Aldi Bacon: All You Need to Konw in 2024!

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Aldi offers different premium quality bacon that is tasty, has flavor, and at a cheap price. Learn more about Aldi Bacon’s price, types, flavor, etc.

Bacon is so important and popular that you can make an endless list of a meal with it. You can enjoy meals that are made with bacon only as breakfast or you can go ahead to incorporate bacon into several types of meals such as the popular bacon and eggs. You can also make use of bacon as ingredients for special meals such as salads, soups, sandwiches, etc.

However, you might not get the best bacon you deserve because several groceries stores sell different quality bacon. Aldi is among one the best supermarket chain that offers bacon for shoppers to buy. They know how important and popular this food item is and they make sure customers get access to it at any time while shopping online or in-store. Another good thing about the kind of bacon they offer is how fresh the bacon is. When you shop with Aldi for your bacon, be very sure to get the best one.

Bacon is described as the side of a pig mainly after you must have removed the side ribs, you either make it in a pickle, dried or smoked. You can get the bacon in several varieties. If you are looking to improve your breakfast with a new variety of menus, then you should be buying bacon. A good thing is that you can get your bacon directly from Aldi.

They offer the best bacon based on our research even at a good price. Aldi is aware that you can get several varieties of bacon. It is a known fact that Aldi is one of the cheapest supermarket chains or even the cheapest where you can get items. Bacon is not different. If you have been wondering how much bacon costs in Aldi, or the variety of bacon available for purchase on Aldi, you can get all the necessary information about bacon sold by Aldi when you continue reading.

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Does Aldi Sell Bacon in 2024?

Yes, Aldi sell bacon in 2024. When you get to Aldi, you find out that they offer dozens of bacon varieties for you to buy. They have been selling bacon right from the onset because bacon is one of the easiest and most common breakfasts for people in the US, Canada, and other European countries. You can find bacon under the Appleton farm category, ole Carolina, and Never Any Labels. When you buy from Aldi, they offer bacon in different cuts, flavors, and prices.

The price of the bacon is highly determined by the cut and flavor. You can get them for as low as $2.50 and $6.5 as one of the highest prices on Aldi bacon. It might interest you to know that there are different types of Bacon, how they are cut, how much each cut costs, how to know the types, and many more. You need to continue reading to find out all this information.

What Kind of Bacon Can I Find on Aldi?

When it comes to bacon, Aldi offers it separately. If you are used to shopping with Aldi, you will know that they offer items based on store labels and some times brand of the item. For bacon, you can find them under one brand but under different store labels. They have made it that way so that buyers can easily spot what they want to buy, they will be able to know the exact kind and cut they are looking for easily.

One of the biggest brands you can find on Aldi is the Appleton farm labels. They offer high prices due to their quality bacon. However, you can still see bacon for customers on a budget. Why most customers go for the products under the Appleton farm label is because they don’t add artificial ingredients to their bacon. They just offer the real deal.

However, there is something about the different locations of Aldi especially when you are shopping in-store. You might not get the exact product at thE store close to your area. So you might see things you don’t usually see at Aldi stores close to you.

What Kind of Aldi Bacon Can I Get on Appleton Farm?

This brand is great for its collection of great bacon. Some of the bacon they offer include They offer Gourmet Thick Sliced. They are usually maple and peppered bacon. It is part of the gourmet bacon list available. You can get this particular bacon type in two options which can sell for as high as $6.50 for 24 oz. You can get the Gourmet Butcher Sliced Center Cut Bacon on Aldi.

This one is lean bacon but you can still get the flavor of the bacon intact. Even the thick-cut texture of the bacon is intact. We found out that customerS gave recommendationS that this one looks nice and tastes great because of the flavor. It is cheap, you can get it for as low as $3.50 for 12 oz. You can get the Gourmet Thick-Sliced Flavoured. You can get it in the form of peppercorn, maple, hickory-smoked, and Apple-wood.

This bacon is made in four different flavors. Each flavor can be found on each slice. If you are looking forward to having a perfect brunch, then this one is perfect for it. You can get it for $6.50 for 24 oz too. They have lower sodium.

If you have been looking for bacon that has lower sodium because it is hard to find, then you have run in luck because you can get that at Aldi. This one is packaged differently. You might not be able to get the real worth of the bacon because the price tag is based on the weight which the package weight might be included too. You can see this one for as low as $3 for 16 oz.

They are fully cooked. If you always have a very busy morning or you unexpectedly got a visitor and you want to make that person feel at home without stressing yourself, then you can go for this fully cooked bacon.

