What is Audible Narration? (How to Use, Cost, and More)

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Uncover the power of listening, as words come alive through skilled narrators, offering an enchanting alternative to reading. Delve into the magic of Audible Narration and unleash your imagination with every spoken word.

Books have long been considered a reliable source of information and entertainment. Amazon has made it easy for bookworms to find and buy their desired books. Through the Kindle Store, you can buy both new and used books, ebooks, or audiobooks. While most people used only to read books, listening to them is becoming the new norm. 

Listening to the audio version of a book can be more immersive and enjoyable as it makes the story come alive. That's why Amazon offers Audible Narration with many of its ebooks. If you're wondering what Audible Narration is, keep reading this article to find out more.

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What Is Audible Narration?

Audible Narration is the audio version of Amazon's Kindle books. While it's the same audio you get when purchasing audiobooks, they are available at a discounted rate when buying a Kindle ebook. Therefore, Amazon Kindle Narration is a much better deal when you would like to enjoy listening to Prime Reading books. Unfortunately, Audible Narration is not available on all books on Amazon. You should look for books with the Audible Narration Ready feature to listen to them.

How Does Amazon Kindle Narration Work?

When you purchase a supported ebook, you can upgrade and buy its audio version. Adding the narration option will give you the same audio as the audiobook or the Audible version.

Therefore, Amazon Audible Narration works the same way as it would on any other audiobook. Amazon Kindle Narration allows you to seamlessly switch between reading and listening. It uses the Whisper sync for Voice feature, which syncs your reading progression with the audio version enabling you to continue reading from where you left off.

Alternatively, you can also choose to listen while reading. Amazon Audible Narration is an amazing feature that allows you to easily read or listen to a book without much hassle.

How to Add Audible Narration to Kindle Books?

Amazon makes it easy for its customers to buy Audible Narration when buying a kindle book. You can take the following steps to get Audible Narration:

You'll get both the Kindle book and Audible Narration at discounted prices.

How to Add Audible Narration to Your Existing Kindle Books?

If you have already purchased ebooks or borrowed them for free through Kindle Unlimited, you can add Audible Narration with only one click. Most of these books have Audible Narration available for purchase. You can, therefore, purchase it by:

This will add the Audio Narration to your already purchased title. You can add Audible Narration to your borrowed Kindle unlimited books by clicking on Add Audible narration on the Kindle app.

You can also buy the audiobook on the Audible or Amazon website. To purchase an audiobook on the Amazon website, Search for it, then click on Buy with One-Click or Buy with Audible Credit.  If you prefer the Audible website, search for the audiobook, then click on Buy for One Credit or Buy for $X.XX. Amazon allows customers to keep any audiobook they purchase even after returning their borrowed Kindle unlimited books.

How Much Does Audible Narration Cost?

The amount of money you'll pay for Audible Narrations depends on the book's age, popularity, and genre. This means that some narrations cost as low as $0.99 or as high as $12.99, depending on your eBook.

However, you should keep in mind that Audible Narration is always cheaper than buying the Narration alone. Therefore, rather than purchasing Audible Narration alone from the Audible website, it's best to buy both the Kindle book and the Narration.

How to Listen to Audible Narrations?

Amazon Kindle Narration is available on a wide range of devices, including iOS and Android phones, Fire tablets, Alexa devices, Kindle Touch, and Kindle Keyboard through the free Kindle App and Audible's free listening app. You can enjoy Audible Narrations by taking the following steps:

Audible Narration also includes additional features that allow you to pause the audio, skip ahead, and skip back.

Is Audible Narration the Same as an Audible Audiobook?

While Audible Narrations and Audible Audiobook are presented as different services, they are basically identical. Therefore, you'll still get the same audio whether you use Audible Narration or Audible Audiobook. The only difference between these services is the price.

Audible Narrations are generally cheaper than Audiobooks. Buying the Kindle edition and adding Audible Narration could cost almost half the price of buying an audiobook from Audible. In addition to that, you can also borrow an ebook for free, purchase the Audible Narration, and on returning it, Amazon allows you to keep the audio version.

How to Find Audible Narration Ready Books?

Amazon Prime members have access to Prime Reading, which includes various titles available for free. In most cases, most of these books come with free Audible Narration, which you can download for free. This is also the case when purchasing Kindle ebooks, where you may be lucky to find Audible Narration-ready books.

However, if you're only looking for books with Audible Narration, look for books with the headphone icon. When you see this action and the word Available next to it, you're sure the book has the Audible Narration feature. You can hover over the headphone icon to know the price of adding Audible Narration.


Audible Narration offers a great way of reading and listening to your books. While it's not available in every book, you can easily purchase Audible Narration to get high-quality audio of your favorite books. It is much cheaper than buying audiobooks.

Additionally, if you borrowed a Kindle Unlimited book, Amazon allows you to keep its audio version. We have covered everything. After reading this article, we hope you've understood everything about Audible Narrations, from what it is to how you can utilize this excellent service.

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