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You can be delighted when you’re at the party when you see a variety of snacks or food items available. However, it is usually not pleasant when you don’t get to have the opportunity to get a taste of all of them. A party mix will afford you the opportunity to get serviced different varieties of snacks at a go. This will enable you to have a feel of the different menu items and have enough fun that you desire.

Party mix is regarded as a snack mix that is served at either social gatherings or parties. It is a way to get people to eat a mixture of different snacks such as pretzels, nuts, etc. With a party mix, you’re not only able to enjoy satisfaction, but you also enjoy some health benefits as well.

In case you need to get a party mix when next you go shopping but you’re confused on how to go about it, we’ve provided some useful tips that will help you.

Our Party Mix ranking is based on our detailed evaluation of 535 Party Mix products and analysis of over 167428 consumer satisfaction reviews. We have come up with the 26 best Party Mix you might be interested in and rated them on factors such as safety, sodium, content price, expiration date.

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Utz Pub Mix - 44 Ounce Barrel - Savory Snack Mix, Blend of Crunchy Flavors fo...

CPR Score
Top 2

Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack, OREO Mini, CHIPS AHOY! Mini, Teddy Graha...

CPR Score
Top 3

Annie's Homegrown Organic, Snack Variety Pack, Cheddar Bunnies and Bunny Grah...

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The Best Party Mix Rated by CherryPicks

Market Overview
Party Mix Reviewed
  • Reviews Analyzed: 167,428 Items
  • CPR Avg. Rating: 8.5 / 10
26 Products Evaluated
  • Highest Price: $69.99
  • Lowest Price: $4.72
  • Avg. Price: $21.12
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Top 26 Party Mix on Amazon (Verified You can Buy)

Top 1

Utz Pub Mix - 44 Ounce Barrel - Savory Snack Mix, Blend of Crunchy Flavors for a Tasty Party Snack - Resealable Container - Cholesterol Free and Trans-Fat Free

12.0 x 6.0 x 6.0 Inches
2.75 Pounds

Ratings for Utz (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
EDRYA 2,367
Bigbrownboxcompany -


SAVORY FLAVORS – The Utz Pub Mix Barrel features a savory blend of honey mustard twistix, cheddar cheese twistix, honey mustard sesame chips, oriental rice crackers, pretzel stix, nacho bagel chips, and Worcestershire rye chips.
PARTY SNACKS – The combination of yummy flavors makes this the perfect party snack mix. Utz Pub Mix is easy and quick to prepare – all you have to do is put it in a bowl and you’ll have a blend of savory, crunchy flavors.
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Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack, OREO Mini, CHIPS AHOY! Mini, Teddy Grahams Honey & Barnum's Animal Crackers, 30 Snack Packs

7.3228 x 9.0 x 8.9 Inches
1.875 Pounds

Ratings for Variety (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Victorycat -


One 30 count Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack, 8 OREO Mini, 8 CHIPS AHOY. Mini, 7 Teddy Grahams, 7 Honey and Barnum's Animal Crackers (packaging may vary)
Enjoy bite-sized versions of your favorite sweet snacks in their classic flavors
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Top 3

Annie's Homegrown Organic, Snack Variety Pack, Cheddar Bunnies and Bunny Grahams, 1 oz, 36 ct

9.7 x 9.5 x 6.67 Inches
2.25 Pounds

Ratings for Annie’s (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Duo Shippers LLC -
Evergreen Shippers LLC -


QUICK & CONVENIENT SNACK: Includes 2 of our most popular delicious and non-GMO products: Cheddar Bunnies and Bunny Grahams
MADE WITH GOODNESS: Annie's Bunny Snacks Favorites contains no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives.
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Top 4

The Original Chex Party Mix Seasoning- Pack of 12-.62 Oz Packets

0.3 Pounds

Ratings for Chex (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Agendum Co. -
Lake Edge, LLC -
MKHUS Products -
PNW Adventure Seekers -
JTS Sales, LLC -


