What Does "Available for Pickup" Mean on USPS?

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Spending an entire day seated while waiting for USPS to deliver your package is frustrating. Later on, you check the status of your package only to find out that it's labelled as "Available for Pickup"; what does that mean? Read on and learn what Available for Pickup means on USPS.

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What Does "Available for Pickup" Mean on USPS?

USPS has a tracking feature on its website. See the label alongside your mail to check your parcel location and delivery status. the status will tell you exactly where your parcel is.

But if you've ever had the USPS tracking function report that your box is "Available for Pickup," you know how annoying that can be. This notification appears when you have missed your package delivery and must pick it up yourself. Unfortunately, deliveries sometimes get overlooked, and even if it's not your fault, you'll probably have to pick it up anyway.

Do you know how to check your package's status on USPS? Read on.

How to Check the Status of Your Package On USPS?

It's a good idea to see what's going on with a delivery you've been expecting for some time. By accessing the United States Postal Service's website, you can check the status and progress of your parcel delivery from the comfort of your home. As long as you have the tracking number, you can check on the whereabouts of your package at any time.

Read on if you're curious as to why your package is marked "Available for Pickup".

Why Is My Parcel "Available for Pickup"?

The most typical cause of a USPS item showing as "available for pickup" is a failed delivery attempt. In the first place, you might have gotten this notification because USPS tried and failed to deliver your package. There are several potential causes, such as an incorrect address, an unoccupied residence, or the need for a secure location to leave the box.

Another possible reason is that the delivery driver could not reach your home or the shipping cost paid needs to be corrected. Therefore, the difference must be paid or refunded before you pick up your package.

However, your package will only lie at the pickup point for a while; here is how long you got to correct your package.

How Long Do I Have to Pick Up My Package at USPS?

When your box is marked as "available for Pickup, " you can pick it up whenever is most convenient for you. However, the post office can only keep your parcel for a while. The standard period a parcel can sit at the post office before being returned to the sender is 14 days.

When Is USPS Unable to Deliver Packages?

When USPS cannot deliver your package, they leave a note explaining why and directing you to the nearest postal facility for Pickup.

Suppose the delivery was unsuccessful because the driver did not have a clear passage to access your home or the address needs to be corrected. In that case, they will not leave a delivery slip, but in most cases, you will receive some sign that they attempted to do so.

USPS usually have a lot of mail to pick up and move to their vehicle, so if the delivery staff misses yours, it would likely be changed to "available for pickup." This is the most frustrating possibility, but it rarely occurs. When this happens, the driver will not bother making any delivery attempts, and you won't receive a delivery confirmation or anything else.

The package will remain in the post office for some time until it's picked up or returned to the sender.

Requirements to Pick up A package from USPS?

It's easy to collect your package from the USPS offices. Here is all you need:

How to Pick Up a Package From USPS?

When your parcel is not delivered and is marked as "available for pick up", the next question is how to get it from the post office and what you'll need.

It would be best if you did nothing more than visit your nearest USPS post office, speak with the counter clerk, and let them know you have a package listed as "Available for Pickup".

If they need to verify your identification, they'll ask for your name and ID before handing over the delivery; however, they might also ask for the tracking number if necessary.


When your USPS tracking status changes to "Available for Pickup," your package will not be delivered, and you must pick it up from the post office. With proof of your identity and the package details, it's easy to collect your delivery from the USPS office. It is vital to realize that you only have 14 days to collect your package from the post office, as it can only sit there for a while.

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