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Choosing the best Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers for your needs can be difficult. There are so many choices, and it's hard to know which one will work best for you since all the specs and features are different.

The only way to make a decision is by comparing specs and details of each product in an overwhelming list, which is totally not what you want to be doing when you need a computer for work or study ASAP!

The best way to find out if Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers would be a good fit for you is by having a look at their website and reading reviews by people who have tried it themselves. It might be that you need more information before you can decide on the best option for you. But, we hope this article helped you decide or at least provided helpful hints about what you might want to ask.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

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Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2-8 Megapixel,1080p (RPI-CAM-V2)

CPR Score
Top 2

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board

CPR Score
Top 3

Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display

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The Best Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers Rated by CherryPicks

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Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers Reviewed
  • Reviews Analyzed: 11,340 Items
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Top 9 Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers on Amazon (Verified You can Buy)

Top 1

Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2-8 Megapixel,1080p (RPI-CAM-V2)

Raspberry Pi
0.9843 x 0.9449 x 0.3543 Inches
0.0066 Pounds
  • Original Language, Published, Unknown: English

Ratings for Raspberry Pi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Olympian LED -
MemoryWhiz 1,787
JR Express -
Benjapreme -
CanaKit -


Second Generation Raspberry Pi Camera Module with Fixed Focus Lens
Sony Exmor IMX219 Sensor Capable of 4K30 1080P60 720P180 8MP Still
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board

Raspberry Pi

Ratings for Raspberry Pi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
top1_electronic -
Vemico US -


Raspberry pi 3 model b adds wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity making it the ideal solution for powerful connected designs.
Raspberry pi 3 use Processor chipest Boardcom BCM 2837 64 bIT ARMv7 Quad Core processor powered Singel Board Computer running at 1200MHz
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Top 3

Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display

Raspberry Pi
3.937 x 2.9921 x 0.7874 Inches
0.84 Pounds

Ratings for Raspberry Pi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
MemoryWhiz 1,787
Video Game and Electronics Supplier -
PepperTech Digital -


This 7" Touchscreen display for the Raspberry Pi is perfect for creating portable and embedded projects where a keyboard and Mouse would be in the way.
The full color display outputs up to 800 x 480 and features a capacitive touch sensing capable of detecting 10 fingers.
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Board (3B+)

Raspberry Pi
0.4409 Pounds

Ratings for Raspberry Pi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
top1_electronic -
TigerRoyal -
Z-Wave US -


1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless LAN. Bluetooth 4.2/BLE, faster Ethernet, and PoE support (with separate PoE HAT).
Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0 (maximum throughput 300 Mbps), 4 × USB 2.0 ports and Extended 40-pin GPIO header.
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Top 5

Raspberry Pi 2483095 -&nbsp Sense HAT - AstroPi

Raspberry Pi
4.1339 x 2.9528 x 1.1811 Inches
0.0882 Pounds

Ratings for Raspberry Pi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Olympian LED -


Works With All Raspberry PI boards
Accelerometer , Gyroscope , Thermometer
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Top 6


Raspberry Pi
0.1102 Pounds

Ratings for Raspberry Pi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
top1_electronic -
Vemico US -
Mask Pro Electronics -
Top 7

Raspberry Pi Zero WH 512 MB

Raspberry Pi
2.7559 x 1.9685 x 1.1811 Inches

Ratings for Raspberry Pi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Vemico US -
Mask Pro Electronics -


Package dimensions (L x W x H): 2.2 cm x 7.4 cm x 12.2 cm
No assembly required
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Top 8

Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless) ( 2017 model)

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry pi Zero W
2.6 x 1.2 x 0.2 Inches
0.02 Pounds

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Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Big River Enterprises -


Raspberry Pi Zero W Motherboard Only
SoC: Broadcom BCM2835--CPU: ARM11 running at 1GHz--RAM: 512MB
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Top 9

Raspberry Pi Official 7 Inch Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi 4 / pi 3/pi 2 Model B

Raspberry Pi

Ratings for Raspberry Pi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
MemoryWhiz 1,787

How to Choose the Best Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers?

Are you looking for a single board computer that can do it all? Look no further than the Raspberry Pi! This amazing little device has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. It is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes.

What to Consider Before Buying a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer


Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers are tiny computers that are packed with computing power. With one gigabyte of memory and a 1.2 GHz or 1.4 GHz ARM CPU, they are powerful little computers that are ideal for a range of applications. They also come with a variety of ports and connectors, including USB, ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, and HDMI. In addition, they feature GPIO pins, which make it easy to connect to hardware projects.

If you're on a budget, a Raspberry Pi Zero W might be the perfect choice for you. You can also choose an Nvidia Xavier NX to replace your desktop. But for most makers, the Raspberry Pi 4 is the right choice. It's low-cost and widely supported, making it an excellent choice for IoT projects. It's also ideal for AI projects.