The Original Chex Party Mix Seasoning. Multi-Pack of 12 packets.
Net weight of each packet is 0.62 ounces (17.5 grams).
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Top 5

Anna and Sarah Narrow Sesame Sticks in Resealable Bag, 2 Lbs (1 Pack)

Anna and Sarah
2.0 Pounds

Ratings for Anna and Sarah (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
TheNewMall 190
JNJ Brands Inc 576


NARROW SESAME STICKS: Narrow sesame sticks. Crunchy and always fresh taste.
HEALTHIER CHOICE: Delicious and healthier snacks. Great for snacking and dipping. You will love and get addicted to them!
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Top 6

Yupik Sesame Sticks, Salted, 2.2 lb

2.2 Pounds

Ratings for Yupik (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Small, savory crackers made with sesame seeds
A delicious, crunchy snack
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Top 7

Friskies Party Mix (2 Pack/20 Oz Net Wt 40 Oz)

6.0 x 6.0 x 8.0 Inches
2.5 Pounds

Ratings for Friskies (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Household Trends 1,309
Tiger Health 353
BlueChip Express Deals -
Monster Pets 88
Petlewa 1,758
The Federation Group 8,974


Crunchy texture helps clean her teeth
Less than 2 calories per treat for guilt-free snacking
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Perfection Snacks Gluten Free Snack Mix (Original, 0.6oz / 22ct)

Perfection Snacks
0.0375 Pounds

Ratings for Perfection Snacks (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Pretzel Perfection 9,811


Individual pack 0.6oz sized version of our popular Snack Mix contains Pretzel Twists, Cheese Curls and Cheddar Tortilla Chips (this version size does not contain Seasoned Bread Sticks)
Delicious snack the whole family will enjoy, perfect for lunches, kids, adults, work, travel, bulk snacks to grab and go
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Top 9

Gardetto's Original Recipe Snack Mix 1.75 oz. (42 ct.)

Europe Standard
5.0 Pounds

Ratings for Europe Standard (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
MPCCSupplies -
Maximilian Lucian Bulai -
Ajatoishop -
Top 10

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Snack Mix, 7 oz (Pack of 10)

Chex Mix
5.75 x 1.5 x 8.25 Inches
0.4375 Pounds

Ratings for Chex Mix (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


CHEX MIX: Muddy Buddies Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chex Mix features crispy corn Chex pieces in a chocolate peanut butter coating topped with a sweet powdery finish
GREAT TASTE: Muddy Buddies are the irresistible combination of sweet, powdery smooth and crunchy Crispy corn Chex pieces topped with a Peanut Butter and Chocolate coating; Made with natural and artificially flavored ingredients
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Top 11

Annie's Organic Cheddar Snack Mix With Assorted Crackers and Pretzels, 9 oz.

2.25 x 6.44 x 7.75 Inches
0.5625 Pounds

Ratings for Annie’s (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Ship Gl🌎beX -
Gem Bros -


BUNNY SNACK MIX: Snack mix with cheddar crackers, pretzels, breadsticks and buttery crackers in a cheddar seasoning
WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: No artificial flavors or synthetic colors
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Top 12

Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels, Variety Pack of 100 Calorie Individual Packs, 22 Ct (Pack of 4)

Snyder's of Hanover
16.25 x 13.14 x 10.75 Inches
4.95 Pounds

Ratings for Snyder's of Hanover (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Variety pack: includes 9 bags of snaps, 9 bags of minis and 4 bags of sticks
100 calorie individual packs of pretzels: single-serve bags are just 100 calories and perfect for stocking up your office, school, or pantry
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Top 13

Chex Mix Classics Snack Mix, 1.75 Ounce (Pack of 30)

4.1 Pounds

Ratings for Chex (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Arzuq Grocers and More 2,336
Shoppingallover -
Spicy Products LLC 4,099
Lat Depot LLC -
Azzle Mart -


Loaded with fun, flavorful shapes of Chex, Pretzels, breadsticks and more
Endless taste and texture combinations make it the perfect
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Top 14

