Best Handheld Legacy Game Systems (June 2024) - Rated by CherryPicks' Experts

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Atari Flashback Portable Console (80 Games Included)

CPR Score
Top 2

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Nintendo DS

CPR Score
Top 3

Nintendo 2DS - Crimson Red

CPR Score

Our team has analyzed 7 products of different brands, including Nintendo, Capcom, ACTIVISION, Tomee And At Games. The following list of top 6 best Handheld Legacy Game Systems is selected for the customers by analyzing and comparing different features.

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The Best Handheld Legacy Game Systems Rated by CherryPicks

Market Overview
Handheld Legacy Game Systems Reviewed
  • Reviews Analyzed: 8,119 Items
  • CPR Avg. Rating: 9.6 / 10
6 Products Evaluated
  • Highest Price: $399.00
  • Lowest Price: $0.19
  • Avg. Price: $110.20
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Top 6 Handheld Legacy Game Systems on Amazon (Verified You can Buy)

Atari Flashback Portable Console (80 Games Included)

At Games
6.9291 x 2.1654 x 10.3937 Inches
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for At Games (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Clic Prime 2,981
ROSE deals -

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Nintendo DS

5.315 x 0.7874 x 4.8031 Inches
0.05 Pounds
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for Nintendo (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
DealTavern USA 1,598
6mgames -
YtseGames -
Baby-Dragons-Den -


A large cast of eccentric non-player characters, as well as an invocative soundtrack designed to match the varied game environments and gameplay
More than 165 new puzzles weave seamlessly into the storyline, challenging player with fun, brain-teasing logic puzzles and riddles, and even new types of puzzles
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Nintendo 2DS - Crimson Red

5.67 x 0.8 x 5.0 Inches
0.51 Pounds
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for Nintendo (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Delaware 4,668
Taco Gaming Center -
Gamer Girlz Online 8,772
NaHaGaming -


USB Input: Not Available
HDMI Output: Not Available
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Guitar Hero:On Tour Software Only - Nintendo DS

0.63 x 5.46 x 6.49 Inches
0.15 Pounds
  • Production Company: Activision Inc
  • Published: English

Ratings for ACTIVISION (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
DealTavern USA 1,598
Amazing Sales Fast -
GameSwift -
SavySnags -
GenZPicker -


Select from six characters, decking them out with stylish threads and hot guitars earned through success in the in-game venue circuit.
Use the innovative Guitar Hero DS guitar grip peripheral and pick-stylus (both sold separately) to strum the touch-activated screen to rock out on the go.
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Top 5

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations - Nintendo DS

4.75 x 5.25 x 0.5 Inches
0.01 Pounds
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for Capcom (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
DealTavern USA 1,598
6mgames -
Gamer Girlz Online 8,772


Play from the first person perspective through five intriguing new cases. Play as two lawyers - relive Mia's rookie days from the past and Phoenix's current cases in the present.
Colorful cast of characters: Phoenix Wright - the game's main character who is an accomplished defense lawyer with a keen sense for discerning fact from fiction. Maya Fey - a bright young girl; Mia Fey - an ace attorney.
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Nintendo Nintendo 2DS-Crimson Red 2 w/Mario Kart 7 - Nintendo 2DS

1.5669 x 8.3071 x 5.3543 Inches
1.1 Pounds
  • Unknown: English
  • Unknown: Spanish

Ratings for Nintendo (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
CaveGamers 7,597
eDoves 4,927
Save Sum LLC -


Play all games, both Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, in 2D.
Connect with friends, other players, and wireless hotspots using the wireless StreetPass and SpotPass communication modes to unlock exclusive content for games and download other entertainment.
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Top 6 Handheld Legacy Game Systems - Verified to Buy (Apr. 2024)

Top 4 Handheld Legacy Game Systems Brands on Amazon

Here is the list of top-rated brands that were evaluated by CherryPicks.

  • At Games
  • Nintendo
  • Capcom

Top 10 Handheld Legacy Game Systems Sellers: CPR Seller Rank List

CPR sellers rank is based on CherryPicks-AI bestselling ranking system that helps us analyze each seller's sales trends. The List of top seller ranks is our in-house data, essential for our product ranking to help you make the right shopping choice.

Rank Name Yearly Feedbacks Avg. Ratings
🥇 DealTavern USA 2,358 4.8
🥈 Clic Prime 1,521 5.0
🥉 NaHaGaming 1,120 4.7
4 Delaware 1,093 4.9
5 eDoves 1,050 4.9
6 CaveGamers 747 4.9
7 Gamer Girlz Online 660 4.8
8 385 4.7
9 GameSwift 182 4.8
10 Amazing Sales Fast 161 4.8
View or download top Handheld Legacy Game Systems seller & rating report
DealTavern USA [2358] Clic Prime [1521] NaHaGaming [1120] Delaware [1093] eDoves [1050] CaveGamers [747] Gamer Girlz Online [660] [385] GameSwift [182] Amazing Sales Fast [161] DealTavern USA 25% Clic Prime 16% NaHaGaming 12% Delaware 12% eDoves 11% CaveGamers 8% Gamer Girlz Online 7% 4% GameSwift 2% Amazing Sales Fast 2%

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Now hundreds and thousands of More Systems supplies are available on Amazon, Picking the right one is not easy, and that may take a lot of your time, Right? and What is the best Handheld Legacy Game Systems to buy for new June 2024?

CherryPicks’s Methodology for Evaluating Handheld Legacy Game Systems

We developed the CherryRatings-AI system to identify and score reviews and the CherryPicks-AI ranking system that uses TensorFlow framework to generate the best list, It will help us evaluate More Systems items that sell on Amazon. The score of items is based on over ten parameters such as analyzing customer review content, product reviewing rating statistics, brand reputation evaluation, comparing product price with features, etc, You can visit How We Rank to learn more in detail.

We collected and analyzed 7 of Handheld Legacy Game Systems reviews based on our selection criteria. It helped us shortlist the top qualified and rated Handheld Legacy Game Systems for More Systems, We found that most customers choose Handheld Legacy Game Systems with an average price of $110.20, and the top brands are Nintendo, Capcom, ACTIVISION, Tomee And At Games

Then our expert-level editors reviewed all those quality items and selected the top 6 Handheld Legacy Game Systems for you, We have researched hundreds of sellers and picked the top sellers for More Systems, including DealTavern USA, Clic Prime, Delaware, eDoves, CaveGamers, Gamer Girlz Online,, GameSwift, Amazing Sales Fast, ROSE deals, J&S-VGS And Baby-Dragons-Den. The Atari Flashback Portable Console (80 Games Incl... are available for purchase right now, and The seller of #1 rank product has received honest feedback from 228 consumers with an average rating of 3.9.

We've helped a lot of satisfied users get the right Video Games product based on their needs, and save lots of time for them to pick Handheld Legacy Game Systems to buy.

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