Aldi Candles: All You Need to Know in 2022!

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Aldi offers a wide variety of candle types, brands, sizes, shapes, and scents at cheap prices. Read on to learn about the candles available at Aldi to brighten your home.

When shopping for items either online or in-store, after putting the quality of what you want to buy into consideration, you might begin to consider how easy it is to pay to shop for those items. Even after settling for a good brand that offers a comfortable shopping experience and quality, you might get discouraged as a result of the price of the item you are looking for. Candles can come in different sizes, qualities, and prices.

However, some brands are known for having pricier items. If you have been thinking of shopping with Aldi for lower prices of candles but still get the quality candles made of different variations you are looking for, then you are making a great decision. Aldi has been termed the home of low prices with quality items. Candles can be used for so many reasons around the home. If you have been looking to have any kind of celebration or have a romantic atmosphere, then your candle can do the magic.

They are commonly used for decoration at home, they have some special scent that can create a good fragrance in your home, they can go a long way to be beneficial to your health, you can also use candles for worship and meditation, and so on. You should know that buying fine scented candles with premium quality does not come cheap.

Just because Aldi is the home for lower prices of quality items, you should shop with them. If you are thinking of buying Aldi candles or you have already bought from them, but you want to learn more about the kind of candles they offer, the prices of the candles, you want to know how quality candle Aldi offer is, and the different scents that are available, then you should continue reading so you can get all your questions answered.

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Does Aldi Sell Candles in 2022?

Every brand knows how candles are very important, popular, and highly demanded by customers all over the world. So when you shop for candles on Aldi, you are sure to get different types of candles at different prices, a variety of scents, and quality. In order words, you can have different collections of candles on Aldi in 2022.

Candles are not just sold piece by piece. You can get them in the options two wicks, one wick, and three wicks. The three-wick is the highest collection where you can find almost all the collection of candles for your day-to-day activities or need.

When you shop with Aldi, you can get candles of different sizes, different shapes, and even scents. You can get the 3-wick option for as low as $3.99. the option for one wick and 2 wicks also comes at different cheap prices. We used the three-wick as an example because it contains all the everyday candles needed, scents, and sometimes shapes. You might still be wondering about the types of candles you can get from Aldi, keep reading to get all the necessary information you need.

What are the Types of Aldi Candles I Can Get?

There are a few candles Aldi offers for their customers because they want customers to enjoy quality even at affordable prices. Some of the types you can get while you shop with Aldi are They offer the Huntington Home Three-Wick Candle. If you have been a good fan of the body and bath work, then Aldi has good news because they offer just as you want it. The brand sells this 3-wick candle using 14 oz as a single pack. They are far cheaper compared to what you can get from other supermarket chains.

For instance, B&BW sells this particular Huntington Home Three-Wick Candle for about $24. You can say Aldi offers them too at ridiculous prices. Just to make customers comfortable, the brand also offers this type of candle in-store. So if you are shopping online or in-store, you will get in touch with this candle type. They also try to offer this candle based on season, celebration, etc. For example, during the valentine's period, you can find a rose bouquet scent, the same thing goes with Thanksgiving day.

Each season comes with a special scent that gives meaning to celebrations. You can also get the Huntington Home Luxury One-Wick Candles on Aldi. This type of candle has gained popularity over the years. If you are a candle lover, then you should know this particular one because people easily fall in love with it. It is termed luxurious because it comes in a glass jar. It is normally a bit taller than the jar and it comes in a black bow that has a silver lid. This one is quite luxurious and popular because it came and took over demand.

People stopped demanding the normal Jo Malone London candles because they consider them too expensive compared to what the new one will offer them. You can get this candle type for as low as $7 in the US in 2022. you might not be able to see these Huntington Home Luxury One-Wick Candles from other stores very easily. Our research shows that you can only offer these candles every time. So if you need these types, then you can head straight to Aldi both in-store and online. They offer the Huntington Home Large Jar Candles.

Just as the name implies, they are very large. They don’t come in small sizes, you can see them in upscale departmental stores but Aldi also offers them. Most of the time, you can see a label of Huntington Home signature home on them. You can get them in different sizes, scents, and shapes. The different sizes cannot be too small because Aldi offers a small type of it.