The first model of Raspberry Pi came with 256MB of RAM. This version of the device was the Model B. The model B+ is a slightly improved version of the original model. It now has two USB ports and an expanded GPIO header with 40 pins. It also uses a standard form factor and introduces the HAT specification, which allows add-on boards to be plugged into it.

Since the first Raspberry Pi was released, the team behind it has made a number of revisions. The two most recent models feature different central processing units and different memory capacities. They also have support for peripheral devices like keyboards and mice. The latest model has 8GB of RAM and is the highest-end model.

This new 8GB model joins the Raspberry Pi 4 family. It boasts twice the RAM of its closest predecessor, the 1GB model. The 1GB model was discontinued last year, but the 2GB model and 8GB model are now priced the same. The 8GB variant is a result of the technology shift in recent years.


Raspberry Pi single board computers are capable of connecting to Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth is a widely used protocol for communication. Bluetooth-enabled devices can be used to transfer files to other devices. To connect your Raspberry Pi to a Bluetooth device, open the Bluetooth Manager window and follow the instructions provided.

Bluetooth is an optional feature and is available on the latest models of the Raspberry Pi. The earliest models of the Raspberry Pi didn't come with it. The Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced the feature with all Pi 3 models and then added it with the Pi 4 Model B. Moreover, future models are expected to come with both Bluetooth and WiFi.

After installing the required packages, reboot your Raspberry Pi to use Bluetooth. It may take some time to complete the installation. Once you're done, you can launch Blueman by selecting the Preferences menu and Bluetooth Manager. It will then show you a list of paired devices and available Bluetooth adapters.

I/O ports

The Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer is a flexible, low-cost computing platform designed to appeal to hobbyists and students of software development. It features 40 3.3 VDC GPIO pins, making it ideal for rapid prototyping and development. In addition to being ideal for hobbies, the Raspberry Pi can be used in many industrial applications, including building automation.

One of the greatest advantages of single-board computers is that they are portable, intuitive, and consume less power than traditional computers. In addition to being affordable, they are also perfect for hardware development, developer applications, debugging, and other types of hacking. This makes them ideal for projects requiring a low-cost computer with a high-performance processor.

Most Raspberry Pi models feature 40-pin headers. These are GPIO pins, which are used for connecting to external electronic components. These pins can be used to turn components on and off, and they can receive data from sensors. For example, you can use an LED to control a motor.

operating system

Choosing the right operating system for Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers is vital to ensuring that your computer can run your chosen program. While Raspbian is a popular choice, you can also use other OSes. Among them is Debian with Raspberry Pi Desktop, which provides the Raspberry Pi OS desktop, along with the recommended software. Debian with Raspberry Pi Desktop is available for both PCs and Apple Macs.

Raspbian is an open-source, free, and open-source operating system that runs on all Raspberry Pi models. This version of Linux has a simplified desktop interface, similar to the Windows desktop, with wallpaper, taskbar, shortcuts, and applications menu. However, instructions are given through text-based line commands. As such, there is a learning curve involved in using the OS. Nevertheless, it is a great choice for Raspberry Pi projects.

Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers can run 64-bit OS. The latest version of the OS supports the Raspberry Pi Zero 2, Pi 3, and Pi 4. Older versions of the Raspberry Pi have a 32-bit chipset. However, if you have a Pi Zero or Pi 2, you can upgrade to the 64-bit version by creating a bootable USB or SD card.

Linux is another popular operating system for Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers. It has excellent compatibility with other PC hardware. Whether you're trying to learn to program or play retro games, Linux is a great option. It also features a large community of developers and regular updates.

What can Raspberry Pi be used for?

Raspberry Pi can be used for a variety of purposes, including learning to code, creating a media center, or using it as a general-purpose computer.

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer that's small enough to fit in your pocket and has numerous capabilities. You can use it for coding projects, setting up a media center, or just using it as a regular computer. With its low price and endless possibilities, Raspberry Pi is perfect for anyone looking to get into computing.

Comparison of parameters of common Raspberry Pi models

This is a common model of Raspberry Pi and detailed hardware data. You can refer to choose the Raspberry Pi Model that suits you.

DATA from:

Which Raspberry Pi should you buy?

Raspberry Pi for beginers: While the Raspberry Pi 4 B is a great choice for general purpose use, if you can spend an extra $20, we recommend getting the 4GB unit.

Raspberry Pi for old games: Not only is the Raspberry Pi 4 B (2GB) powerful enough to run any top simulation platform, but the 3 B and 3 B+ models work just as well with RetroPie - and they're often cheaper.