Chex Mix Traditional Snack Mix, 1.75 oz, 10 count

Chex Mix
0.1094 Pounds

Ratings for Chex Mix (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
TheNewMall 190
OnlineSellingPartner 2,958
Top 15

Product of Chex Mix Traditional Snack Mix (42 ct.) - [Bulk Savings]

Product of Chex Mix

Ratings for Product of Chex Mix (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Ali-Mohamed -
Venture_Bliss -
Best Easy Shopping -
Richmond Wholsale -
Mady Lifestyle -
stellaR -


Great for convenience stores and concession stands
Top 16

Hapi Mixed Crackers, 6-Ounce Tins (Pack of 4)

7.0866 x 7.874 x 6.6929 Inches
0.3748 Pounds
  • Ingredients: English

Ratings for HAPI (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Kaizen8 199
First SuperMarket 8,991
ProProcessors -


Original party mix
Enjoy different flavors and textures at the same time
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Top 17

CORN NUTS Chile Picante con Limon Crunchy Corn Kernels Snack, 4 Ounce Bag (Pack of 12)

Corn Nuts
5.625 x 9.562 x 8.75 Inches
3.46 Pounds

Ratings for Corn Nuts (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Universal Products 18 -


One 4 oz. bag of Corn Nuts Chile Picante Con Limon Crunchy Corn Kernels
Roasted corn kernels seasoned with garlic, paprika and onion, plus zesty citrus flavor
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Top 18

Snack Chest Snacks Care Package Gift Assortment Sampler Mixed Bars, Cookies, Chips, Candy for Office, Military, College, Meetings, Schools, Friends & Family (100 Count)

Snack Chest
0.0469 Pounds

Ratings for Snack Chest (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Snack Chest -


Snack Chest Bulk Sampler includes an assortment of 100 savory snacks chips, cookies and candy
Perfect care package gift to send to friends and family in the military, at camp, at school or to use for party favors or Halloween treats.
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Top 19

Chex Mix - Chocolate Turtle (Pack of 2)


Ratings for Chex (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Woody's World 9,896
As You Wish Inc -
DaileysDeals -
Top 20

Chex Mix Traditional Snack Mix, Original, 40 Ounce (Pack of 3)

2.5 Pounds

Ratings for Chex (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Uniquebrand LLC -
Snacks and More -
Wanz styles -
mman3000 -
FJ Marketing LLC -


60% less fat
Top 21

Sahale Snacks Bean + Nut Snack Mix Variety Pack, 4 Ounces (Pack of 6)

Sahale Snacks
0.25 Pounds

Ratings for Sahale Snacks (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Holy-Box -


Contains 6- 4 Ounce Resealable Pouch of Sahale Snacks Bean and Nut Snack Mix
Creole flavor includes roasted chickpeas, fava beans, dry-roasted pecans and peanuts, pepitas, crisped brown rice, and diced red bell pepper for a bold, vibrant taste
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Top 22

The Good Bean Chickpeas Snacks Grab & Go, Sea Salt, 1.4 Ounce, (Pack of 10)

The Good Bean
0.0875 Pounds

Ratings for The Good Bean (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Sea Salt is our classic, our HG, our numero uno!
Gently roasted chickpeas are sprinkled with just enough sea salt to allow the warm nutty flavors of the beans to shine through
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Top 23

BEER NUTS Original Bar Mix - Crunchy Party Pretzels, Cheese Sticks, Sesame Sticks, Roasted Corn Nuts, & Original Roasted Salty & Sweet Glazed Peanuts - Snack Chips Alternative - 32oz Resealable Bag

2.0 Pounds

Ratings for BEER NUTS (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
OurPantryShop 267
Snackur 8,584
TheLionGroup 1,121
bargainoutlet2011 -
Amabay LLC -