You can easily distinguish them because they are found in large jars. Just to be fair with sales, they also offer Huntington Home Small Jar or Tin Candles. They are very common because they are highly demanded. You can even get them in tins that are decorated or even come in jars made of different colors.

How Much Can I Get Candles at Aldi?

When you buy candles from Aldi, they don’t come at the same prices because of several reasons. Some of the reasons why they have varying prices are the difference in scents, the differences in sizes, shapes, and more important types. Sometimes the season you are in can determine the price of a candle. For example, during the valentine's period, they come with special rose bouquet scents, you don’t expect them to carry the usual prices.

So it all depends on so many reasons. However, one good thing about shopping with Aldi is that you stand to enjoy lower prices for any item. Their low prices also cover candles. The HH 3 wicks can be gotten for as high as $3.99 because it is very cheap compared to other brands. If you are buying the bigger jar, then you can expect to pay within $5 to as high as $5.

It depends on the size of the jar. The bigger the size, the higher the price. There is a flat price for the usual HH Jo Malone which goes for $7 only. For the small jars and tins you can find on Aldi, the price range is very low. You can get them for $2 to $7 depending. On average, the price of candles on Aldi is way cheaper than other brands, if you have been thinking about shopping on a budget for your candle and still get quality, then you should be thinking of shopping with Aldi.

How Good are Aldi Candles?

If we should be fair, customers gave good credits for the candles sold by Aldi. Even customers who are a bit skeptical about things gave an average review for their candles. So we can boldly say they offer great candles. Some customers have highlighted some of the candles offered by Aldi to be nice. Some of them are English Freesia, English Peer, Sangria white, red, rosewater, and blueberry.

They are also nice. They have great shapes, good sizes, and wonderful scents. The scent of a candle is one of the important features that can make users fall in love with that type or even disgust customers. This is why Aldi always makes sure they offer great scents for their customers. Nevertheless, as brands try to make great scents, they sometimes end up making scents that are too strong.

Strong scents cannot be termed as good because the wider community of customers will not find them pleasing. Products like Snow Joke have been described as having strong scents. However, in the end, it also depends on your interest or choice. Some people prefer strong scents. Aldi tries to please all their customers, this is why you can still find candles that have strong scents on their shelves or online store.

Generally, you will find customers of Aldi giving out reviews for each item after buying them, so to be sure that you are about to buy a good one, you can easily check out the star rating on that particular candle. You can be sure that you have purchased a nice candle product. Being nice does not have to do with the price of the candle because Aldi always offers their items at cheaper prices.

Where Can I Buy Aldi Candles?

When you want to shop for the best candles at a cheap price, you can buy from their in-store locations and online website

Where Can I Find Aldi Candles when I Go Shopping In-Store?

They always offer a very large supermarket when you go shopping in-store. If you are not familiar with the brand or that store, you can get confused and waste a lot of time. However, one good thing with Aldi is their systematic and collective arrangement of items on their shelves. It means that you will most certainly find each product at the same shelf location at any of their 2000+ stores worldwide.

Even if you are visiting an Aldi in-store for the first time in another city, then you can still find things the same way it has been arranged like other store locations you have been using before. You can find the usual HH 3 wick candle in the household aisle. This shelf contains all other paper products such as paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

You can easily find them because they have labels and tags, and they are not hidden. They are most certainly to be displayed in the same area and might not be on the shelf or place. So if you are looking for a particular candle type, you will need to search more carefully and extensively within the household aisle.

Can I Get the Wax Melts on Aldi?

This is one of the most popular flame-less options for candles. They are good but it is rare to find them when shopping with retailers or at supermarkets. You can run into luck because Aldi offers this product just occasionally. You cannot get them all the way. One reason why you cannot be seeing them every day is that they barely last a few hours before it goes out of stock.

Once a customer sees this flameless candle, they buy them even more than what they need at the moment. You can quickly check them out when you are looking for candles. It is easier for online shoppers, you will just search and see if you will run into some luck.


When you shop with Aldi, you might want to be fast because they have a lot of customers. The quality candles they offer at cheap prices always make the demand for these candles to be on the high always. The brand tries to offer different types of candles of different brands, sizes, shapes, scents, etc. This is to make their customers comfortable while shopping with a lot of variety at their disposal.

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