What Is Amazon Day? (Something You Might Be Interested In)

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Prime members, familiar with Amazon's range of delivery options, will find a new addition: Amazon Day. This article covers all essentials about Amazon Day, enriching your understanding of Amazon's delivery services.

If you use Amazon regularly, it always helps to have multiple delivery options at your disposal as you may get caught up with other activities. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you are well aware of the diverse delivery options, which include same-day, one-day, two-day, and two-hour grocery delivery.

Amazon Day is a new delivery option for Prime members. By selecting an Amazon Day, all your orders will be delivered on the same day of the week instead of spreading out over the week. This can be handy if you are only available on select days of the week. If Amazon Day seems like an option worth considering, this post is for you.

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What Is Amazon Day?

As aforementioned, Amazon Day is a delivery option offered by Amazon and should not be confused with Amazon Prime Day—a 48-hour sale on Amazon with deep discounts on thousands of items. Additionally, Amazon Day is only available to Prime members.

If you already have a Prime membership, you’ll be delighted to know that Amazon Day comes as a free perk of the Prime membership. It is, however, important to note that not all products on Amazon are eligible for Amazon Day. You should always double-check your order at checkout to ensure you are ordering using the Amazon Day delivery option.

With Amazon Day, Amazon Prime customers can consolidate their orders into a single shipment by selecting a day during the week when they would prefer to receive their packages rather than receiving them as they become available. This delivery option can be quite handy if you are not always at home to receive the deliveries.

This is even more important if you have multiple deliveries requiring a signature. All products will arrive at the same time, making it easy for you to receive them and provide a signature for all of them. If you are also buying many products on Amazon, perhaps on special offer days such as Amazon Prime Day, you can have all your orders packaged and delivered as one package rather than arriving at different times.

With Amazon Day, you'll be able to anticipate when your packages will come, and they'll arrive together whenever feasible. This cuts down on wasteful packing. Moreover, orders are less vulnerable to theft if you arrange for in-person pickup in advance. If you frequently shop on Amazon, aren't in a rush, and care about environmental sustainability, Amazon Day is a great alternative to have. It's also convenient for those who either like or are required to be home when their deliveries arrive.

How to Use Amazon Day?

If you are a Prime member, you will notice the Amazon Day delivery option below the other Prime delivery options. At the checkout page, click on the “Choose Your Amazon Day” option. A window containing the days of the week will pop up. You can choose any day from Monday to Saturday. Once you choose your preferred day, click “Save and Continue”.

The day will be saved, and all orders you make throughout the week will be delivered on that specific day. You will also get weekly deliveries for free on that day. You can always change your Amazon day at any time. You can also use alternative delivery options for orders you want to arrive sooner or later.

Is Amazon Day Free?

Yes, Amazon Day comes for free as long as you have an Amazon Prime membership. If you do not have a Prime membership, you will need to purchase one for $14.99 a month. If you are a student you get a better offer of $7.49 a month. If you are unsure whether to pay for a Prime membership, you may try out the free trial, which includes all featured perks and privileges, including the option for Amazon Day shipping.

What Other Shipping Options Are Available with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Day is just one of the many delivery options included in Amazon Prime. Other well-liked options include free one-day delivery, which is available for over 20 million products and does not require a minimum purchase, free same-day delivery for daily essentials, and free two-hour delivery for groceries and other essentials.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, Amazon Day is a great add-on that allows you to receive products in a very timely manner. You no longer have to wait for different packages to arrive at different times as all of them can be consolidated into one package and delivered at once. This is a more practical choice, particularly if you need to sign for the products or worry that they might get misplaced or stolen.

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