Dream Team of Snacks - This snack variety is great for adults and kids. Our pub mix has crunchy pretzels, sweet and salty roasted peanuts, nacho cheese sticks, BBQ insane grains, hot and spicy sesame sticks, roasted corn nuts, and honey mustard sticks making the ultimate snack mix.
Not Your Average Trail Mix - These savory pantry snacks are a flavorful blend of sweet salty snacks that are sure to be a crowd pleaser at any event. Leave those vending machine snacks alone, and say hello to high quality ingredients freshly packaged in a resealable jar that you can pack into your lunchbox or backpack. A healthy helping of gourmet pretzels, nuts, and spice, your taste buds will love this Beer Nuts bar mix.
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Top 24

Trail Mix

11.1 x 6.2 x 3.5 Inches
3.0 Pounds

Ratings for Kar's (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
AllyDayi 411
Trendi USA -
zee bounty -
Quick-E-Mart -


Sweet ‘n Salty Mix
Top 25

SweetGourmet Narrow Salted Sesame Sticks | 2 Pounds

2.0 Pounds

Ratings for SweetGourmet (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
SweetGourmet 1,145


Narrow Sesame Sticks are fresh, crunchy and salted.
Country of Origin: United States. Distributed and Repackaged by SweetGourmet PA 19440
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Top 26

FERIDIES Honey Cheddar 5 O'Clock Crunch Snack Mix 28oz Vacuum Sealed tin

6.0 x 5.0 x 6.0 Inches
1.75 Pounds

Ratings for FERIDIES (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping


SUPERIOR QUALITY - FERIDIES Virginia Peanuts are cooked in pure peanut oil and lightly salted to maintain the peanuts distinctive flavor and healthy qualities.
THE NATURAL CHOICE - Our peanuts contain No Preservatives, No Cholesterol, and No Trans Fat making it a great choice for the healthy minded individual. Peanuts are also a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals which are essential for good health.
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Selecting the Best Party Mix to Share with Your Friends

Benefits of party mix

Just like every product that you have reviewed earlier, party mix has a handful of health benefits and you'll be doing yourself a great deal of good so understand his benefits to make your purchase worth it. Read on to know what benefits party mix has for every consumption.

  • Regulated Blood: Serving party mix will provide you with about 4% of your daily requirement of potassium and also a good amount to help you get rid of the negative effect of excess sodium in your blood which could result in hypertension.
  • Better Digestion: Serving yourself 2 oz of party mix will provide you with a sufficient amount of fibre of about 13% of your daily recommendation. This quantity of fibre is adequate to help you sustain proper digestion.
  • Enhances Blood Formation: Iron is essential because it is needed for the formation of red blood cells in your body. Consuming party mix you supply your body with just enough iron to prevent you from having anaemia which is a life-threatening disease that results from the low iron content in the blood.
  • Boosts The Immune System: One other thing that the consumption of party mix helps you out with is to boost your immune system. The music term is known to combat antigens and other toxins that I'm taking into the food we eat and the water that we drink.

What to consider before buying a party mix

If you wish to buy a party mix, you need to consider the following factors. This will help you make the right choice and enjoy its maximum benefits.

Ensure it is safely produced

Not all manufacturers follow the same good manufacturing practice if you would largely benefit from this snack, ensure it is properly manufactured. This may take you hours to investigate a particular product and not its source before actually paying for it. The moment you are sure that the party mix is simply produced with no harmful additives then you can proceed to the next requirements before making a purchase.

Sodium Content

Just so you know excessive sodium in the body can hike your blood pressure in little or no time at all. Party mix is associated with some level of salt which we should watch out for. Seek the consent of your doctor to be sure you're able to consume a certain level of sodium before you order a party mix.


Price is one of the factors that cannot be overlooked in this situation. Take the liberty to try out different stores physically and online, compare the prices and see what suits your budget best. At this point, you may be left to use your discretion in picking what works for your budget.

However, when checking for the party mix that will fit into your budget, don't forget about quality. It is important that you go after quality to avoid a case of having regrets in the long run.

Expiration date

In the same way, you asked for your warranty when purchasing expensive products. You should also look out for the expiry date of the party mix before making payment. The shelf life of the Snack you are about to purchase will help you plan towards the consumption.

