Why Is Amazon Expensive? (Something You Care Deeply About)

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Discover the reasons behind the high cost of products on Amazon and learn about factors. Get a comprehensive understanding of Amazon's pricing strategy.

Amazon is the number one online retail store in the US, with a market share of 37.8% of the overall e-commerce market. The store prides itself on providing its customers with high-quality products, good customer service, and low prices. It has been the go-to place for deals and discounts.

However, of late, item prices have increased due to several reasons. The article will give you all the information on why Amazon is expensive.

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What Makes Amazon Expensive?

Amazon item prices have immensely increased due to numerous reasons. These reasons include the following;

Why Is Amazon Prime Expensive?

The high cost of Amazon Prime subscription is because of an expansion in prime benefits. The company has been spending more on expanding Amazon Prime services. They can now air Thursday night football, investing in original streaming of content such as the boys, Lord of the Rings, and wheel of time. This investment cost the company about $500 million.

Amazon increased their subscription prices in 2022 for US consumers from $119 to $139 per for an annual subscription and monthly subscription from $12 to $14.99. The student membership also increased to $7.49 for a monthly subscription and $69 for an annual subscription.

Furthermore, the company has improved its same-day delivery, launched more benefits like pharmacy delivery and delivery of groceries, and improved its podcast library.

What Do You Get from Amazon Prime?

1. Fast Delivery

With the increased price of Amazon, customers can now enjoy one-day delivery on their ordered items. You only need to filter and get it tomorrow, and you will receive what you have ordered the next day.

Prime members can also receive their groceries in 2 hours, depending on their location, if they order from the whole food market.

If you are ordering multiple things in a week, Amazon allows you to choose when all the items can be delivered at once.

2. Exclusive Deals

Amazon has a two-day deal extravaganza every year when prime subscribers get exclusive discounts on electronics, kitchen appliances, and other products.

They also have discounts for prime members who buy groceries at whole foods. They can save up to 10% in in-store shopping.

3. Video Streaming

With prime video, Amazon offers a robust of movies to its prime subscribers. From the marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Lord of the Rings, and Thursday night football to many other programs exclusive to its subscribers.

4. Pharmacy and Prescription Services

Even medicine prescription is included in the benefits enjoyed by prime members. Amazon Prime Rx is a discount program focussing on prime members who do not have insurance or those who will save by using the discount instead of using their insurance plan.

They can save up to 80% of the total price when they pay without insurance in more than 60000 pharmacies partnered with Amazon. Besides, they receive free two-day shipping on medicines.

Unfortunately, this service is unavailable for those living in Minnesota, Kentucky, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Illinois.

5. Unlimited Reading

Prime members can also access an unlimited number of books of comics and biography fiction stories on kindle at no extra cost.

Amazon Prices Compared to Other Online Stores

Amazon Prices Compared to Target

When you compare overall prices between Amazon and target, you will find that target is more expensive than amazon.com. A study by LendEDU found that target prices were 0.97 % higher than item prices on Amazon.

In-home goods target was more expensive by 1.30% than Amazon on the eight items prices they compared.

Another category was kitchen items. Here, Target was still more expensive than Amazon, with 1.17%. Kitchen appliances include any item that you can find in the kitchen.

The technology category included anything technology-related such as Xbox, GoPro, and JBL speakers. Target was more expansive by 1.03% when compared to Amazon.

Amazon Prices Compared to Walmart

Walmart is generally cheaper than Amazon research done by LendEDU in 2020 found that Walmart was 1.73 cheaper than Amazon. This is after comparing the prices of 7 seven categories of items.

The categories included kitchen appliances, home goods, miscellaneous and technology, and entertainment. However, Walmart was more expensive than Amazon when buying each item by 5.50%.

Walmart was majorly cheaper on technology and entertainment. It was cheaper by 4.19%.

Bottom Line

Amazon item prices may have increased just like any other store due to the current inflation and changes in the supply chain that have increased item prices and wages. Besides, the company attributes the increase in prices to spending on new ventures, transport costs, and hiring more labor force. However, the retail store remains the number one online store for high-quality products and good service globally.

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