However, the quality of fully cooked food is not up to the of uncooked ones. It is the cheapest and you can get it for as low as $2.5 for 2 oz. They have thick slices. It is based on the packaging that people refer to this bacon as a thick slice. It is commonly known as thick-cut, so if someone asks you to buy thick-cut bacon from Aldi, then you should head straight to Appleton farm label and get the thick sliced. It cost $3.56 for 16 oz.

What Kind of Aldi Bacon Can I Get on the Never Any Label?

When you look at the label of Never Any, you find out that their products are gotten from animals that have not been fed by other animals. This means there is added hormone, there are by-products of animals, no antibiotics, etc. They are being processed minimally, there is no nitrate, and you cannot find any form of artificial ingredients in them.

They have been approved and given a seal, this tells you how safe their products are. Aldi is after the health of their customers and not their sales alone. You can either get the bacon found in Never Any label as uncured Hickory or Turkey bacon. When you check out the Instacart storefront of Aldi, you will see the Turkey bacon listed. You might not be able to see it listed on the main website.

What Kind of Aldi Bacon Can I Get on the Ole Carolina Label?

Unlike the Appleton label where you can find a lot of bacon types. You can only find one type of Bacon on the Ole Carolina label. The one you will see is the sliced hickory smoked. This is the cheapest bacon brand you can get on Aldi. You can get this bacon within the range of $1 to $2. You see how cheap it is. Among all of the types of bacon labels you can find, the Ole Carolina has only the cheapest type which is even the cheapest among all of them.

How Cheap is Aldi Bacon?

Fortunately, Aldi ranks among the cheapest supermarket chain. When you compare the prices of their items generally, then you will find out that their prices are very low. When it comes to bacon, the brand has different labels that they offer as you know. Under these different labels, you will see different price tags based on their cut, flavors, types, and quality.

However, their bacon price is far lower compared to other similar supermarket chains. Just as their prices are different, you can still find cheap ones among different labels. When you buy Aldi Bacon, the Ole Carolina is the cheapest so far, it is not because it does not have quality or great flavor but because the label offers cheap bacon.

Does Appleton Farm Label Have a Particular Maker?

Aldi does not manufacture the bacon itself. They rely on good farms to produce their bacon. They make these farms meet up to the standard while supplying the bacon. The brand has a team of quality assurance who check for how great the farms are. When we made a research on how to make the Appleton farm label bacon, a brand called Plumrose USA came out as their owner.

We also found out that this brand has made a rebranded its company since 2017. They are known as Swift prepared foods. The brand has been acquired by another company in Colorado. However, they allow Appleton Farm to work as its entity.

What is the Worst and Best Aldi Bacon?

A lot of bacon lovers have turned to Aldi to be their source for quality bacon. Over time, the brand amounted to bacon being one of their bestsellers too. This means that they had a very high demand for bacon from customers. It also means that a lot of customers can testify to which of the label offer good bacon and the one that does not offer good bacon.

Based on the reviews we get from customers, we can easily decide on the worst bacon and the best bacon on Aldi. It is not a surprise for the Appleton Farm label to be mentioned as the best bacon label on Aldi. When you closely look at what this farm label offer, you will see that they offer a wide and detailed variety. You have a nice taste, a great, great price. When you look at what the Never Any label offer, you will still fall in love with the bacon. Customers made great comments about the label too.

This label offers just two types and it has been singled out by customers as the best. Customers can be indecisive sometimes due to the inability for them to know which of them are great exactly. However, some customers have raised a red flag on Ole Carolina, they have advised people to avoid it because they feel it is the worst.

It is the cheapest so far on Aldi. Based on the report by different customers, we can say that Aldi offers good or even the best bacon and at the same time, still offers some bad ones that are cheap just as the one on Ole Carolina. Generally, customers are pleased with Aldi.

Where Can I Buy Aldi Bacon?

All the items listed on Aldi can be purchased on their website or in-store


No matter how you try to avoid bacon, you might not be able to avoid it because it is a very common ingredient in a common breakfast. You can get different types of bacon on Aldi from different labels such as Appleton farm label, Never Any label, and Ole Carolina. They are the ones available and they come with different types and prices of bacon listed under them.

You should not be worried because the prices are cheap generally on Aldi compared to their competitors. When shopping with this brand to get your best bacon, you cannot go wrong because just the way you like your bacon cooked or uncooked, you will get it.

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