Raspberry Pi for smart home: The Raspberry Pi Zero W is optimal for numerous home- projectbuilds, such as a security camera that senses motion, an Internet radio, or an air quality sensor with a small temperature display. Its lightweight and compact build make it perfect for these devices; in fact, the Raspberry Pi Zero W usually only uses 200 mAh of power - meaning it can run on batteries for extended periods of time.

Raspberry Pi for network server: Please buy the Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) if you want users to be able to download content without waiting all day. If you have many concurrent users, then the 4GB model will give you some promotion. If you run a huge database on the server, you may benefit from the 8GB model.

Raspberry Pi for robot: The answer to this really depends on the project's level of complexity. If you're just building a basic robot car to drive around your living room, the Pi zero W/WH with GPIO pins attached should do the trick (plus, it allows for wireless control). But if you're wanting to add several sensors or use machine learning, go with the 2 or 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 B.

Raspberry Pi for ai learning: Although the Raspberry Pi 4 B (2GB) model is still usable, you may get more benefits from increased RAM on the 4GB device. The 8GB capacity might be too large for some people, though. You should also think about connecting The Coral USB Accelerator to improve AI performance.

Raspberry Pi for computer: If you're looking to use Raspberry Pi for relatively demanding tasks like web surfing, writing Python programs, or multitasking in the window environment of Raspberry Pi OS, then 4GB is your best bet. The 2GB model can suffice too, but it's easy to go over that amount of RAM if you use a Chromium-based browser and open multiple tabs. 8GB is also an option with Rasberry Pi 4, though with current software it'll be difficult to utilize more than half of that space.

Raspberry Pi for smart wearable devices: Raspberry Pi Zero W is an excellent option because it doesn't use much power, making it easy to transport and hide. Additionally, its low power consumption means you can wear it all day without issue.

Raspberry Pi for video set-top box: With Kodi, you can use popular streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Alternatively, if you have local video files stored on a drive or other device on your home network, you can play them back using Kodi. For the best performance, we recommend the Raspberry Pi 4 B (2GB), which supports video output with a resolution of up to 4K and 802.11ac Wi-Fi/ Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. If you're using an older model Raspberry Pi 3 B or 3 B+, it will also work but won't be able to handle 4K output videos smoothly.

Raspberry Pi for webcam: If you're seeking excellent image quality, rather than just image recognition or motion sensing, then Raspberry Pi can also be your PC's webcam. If that's the case, Pi Zero or Zero W is likely your best bet because they can connect to your PC via USB with little-to-no delay between the two devices. Plus, if you want subjects of your photos to look their very best, consider investing in a high-quality camera module for Raspberry Pi--it'll work onPi 0 too but if you anticipate taking 12-MP pictures often opt for larger memory capacities foundin 3 or higher.

Raspberry Pi for gift: If your donee is unfamiliar with the Raspberry Pi, it might be best to gift them a kit. The Canakit's Official Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Desktop Kit contains the development board and all official accessories. It even comes with a printout of the official Raspberry Pi Guide [PDF]. The newer kit with the 8GB RAM is future-oriented, but most users don't need more than 4GB of RAM right now.

what are best Raspberry Pi alternative?

we have examined each of the following Raspberry Pi alternatives in terms of processor, storage and speed. If any one of these qualities is a priority for you, this analysis may help guide your decision on which single-board computer is best for you.

DATA from:

Some FAQs about Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers

What are the benefits of using a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer?

Some of the benefits of using a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer include:

  1. They are affordable: The Raspberry Pi models start at just $25, which is a great price for a computer.
  2. They are versatile: The Raspberry Pi can be used for a variety of purposes, including programming, web development, and gaming.
  3. They are portable: The Raspberry Pi is small and lightweight, so it can be taken with you wherever you go.
  4. They are durable: The Raspberry Pi is built to last and can handle rough treatment.

What are the minimum system requirements for a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer?

The minimum system requirements for a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer are:

  • A micro USB power supply: 5 volts at 1 amp.
  • An HDMI cable: To connect the Raspberry Pi to a display.
  • A keyboard and mouse: To control the Raspberry Pi.
  • 8 GB of storage: This is the minimum amount of storage required to run Raspbian, the official Raspberry Pi operating system.

What does the GPIO pin on Raspberry Pi mean?

GPIO stands for General Purpose Input Output. The GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi can be used to control electronic components like motors, LEDs, and sensors.

What power supply does Raspberry Pi use?

Raspberry Pi uses a micro-USB power supply. Most cell phone chargers will work.


The Raspberry Pi alternatives we’ve looked at in this buying guide all have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Hopefully, by considering the different factors that are important to you, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which single-board computer is best for your needs. Stay tuned for more content from our team, where we will continue to explore the world of single-board computing!

Round Up of the Best Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers (Verified to Buy)

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