How Many Points is a Turkey in Bowling? [Tips and Tricks]

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Bowling is an exciting game; to succeed, you must learn some basic rules and practice a lot to perfect your skills. You may have heard of some bowling lingo used in the game, and wonder what they mean. So have you ever come across the term turkey in bowling? Well, let me explain it. In bowling, Turkey is a term used to describe a remarkable achievement that gets every bowler's heart racing with joy.

So what exactly is Turkey? It means an occurrence where a bowler scores three consecutive strikes in a row. That's an incredible performance. We will give you complete insight and understanding of how many points are equivalent to getting a Turkey. When you get a turkey in bowling, it's like hitting the jackpot, and it is not just an ordinary score.

In this article, we will explain how many points a turkey is in bowling, more about what is turkey in bowling, and many other insights that will be in your best interest. Continue to read the article and learn more.

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What is Turkey In Bowling?

Bowling Turkey is a bowling term, or Lingo, used in bowling games to describe three consecutive strikes made in a row. If you are a bowler and get three strikes in a row, you have achieved to get a turkey.

Do you know the Bowling game has existed for a very long time? Archeologists have traced the game to existence back to 3200 Bc. Bowling pins found in the tombs are one piece of evidence to prove bowling existed during that time. In other parts of Egypt's hieroglyphics, there is evidence that games resembling bowling have existed. So during this game evolution, some special bowling terms have been used. Turkey in bowling is a perfect example.

How many points are three strikes in bowling?

Let's have a simple calculation to know the total scores you can attain in 3 strikes. In bowling, getting three strikes in a row is an outstanding achievement, like getting a hat trick. These strikes are called a "Turkey" or " Triple." For each strike achieved, that is worth 10 points, so if you manage to get three strikes, you have a total of 30 points. That is the highest score you can get in a single frame.

For instance, if you get two strikes called a double, you have 20 points. Whenever you hit the lanes and knock down all the pins with three strikes in a row, you can celebrate your biggest score and be proud of yourself for getting a Turkey.

How many Points is a Turkey in the 10th Frame?

As we know, a turkey is when you get three strikes in a row, but how many points can you get with a turkey in the 10th Frame of bowling? When you get a turkey in the last Frame, your strike will have an addition of two points, for a total of 30 points for that Frame. So, those extra points can boost your score when you go for that turkey in the last Frame. This is a fantastic way to wrap up your game and leave your opponents wondering.

Why Is it called A "turkey."

Have you ever wondered why scoring three strikes in a row in bowling is called a "turkey"? Well, back then, people loved bowling just as much as we do now. Bowling tournaments were a big deal, and the winners would get some pretty cool prizes. One of the most popular prizes was a food basket with fruits, vegetables, and a yummy turkey.

So, during that time, tournament organizers advertised that they would give a turkey to any bowler who could achieve three strikes in a row. Remember throwing multiple strikes in a row was a real challenge back then. The bowling equipment wasn't as advanced as today, so getting three, four, or five strikes in a row was tough. But for those who did it, a delicious turkey was waiting for them as a reward. That's how scoring three strikes in a row became known as a "turkey" in the bowling world.

Can Beginners Bowl a Turkey?

The tricky part of getting a turkey is that all three consecutive frames must be a strike. It is challenging to achieve that, but you can get it even if you are a beginner in the game. The most important thing for getting a turkey is to be skillful and have luck with you. If it's your lucky day, you can hit a strike unexpectedly, and eventually, you may get a turkey.

How To Get a Turkey.

As we all know, even a beginner can score a turkey in bowling. Then this means even if you are eager to learn some tips, you can get a turkey. Here are some tips you can learn. They aren't guaranteed recipes for success, but they will help improve your bowling technique to increase your chances of getting a turkey. Consider the following tips:

  1. Use the right bowling ball: This is the first crucial step that you need to set yourself up if you want to succeed in getting a turkey. So you must choose a perfect bowling ball that feels right in your hands. You will have to experiment with different sizes of balls first and get your ideal size. If you don't do this and go for heavy bowling balls as some pros do, you may be able to lift the ball, but controlling the ball is a different story, and that will waste you. Stick to your perfect size, and you can have a higher chance of getting a turkey.
  2. Working on your form: This is a key ingredient for success that every bowler should try to work on. To have good form, you must stand upright with a slight knee bend to balance your body. When you approach the lane, make sure you are heading straight on and avoid leaning to either side, as this will cause the ball to go off the lane instead of going straight into the lane. As you gain experience, you will discover the best technique that will horn your form. Always keep practicing, and you will get the best form.
  3. Focus on your release: How you release the ball can significantly impact your shot. Experiment with different grips and find one that feels comfortable and allows you to maintain control. Work on a smooth release, avoiding any rushed movements affecting your shot.
  4. Find your target: Develop a consistent target on the lane where you want to aim your shots. It could be a specific board or a mark on the lane. Having a target helps you align your body and improve your accuracy. This can help a lot to achieve getting a turkey.
  5. Pay attention to your timing: Timing is crucial in bowling. Synchronize your steps with your arm swing and release the ball immediately. Practice your timing to achieve a smooth and powerful delivery.

Bowling Score Calculator.

Are you in need of calculating your bowling score? A bowling score calculator is a quick and game-changer to get your total scores in bowling. How it works is simple. Just follow the simple instructions, and you will get it done :

  1. Enter the number of pins knocked down in each Frame while the calculator takes care of the rest.
  2. The calculator will automatically keep track of your running total as you go along the game. This will save time, and no more manual calculations on score sheets will exist.
  3. When you are about to reach the end of the game, the calculator will give you the final score.

Another use of the calculator is that it can calculate your bowling average over multiple games you have played, which will track your progress. Whenever you go to a bowling alley, remember to bring this handy bowling score calculator because it will give you more time to focus on knocking down those pins and getting a Turkey. How incredible is that!

Other Strikes name.

At some point, you may be curious to know other names if you make several strikes in a row. We all know that if you have three strikes in a row, it's a Turkey. What about another number of strikes? Here are names linked with the number of strikes made in bowling from the first Frame to the last Frame. We usually have 10 frames, but here, we have 12 names meaning there are an additional 2 balls from the 10th Frame.


This article has provided answers with a clear understanding of what a Turkey is in bowling and how many points it is worth in turkey. Please don't feel overwhelmed by the many terms in bowling; you need to enjoy the bowling lingos that have a history and origin since they were used a long time ago and are still used up now. With practice and applying the tips mentioned in the article, you can get a bucket and enjoy the scores in your bowling game.

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