Buying a party mix can be stressful when you don’t have the right information. In this guide, you’ve been provided with the right information to enable you to make a good decision the next time you wish to buy a party mix.

Top 10 Party Mix Sellers: CPR Seller Rank List

CPR sellers rank is based on CherryPicks-AI bestselling ranking system that helps us analyze each seller's sales trends. The List of top seller ranks is our in-house data, essential for our product ranking to help you make the right shopping choice.

Rank Name Yearly Feedbacks Avg. Ratings
🥇 Monster Pets 13,636 4.9
🥈 Preferred Pharmacy Plus 10,794 4.9
🥉 TheNewMall 8,974 4.9
4 Kaizen8 8,754 4.9
5 OurPantryShop 7,505 4.9
6 Terrific Deal, Inc. 6,845 4.9
7 Tiger Health 6,259 4.9
8 AllyDayi 5,655 4.6
9 JNJ Brands Inc 4,515 4.9
10 TheLionGroup 2,959 4.9
View or download top Party Mix seller & rating report
Monster Pets [13636] Preferred Pharmacy Plus [10794] TheNewMall [8974] Kaizen8 [8754] OurPantryShop [7505] Terrific Deal, Inc. [6845] Tiger Health [6259] AllyDayi [5655] JNJ Brands Inc [4515] TheLionGroup [2959] Monster Pets 18% Preferred Pharmacy Plus 14% TheNewMall 12% Kaizen8 12% OurPantryShop 10% Terrific Deal, Inc. 9% Tiger Health 8% AllyDayi 7% JNJ Brands Inc 6% TheLionGroup 4%

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Now hundreds and thousands of Snack Foods, Snacks & Sweets supplies are available on Amazon, Picking the right one is not easy, and that may take a lot of your time, Right? and What is the best Party Mix to buy for new March 2024?

CherryPicks’s Methodology for Evaluating Party Mix

We developed the CherryRatings-AI system to identify and score reviews and the CherryPicks-AI ranking system that uses TensorFlow framework to generate the best list, It will help us evaluate Snack Foods, Snacks & Sweets items that sell on Amazon. The score of items is based on over ten parameters such as analyzing customer review content, product reviewing rating statistics, brand reputation evaluation, comparing product price with features, etc, You can visit How We Rank to learn more in detail.

We collected and analyzed 535 of Party Mix reviews based on our selection criteria. It helped us shortlist the top qualified and rated Party Mix for Snack Foods, Snacks & Sweets, We found that most customers choose Party Mix with an average price of $21.12, and the top brands are Annie’s, Sahale Snacks, Utz, Snyder's of Hanover, Anna and Sarah, Catalina Crunch, Kar's, Europe Standard, Yupik, Corn Nuts, BEER NUTS, HAPI, The Good Bean, Chex, FERIDIES, Chex Mix, Perfection Snacks, Snack Chest, General Mills, Product of Chex Mix, SweetGourmet, Friskies And Variety. 

Then our expert-level editors reviewed all those quality items and selected the top 26 Party Mix for you, We have researched hundreds of sellers and picked the top sellers for Snack Foods, Snacks & Sweets, including Monster Pets, Preferred Pharmacy Plus, TheNewMall, Kaizen8, OurPantryShop, Terrific Deal, Inc., Tiger Health, AllyDayi, JNJ Brands Inc, TheLionGroup, SweetGourmet And Household Trends. The Utz Pub Mix - 44 Ounce Barrel - Savory Snack Mi... are available for purchase right now, and The seller of #1 rank product has received honest feedback from 23,752 consumers with an average rating of 4.4.

We've helped a lot of satisfied users get the right Grocery & Gourmet Food product based on their needs, and save lots of time for them to pick Party Mix to buy.

Written By Yesenia D. Garner

Yesenia has a thing for groceries and gourmet foods and with her, you can discover a lot about groceries you didn't know of before. Yesenia pays attention to details and can be termed as a perfectionist to the core. She writes on groceries and food in general here.