What Happens When USPS Loses an Amazon Package? (Here's How To Do)

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Having a package go missing after you have waited patiently for its arrival is one of the most infuriating things that can happen. Amazon handles its shipping, but sometimes it does outsource to other providers like USPS when appropriate if you were wondering why Amazon ships with USPS and what happens when USPS loses your Amazon package, continue reading.

If you have a shipment from Amazon that USPS has lost, your first step should be to contact Amazon's customer support. Suppose it has been longer than 36 hours since the estimated delivery time. In that case, a customer service agent may be able to help you trace your product or initiate a replacement or refund. Amazon typically processes refunds within two to three business days. Keep reading to understand what to do if USPS loses your Amazon package.

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What Happens When USPS Loses an Amazon Package?

You can do a few things if USPS was meant to deliver an Amazon shipment but failed to do so.

You will often receive a refund to the same payment method used to purchase the item, or a replacement will be sent to you.

Why Does Amazon Ship with USPS?

Amazon's partnership with USPS is based on the postal service's ability to provide low-cost shipping to various locations. This is due to USPS's organizational requirement to service all addresses inside the United States, including those in the most inaccessible and distant locations, which incur the highest delivery costs. This allows Amazon to reduce its own shipping costs while still delivering to every customer. In case USPS loses your package, what do you do? Read on.

Is It Possible for A Package to Be Marked as Delivered Even Though It Has Not Arrived?

Don't freak out if Amazon says they delivered your package, whereas you have yet to receive it. Amazon suggests double-checking the address, the porch, the garage, and the neighbors to determine if someone accepted the package.

Amazon deliveries may show as delivered up to 48 hours before they arrive, but this only happens in "rare situations." If you are still within that time frame, your order is still in transit and will arrive soon.

After 48 hours, if your Amazon package has not arrived, please get in touch with Amazon, the shipping company, or the third-party seller directly. To whom should You make a phone call? View your shipment's status in the tracking system.

Amazon should be contacted with delivery complaints if the shipment still needs to be received at an Amazon or carrier facility. The third-party seller should be contacted if the package still needs to be received at an Amazon or carrier facility. Keep the order number close to hand; any carrier company will need it for verification.

How to Contact Amazon Regarding a Lost Package

Start your interaction with Amazon at the "Customer Service" page. Click the sort of problem you're having, the impacted order, the order status indicates "delivered", yet it's actually missing, and the fact that you need additional assistance. Select "Start chatting immediately" to communicate with a bot or "Request call now" to speak with a human. If you choose the latter, enter your number and click "Call me now" to have an Amazon representative call you to discuss your delivery issues.

How to Avoid Your Amazon Package Stolen.

If you've had an Amazon delivery stolen off your door, you can take precautions to stop the "porch pirates" from doing it again. As an illustration, think of the Amazon Hub Lockers and Counters that can be found in many different locations across the country. Locate one using the ZIP code lookup, add the address to your Amazon account, and then choose it as the shipping method at checkout. Without a doubt, your package will be delivered to that address; please have the shipping confirmation email with you when you come to pick it up.

How Do I Complain About USPS to Amazon?

There is a temptation to complain to Amazon if USPS has lost your packages multiple times. To do so, call 1-844-311-0406, Amazon's delivery customer service number.

You can reach a representative any time of day or night, and they will listen to your problem and help you find a resolution. You will usually be offered a refund or a replacement for your lost products.

If you're having trouble receiving the package on multiple occasions, you can also contact your local post office. The staff at your local post office may listen to your feedback and adjust how packages are delivered in the future.

What to Do When Your Amazon Order Is Late?

Any Amazon package that arrives after the assured delivery date listed on the order confirmation page may be eligible for a refund. Verify first that the refund standards are met, such as shipment was to be delivered at an acceptable address through an authorized shipping method. After that, please visit the contact page to inform them of the delivery delay.

Formerly, if an Amazon Prime member's package arrived late, they were given a free month of Prime. If your Amazon package arrives late, Amazon will refund your shipping costs. Prime members may also receive a promotional $5 credit to $20, a 20% discount on their Prime membership.

Bottom Line

Every day, the United States Postal Service delivers hundreds of thousands of goods, many of which are from Amazon. If USPS loses your Amazon package, you can wait a few days before contacting Amazon for a refund or a replacement. Amazon has excellent customer service that is always ready to assist. Amazon's shipping customer service number is 1-844-311-0406, which you can use for this purpose.

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