What Time Does Customer Service Close at Walmart? (And More...)

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Do you have issues with Walmart purchases or need assistance returning a product? Well, the first thing is to understand the customer service opening and closing hours. Keep reading our article and find out when to get Walmart customer service open and when they close.

One thing that helps Walmart maintain its reputation is the long working hours during the day and at night. However, this does not mean that they have customer service open 24/7.

Hence, if you need support services, whether returning the order or cashing a check,  understanding when Walmart customer services close will save you time. The support desk is the first place to consider in case of assistance.

This means before navigating through the nearest Walmart store, it is worth grasping the precise closing hours of the customer service desk. We will break down everything you need to know to understand effectively. Please read along to the end.

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What Time Does Customer Service Close at Walmart?

The customer service desk at Walmart typically closes at 10:00 PM, but this can vary depending on the location and whether the store operates 24 hours a day. Some sources suggest that customer service at Walmart can close anywhere between 8 PM and 11 PM. Additionally, during holidays or special events, the store may have adjusted hours.

If you want to learn more about the Walmart customer service desk and when they close, along with other related information, keep reading the article. We are just getting started with the FAQ section.

Hours of Walmart Service Desk Near You

As mentioned, the nearest Walmart customer service desk typically opens at 8 am. And in line with the store hours, they usually close at 8 or 10 pm. If you have any issues, there is much time to move in and resolve the return and questions.

However, the operation hours from one location to another differ from store to store. Use the store finder and inquire more about their working hours based on the local time. But even if they are closed, any staff present when you alert them can quickly help you.

Services Offered By the Walmart Customer Service Desk

The customer service desk at Walmart provides clients with many concerns. Hence, there are many services they guarantee to provide you with.

What Should Customers Do When Walmart Service Desk Is Closed?

In rare cases, the Walmart customer service desk is not managed. In such a situation, you can still use many other options. But first, get any associates in the store and let them guide you or help with your concerns.

But when it is outside operating hours, and you still need urgent help, there are other means. On the contrary, you might be at home and wish to contact the Walmart support team about a particular issue. This section will give you alternative means to get your problem sorted.

First of all, count on the call center. The store has an unmatched customer call center to help you. Therefore, you can contact the support team at 1-800-925-6278. Customers must contact the local store using the corporate number to get connected. Please search for your local store's support number and call them. However, the call center might be busy when they fail to respond, so that you can proceed with the second option.

Use the Walmart mobile application. Walmart has a bot to help you through the app besides automated services. With the standard queries, the bot will address all your concerns, but when the question is complex, it will connect you to the available representative through the chat section.

Any associate available in the store has enough training and knowledge to help you with any concern. Get in contact with them, and sure enough, they will help. Still, from the Walmart website, there is a live chat button. This chat feature redirects you to the agent available to address the concern even when you are at home. But you must have a Walmart account to get this service.

At What Time Does Walmart Store Close?

The Walmart stores based in America reportedly open at 7 am and then at 10 pm. They are also exceptional here. Some stores tend to operate until 11 pm.

Still, the store operates through regular hours, even on holidays like New Year's Day, public bank holidays, Boxing Day, and Sunday. However, they remain closed on Christmas Day. In contrast, on Christmas Eve, they usually close at 6 pm.

At What Time Does Walmart Close Other Services?

Walmart is a profound home with a variety of products as well as vital services. Therefore, the stores have convenient working hours. Their auto care center is open from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Sunday. This gives dedicated customers a lot of time to seek support where necessary. Their working schedule is well known.

Regarding the money center, the office opens at 8 am and closes at 8 pm. This starts from Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, they open at 10 am and close at 6 pm. Walmart pharmacy services are open from 9 am through 7 pm, Monday to Saturday. They are typically available at 10 am and close at 6 pm on Sunday.


The Walmart service desk is an ideal section for addressing all customer issues. In the above article, we have seen that the customer service desk opens at 7 am or 8 am, closes at 8 pm, and the other begins at 10 or 11 pm. There is always a time difference due to timezone and location. However, when the service desk is closed, alternative approaches exist to get support services online by email, call centers, and live chat. Grab these customer service desk working hours and avoid inappropriate visits, though any associate in the store can help you.

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