What Does "Offer Phase Ext" Mean for USPS? (Something Important)

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Working for the United States Postal Service has many advantages, such as a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.This is why the competition for jobs with the US Postal Service is so fierce, and the application process takes so long. What does this new Offer Phase Ext entail for job applicants? What's the verdict? Find out what it is by reading on.

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What Does "Offer Phase Ext" mean for USPS?

After a successful interview, the "Offer Phase Ext" is the final step in the hiring process at USPS. If the applicant receives this, they can expect a job offer from the Postal Service and the commencement of their orientation process. It is the next stage after the interview. You can do nothing but wait to hear back about the outcome.

Find out how long this phase can last or does it mean that you've been officially offered the job, and where Offer Phase Ext falls into the hiring process by reading on.

What Is the Hiring Process of USPS?

Here, we'll outline the USPS employment process and show you exactly where Offer Phase Ext fits.

Does USPS Offer Phase Ext Mean You Are Hired?

That's the shortest possible way to put it. That's not it, though; there's more to it. While you wait for your result, USPS will review your screening test results to determine the next steps.

Offer Phase Ext signifies that you have passed the first stages of the employment process. Your orientation letter is in the final stage, according to study-education.com.

To put it another way, USPS will be hired if you make it through the rest of the screening and testing processes. Even if you have Offer Phase Ext status, it could take up to three months to be hired, so be patient.

How Long Does Ext Phase Last?

U.S. Postal Service hiring procedures are slow and arbitrary. If you're in the Offer Phase Ext, getting recruited by USPS could take more than a month. Some believe that the USPS Offer Phase Ext will conclude fast, but this could also take some time. Some aspiring employees have been "stuck" for weeks, while others have been in that phase for months.

It all relies on how meticulous USPS HQ staff are. Therefore, there is no definite time range.

What Should I Do If My Status Stays "Offer Phase EXT?"

Send a reply to the offer phase EXT email with your question, or call the contact number. Visiting the district office where you were interviewed for the position in person is the best option if you are still waiting for someone to respond to your calls and email.

However, not all USPS interviewers return messages left on their voicemails or over email.

What Is on the USPS Exam?

The USPS exam question paper is divided into three parts: most of it asks about your qualifications and for you to share your experience. In the end, the quality of your responses to any given set of questions will determine how seriously they are taken. 70 out of 100 is required to pass.

It's advisable to apply once you have completed all of the necessary preparation for the USPS examination, pay close attention to all of the material, and consult with people who have taken the exam or are already employed by the USPS. Simply using a study guide would suffice.

What Are the Other Online Statuses for USPS?

For more information on USPS application statuses, see the USPS 545 Selection and Extension of Job Offer data table. The other statuses include on the USPS recruitment process include:

Where Can I Check If the USPS Offer Phase EXT Status Has Changed?

Check your candidate profile's "Job Opportunities" area on the USPS applications page. Click the "My Applications" link to check whether your online status has changed.

Which Are the Best Jobs Available at USPS?

This national employer has many job openings. Securing a job at USPS can be simple if you have many skills. Here are the company's main jobs and responsibilities.


Candidates should feel encouraged if they advance to the USPS Offer Phase Ext stage of the hiring process. During this phase, you will wait while USPS does its thing, such as doing your background check and getting your drug test results. The Offer Phase Ext could continue for up to three months, so use this time to prepare yourself for the role.

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