Does USPS Leave Packages In The Rain? (All You Need to Know)

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Whenever rain falls in the country, usually certain services are disrupted. You're probably wondering if USPS leaves packages in the rain. You may have even called or emailed your local post office asking about this practice. Well, this article is for you!

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Does USPS Leave Packages In The Rain?

Yes, USPS does deliver packages in the rain. As a result, when picking up and delivering packages, a driver must consider the weather. In order to do so, drivers are compensated with an insurance policy that protects their vehicles, equipment, and drivers from water damage while they are out on deliveries.

USPS carriers are trained to treat outdoor mailboxes and parcels with care, and they will always try to place them in a dry location if possible. USPS will not leave packages in the rain unless there is no other place to keep them. Smaller packages will be left in the mailbox, and larger packages will be brought in around the house.

Does Rain Damage USPS Packages?

Rain is a common problem for mail carriers, especially during summer. Rain can lead to water accumulating in the bottom of your mailbox and soaking USPS delivery boxes, occasionally resulting in mishandled or damaged packages. All rain and wet weather cause damage to shipping products, not just the USPS. Most of these accidents are caused by pipe network clogs and overfilling containers. The main responsibility for preventing such incidents lies with the shipper, not the USPS.

Are USPS Packages Resistant To Water?

USPS packages are not resistant to water. To help prevent moisture from penetrating, the service provider fills USPS boxes with foam and cardboard moisture-wicking materials. Water can damage these materials and often lead to wet items within a box. The most effective technique to protect your package from water damage is to place it in a box that prevents moisture from entering.

Does Amazon Deliver In The Rain?

Amazon does make deliveries in the rain, and delivery personnel will try to leave parcels in a secure location where they will stay dry. To shield the packages from the weather, they can also put them in plastic bags. Amazon does deliver in all types of bad weather. However, if you live in an area that typically gets snow and you ordered an item with 2-day shipping, it may take longer than expected for your package to arrive.

Why Does USPS Leave Packages Out In The Rain?

There are numerous reasons why USPS leaves parcels outside in the rain, but the primary reason is that they cannot afford to store them. USPS leaves packages out in the rain because it's cheaper for them than storing them. If you want your package to be kept dry and safe, you must pay extra for such service; otherwise, the rain will damage your package. If you want your package delivered quickly and safely, then there are two things that you need to do:

What Should You Do If Rain Destroys Your USPS Package?

If you have USPS packages that have been damaged by rain, don't worry. You can trust USPS to handle it for you. All you need to do is contact the local post office and explain that your package was damaged in the rain and should be replaced with a new one.

The shipper should be aware of the packaging of your item and if they are aware of the conditions that your item will be shipped under. This should be handled automatically if you have already dispatched your shipment. If not, you can log into your account online or call them up and tell them what happened, and they will send out another one immediately!

How Can You Prevent Rain From Ruining USPS Packages?

Here are some ways you can prevent rain from ruining your USPS packages. :

This is essential since moisture can cause issues when mailing things through the post office. For instance, water could cause rips or tears in the packaging material, resulting in their loss upon arrival at their destinations. Before placing your product in an envelope or box, it is preferable to seal it with a clear bag or plastic wrap to prevent moisture from entering.

If you lack the time or space to wrap your delivery in plastic, use paper instead. It may not be as durable as plastic, but it should be able to withstand normal wear and tear from delivery by USPS staff.

In order for water from rainstorms not to seep into your package and damage your goods, it's essential that you seal all openings, such as seams and corners, with tape or liquid adhesive sealant so that no water gets in at all. Consider installing a rain gutter system around your mailbox area to direct water away from where it enters your mailbox box itself.

Does USPS Make Large Package Deliveries On Rainy Days?

USPS makes large package deliveries on rainy days, but only if the rain has been forecasted and if conditions are favorable. The reason is that they want to ensure that customers' packages are delivered on time. They do this by using trucks that are equipped with special tires, which can handle rain and snow so that the weather doesn’t damage the packages. If it has been raining continuously for several hours, USPS will not deliver packages because of the danger that may be caused to employees and vehicles.

Bottom Line

USPS does not purposefully place deliveries in the rain. You must do your part by setting aside a safe area, and the USPS must deliver the products to the designated safe spot as well in order to prevent rain damage to your package. USPS aims to deliver your mail as quickly and safely as possible. The delivery service is aware that a package may be harmed by moisture if left outside in the rain or an unsafe place.

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