get the Specially selected, dessert menu, everyday essential and Brooklea. for the lifestyle category, they have the vegan and vegetarian collection. Regardless of the above category, a standard yogurt selection remains under the featured and best sellers products. Among the available kinds are as discussed below:-

Friendly Farms

This kind of Yogurt falls under the customer's favorite brand and is in the dairy line. The daily line features Yogurt and milk, not forgetting the typical cheese options. The kind of Yogurt at Aldi has two options: Greek and non-green. However, regarding the fame of Greek Yogurt and its expansion to take over the market, Aldi has focused on this kind of Yogurt to offer more selection approaches to the buyers on the website.

Customers can grab the friendly farm yogurt on the website, which you can select for green, non-green, and miscellaneous Yogurt. Each item and package has varying flavors as well as pricing plans. Refer to their website for more pricing and available sizes, from the smallest, 500g for £0.35, to the Greek, 900g for £4.99 Note that Aldi Greek yogurt is preferred not only because it is thick but also because it is tangy.

The non-fat Greek Yogurt is an exceptional choice to make a perfect two-ingredient dough. In the above information, it is clear that these Aldi Greek yogurt selections are affordable. Hence, you will never have issues when your kids prefer having Yogurt in the fridge. Remember that each tilt is the perfect selection for making a fantastic dessert.

Original Yogurt

Although this kind of Yogurt is rare on the Aldi website, it highlights the reputation and extensive collection of Greek Style Natural Yogurt. Therefore, if you prefer the original option, Aldi still offers plenty of selection. In this category, you will find fruit yogurt and non-fat as well.

Among the featured yogurts in this category are Friendly Farms Original Strawberry or Strawberry Banana Lowfat Yogurt, Friendly Farms Light Plain or Vanilla Non-fat Yogurt, Friendly Farms Light Non-fat Yogurt Assorted Varieties, Friendly Farms Original Strawberry or Strawberry Banana Lowfat Yogurt, etc. The 8x100g package goes for £2.59

Simply Nature

This is the next category. It is ideal and targets organic shoppers, though the website offers limited options. Otherwise, it serves the primary purpose, as the customers who need this kind of Yogurt are also limited. You will find not only regular Yogurt but also Greek Yogurt in the store.

An excellent example from what we have found on the sites are Simply Nature Organic Whole Milk Plain Yogurt, Simply Nature Organic Whole Milk Greek Yogurt Plain or Vanilla Bean, Simply Nature Organic Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurt, etc., both of which are available in different sizes, based on the preferences of the customers.

Specialty Selected

Though his category covers all the Yogurt in the Aldi stores, you see a few luxe items under the specially selected labels. It's worth checking out for more details. It is rare to find the Aldi Finds on the option. If they drop, they won't resist listing them available in the store for numerous varieties and flavors. One of the customers' favorite selections on the website is the specially selected indulgent honey or honey vanilla Greek yogurt.

Miscellaneous Yogurt

It also features miscellaneous Yogurt in its stores. The Yogurt is unique, and many appreciate how this selection differs slightly from the typical, making the Aldi store more admirable. Thus, when you skip the probiotics, it is a great idea.

Your parents are not only happy with the Moo Tubes or what we call the GTohurt Dupes, but If you want to give it a try, you can consider options like  Friendly Farms Moo Tubes Assorted Varieties, Friendly Farms Low Fat Probiotic Yogurt Strawberry or Vanilla, etc. each has a unique and different variety of flavors which you can select regarding your preferences.

Miscellaneous Label Yogurt Products

This is the last category. It is the three name brands that store features. The selection includes nutritious and delicious options like Kefir. This category is perfect for customers who are lactose intolerant, and they can enjoy it without experiencing any repercussions.

Hence, in your own free time, order one from the stores which are the likes of the Lifeway Lowfat Kefir Assorted Varieties, YoCrunch Oreo and M&M Yogurt Multipack, Dannon Strawberry Smoothies, etc. 

Aldi Yogurt Pricing Against Alternative Stores

The company claims to be the best and most trusted in the pricing plan. They boast of offering the cheapest price for their yogurt packages compared to the alternative competitors on the market. We can justify that Aldi has the best and lowest pricing plan for the yogurt line and other products.

When you compare this with the likes of Wegmans, and Walmart, there is a clear difference between these stores having particular and respective private labels. While the 32oz might cost $4.99+ at Aldi, Wegmans sells the same kind of Yogurt, non-fat Greek Yogurt, for $5.99, while Walmart charges $5.74. For the regular Aldi yogurt, you will get it at £2.69 for 500g.

Wegmans sells it at $2.49, and compared with Walmart pricing, you can grab one 32-oz tub for only $2.36. Also, note that all these varieties of Yogurt from different stores feature the same list of ingredients. However, many customers save on their budget by purchasing from Aldi stores, and the company guarantees that you will never get inferior products for the little money you spend on the site.

Is Aldi Yogurt Quality Worth Investment?

The store confirms from the customer testimonies that their Yogurt is perfect. This concerns our shopping experience, tastes, collection, and other aspects. While some writers online refer to this original Yogurt as a breakfast staple, many recommend this Aldi yogurt as the reliable and best selection worth your penny, especially the Friendly Farms Greek options.

Still, other online feedback highlights the tart tastes as well as the incredible full texture of the Non-fat Greek yogurts from Aldi stores. We also second the recommendation from the above article, adding that customers can make the 2-ingredient dough. The online reputation of the Aldi Yogurt collection is worth paying attention to.

Manufacturer of Aldi Yogurt

So far, you might be wondering who makes this Aldi Yogurt; with us, you are sorted with everything. The stores source their Yogurt from numerous suppliers around the world. Hence, the extensive list makes it hard to ascertain the specific yogurt manufacturer. However, from the information we have seen, Commonwealth Daily is among the common dairy manufacturers.

The other manufacturers are the Green Mountain Creamery subsidiary known as LLC. Specifically, the Tilt yogurts are sourced from Commonwealth Dairy, which indicates that they still get more products from this manufacturer. Using the dairy code, you can quickly locate the manufacturer or trace the source using the website

Once you have the code, the site above will identify the source. However, keep in mind that not all yogurts feature the code. There is more you can still learn from the Aldi stores. Hence, keep checking the website for previous articles on Aldi and future updates about the Aldi stores.


Yogurt is the perfect choice if you're looking for a simple and practical approach to adding calcium, probiotics, and proteins to your diet. The alternative store for the yogurt collection is Aldi, which offers variety at an affordable price. In the above article, we have seen that Aldi sells not only regular but also Greek, specialty, and organic yogurts, which you will likely add to your must–buy list. For the next yogurt shopping, try the Aldi yogurt and enjoy numerous flavors and discoveries often.

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