How Much is Bowling at Round 1 [2023 Prices]

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Round 1 is a great place to go bowling if you are looking for something enjoyable and exciting to do with friends or family. Popular entertainment venue Round 1 provides a range of experiences, such as karaoke, arcade games, and bowling. However, how much does a round of bowling at Round One cost?

By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand the amount that it costs to bowl at Round1 Bowling & Amusement, as well as some tips for cutting expenditures. But before that, let us know the things that are offered at the Round 1

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What does Round 1 Bowling offer?

There are many different activities available at Round 1 Bowling for people of different ages. Round 1 Bowling offers the following recreational opportunities:

In addition to providing a wide selection of food and beverages, Round 1 Bowling is the ideal place to spend a night with friends or family. The restaurant at the facility offers a variety of dishes, such as burgers, pizza, and other traditional American foods. Additionally, various beverages, such as beer, wine, and cocktails, are available to patrons.

Round 1 Bowling Prices

There are two types of bowling in Round 1: spark bowling and regular bowling. The costs for the two bowling groups vary, so you may decide which is best for your party.

1. Traditional bowling: You can enjoy the traditional bowling alley experience in this session, plus you can bring food and beverages to enjoy while you play.

A fun activity that friends and family can do together is traditional bowling. You will enjoy regular bowling, which will cost you roughly $5 per person for every game. However, based on where you live, the costs could change. Thus, if you intend to take part in Round 1's typical bowling sessions, make sure your budget is flexible.

Time 1 Game 2 Games 3 Games Unlimited
Open - 4 pm $ 5.80 $ 10.50 $ 13.00 $ 14.50
4 pm - Close $ 6.80 $ 12.50 $ 14.50 $ 17.00

2. Spark bowling: Round 1 offers this cutting-edge and contemporary bowling instruction. This kind elevates any ordinary bowling game with engaging graphics and interactive scoring systems. This is where to go if you want the most cutting-edge bowling experience possible!

Spark bowling at Round 1 will run you roughly $40 per hour per lane. Paying two hours at $57 for each lane makes the deal even better. Please be aware that the costs could change based on where you are. If you discover that the rates are a little higher than you anticipated, always have additional cash on hand.

Maximum 6 people per lane 60 minutes 120 minutes
Open - 4 pm $ 45.00 $ 50.00
4 pm - Close $ 53.00 $ 58.00

Reasons Why Round 1 Bowling Prices Vary

The cost of bowling in Round 1 varies for a few reasons. They are as follows:

  1. Location: Due to the varying expenses associated with operating each alley in a particular area, Round 1 bowling charges will vary from one location to another to the next. In an ideal world, bowling in a Round 1 facility in California would be more expensive than in Kentucky.
  2. Time and day of your visit: The cost of bowling varies according to the time of day and the day(s) you want to bowl. For instance, rates might be cheaper in the mornings of workdays than on weekends or during school breaks, when many people are interested in bowling with their loved ones. Time-wise, peak hours start on Fridays at 5 p.m. and end when business closes on Sundays. Because more people are attempting to utilize the lanes during peak hours, bowling costs tend to be higher.
  3. Type of bowling: Spark and regular bowling are available in Round 1. The spark bowling category is more expensive than the regular bowling category. Traditional bowling has lower overhead expenses and requires less maintenance than flash bowling, which accounts for the pricing discrepancies.

Information on any current deals or promotions being offered by Round 1 Bowling

Customers of Round 1 Bowling are frequently treated to exclusive discounts and promotions. Here are a few of the current specials and offers that Round 1 Bowling is offering:

It is crucial to remember that these offers and promotions could change based on where in the Round 1 Bowling Center you want to visit. To see the most recent offers and promotions, visit the website or social media pages of your chosen venue.

Round 1 Bowling: Money-Saving Tips and Tricks on Pricing

It might be challenging to estimate the actual cost of playing a game due to the variations in Round 1 bowling fees. Here are several methods to ascertain the precise cost of bowling at Round 1:

1. Look at their website: The simplest method to find out how much a game of bowling at Round 1 will cost is to visit their website. Verify the costs of whatever activities you would like to participate in.

Checking the website will also reveal what is included in each fee. You can determine whether you are paying an excessive amount for an extra item or getting a fair deal using this information.

2. Go to your neighborhood Round 1: If you intend to go bowling at your neighborhood Round 1 establishment, you must make a pre-visit. Recognize the costs, the best times to go for deals and discounts, and the regulations for their lanes. Click this link to find the closest Bowling Alley Round 1 location.

3. Reserve your bowling party online: Use Round 1's online reservation system to reserve your upcoming bowling party. This will enable you to view all of the rates and packages offered, as well as any discounts that might be in effect that month. This is the greatest method to determine how much you need to plan for if you want anything special, like a birthday package.

When you attend Round 1, have additional cash to cover unforeseen expenses. If you anticipate spending $50 or more, consider bringing an additional $100 just in case the game's price or other products change.

Overview of other activities available at Round 1 Bowling

Round 1 Bowling offers a variety of additional activities in addition to bowling that will keep you occupied for a long time. The following are some additional pursuits offered by Round 1 Bowling:

Additionally, Round 1 Bowling offers package offerings that incorporate a variety of activities. Here are a few of the possible package offers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Round 1 Accept PayPal?

PayPal is not accepted as a form of payment method by Round1. Nevertheless, they also take cash, credit cards, and electronic payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Customers wishing to take advantage of the facilities and entertainment provided by Round1 Bowling & Amusement establishments have alternatives that provide them flexibility.

Q.  How Much Does Round 1 Pay Its Employees?

Pay rates in Round 1 differ based on the region and nature of the employment. The hourly wage range for associates is $13.00 to $17.00; for mechanic managers, it is $17.00 to $22.00; for general managers (AGM), it is $24.00 to $28.00; and for department managers (SV), it is $21.00 to $28.00. Free games, free meal specials, free drinks, and free karaoke, pool, and bowling are all available to staff members.

Q. How Do I Check My Round 1 Card Balance?

You can use an on-site kiosk station or ask any authorized staff member at a Round1 Facility how much money is on your Round1 card. In addition, you can access your online account page or use the Round1 Application to view the balance of your Redemption Points. With the help of these tools, you can keep an eye on the points available at any Round 1 location for prize redemption.

Q. Are there any special deals or promotions at Round 1 Bowling? 

Indeed, in order to improve your bowling experience, Round 1 Bowling regularly runs promotions and special deals. For the most up-to-date details, visit their website or get in touch with the Round 1 Bowling location that is closest to you. These promos can change depending on the place and time. As an illustration, they might provide off-peak pricing, "Bowl and eat" packages that combine bowling with a meal at a discounted cost, or themed event evenings like "Glow Bowling," complete with neon lights and music.

Q. Do they offer league bowling at Round 1?

Yes, league bowling for both recreational and competitive bowlers is frequently held at Round 1 Bowling. Participating in bowling leagues is a great opportunity to meet new people, hone your abilities, and have some healthy competition. Leagues often have established schedules and prices, and they can take many different forms, such as teams, doubles, or singles. To learn more about their league options and how to participate, contact your local Round 1 Bowling facility.

Final Thoughts

Round 1 is the perfect spot to hang out with your friends and family, whether you enjoy sparking or more traditional bowling. The type of facilities you wish to utilize will determine the cost of your bowling session during Round 1. It is a highly sought-after destination in the United States due to its excellent offerings of food and drink and entertainment options.

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