What is Amazon Luna? (How It Works, Channels and Pricing)

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Amazon Luna is a high bandwidth-reliant gaming platform; you need a high-speed internet connection to enjoy it! So, how does Amazon Luna work, and is it worth trying? What are the gaming requirements? Read on to learn more.

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What is Amazon Luna?

Amazon Luna is a cloud-based gaming platform built by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This service lets you stream games directly to your smartphone, PC, or console. You can enjoy the convenience of gaming without having to download, update the gaming app, or even worry about your device's storage capacity.

How Does Amazon Luna Work?

Like other cloud gaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming service, Amazon Luna features a Netflix-of-games-style list of games that falls under a monthly subscription plan. Amazon Luna has a range of channels that you can utilize to unlock extra content from a particular publisher at an extra monthly fee. Presently, Luna has five paid channels that you can check out.

Even though you don't need specific hardware to enjoy Amazon Luna, the company has a dedicated controller for $49.99. This controller has an in-built WiFi receiver that separates it from relying on other internet sources and thus reducing input latency. After all, online gaming requires reliable internet; otherwise, you will lose almost every game.

Therefore, this controller is worth its cost. Luna differentiates itself from other cloud gaming services by offering Luna Couch, which offers a couch co-op mode in the cloud. Provided the host has an active monthly subscription plan, non-paying players can also join and play along.

Amazon Luna Channels and Pricing

Just like Amazon's video streaming channels, Amazon Luna has multiple channels. Initially, this gaming platform only had two channels. Recently, Amazon introduced three extra Amazon Luna channels that Amazon Prime subscribers have free access to a handful of games monthly. Amazon Luna channels include;

Note: Currently, Amazon Luna is only available within the US. There is no communication from the company regarding the worldwide release of the Amazon Luna. Therefore, if you reside outside the USA, you will not have an opportunity to try the Amazon Luna games.

Amazon Luna UK Released

As of the time of writing this post, there is no direct communication from Amazon about Amazon Luna in the UK. This streaming service is still only available for users domiciled in the US.

Amazon Luna Gaming Requirements

Amazon Luna will work well on your Mac or PC through Amazon Fire Tv devices, Safari (for iPhones and iPads), and via standalone clients or Chrome for Android devices. However, don't anticipate enjoying 4K HDR graphics as you would from Google Stadia. Amazon Luna restricts its graphics to 1080p and 60 frames/second.

According to Amazon, the 4K graphics support is coming soon, which will be supported by an internet speed of at least 35Mbps. For internet connectivity, Amazon recommends you use at least 10Mbps when streaming any 1080p over Luna. Besides, your WiFi network should operate at 5GHz. However, you can compromise on resolution and choose the 720p streaming option if you have low bandwidth. The low bandwidth option is ideal for avid gamers playing on limited data bundles.

Use Your Phone as a Controller When Playing Lunar Games

If you own a smart TV or Amazon Fire TV-based device,  you can use your smartphone as a controller when playing lunar games;

However, this type of controller is only ideal for casual games and not for games that require an actual physical controller.

So, Is Amazon Luna Worth it?

Looking at the features of Amazon Luna, some are desirable while others are not:



Overall, Amazon Luna is an exciting streaming game service by Amazon. If you are within the US, you can try it today!


Amazon Luna is a cloud-based streaming service that allows you to stream games directly to your smart TV, console, or PC/macOS. This streaming service comes in different packages at different prices, making it ideal for every avid gamer looking for a new gaming experience.

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