Original Mattress Factory Reviews: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Jack C. Haman
The Original Mattress Factory delivers relief from a hard day’s work, overstated sales pitches, and middleman markups. Unlike conventional brands, the company makes its own mattress in their own factories.

In 1990, Trzcinski and his partner started the Original Mattress Factory in order to manufacture high-quality mattresses and box springs, to provide greater product value and excellence. He launched the firm approximately six months after he left the Ohio Mattress Company.

Within a short period of time, the company expanded to include eleven factories and more than eighty factory stores. According to Trzcinski, passionate sentiment is reflected in the company principles.

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Product Lineup of Original Mattress


The company’s box springs and beds offer remarkable durability and good support at a reasonable price range.

The firm has five classic models for you. All the models are incorporated with modular box springs and Bonnell innerspring system. This provides exceptional shock absorption and support.

  • Classic One
This is a 7-inch innerspring bed that is hand-built with a unique one-sided construction and hard feel.
  • Classic
This is an 8-inch innerspring bed that features a two-sided design as well as a hard feel. It offers durability and adult-level support.
  • Classic Luxury Firm
This is a 9.5-inch innerspring bed that is made with a two-sided construction and offers a medium feel.
  • Classic Eurotop
This is a 10-inch innerspring bed that features a one-sided Eurotop construction and it offers a soft feel.
  • Classic Plush
This is a 10.5-inch high-quality innerspring bed that is made with a two-sided construction and a soft feel.


The Regency line up of box springs and mattresses provides excellent support as well as durability.

This lineup has two models both of which are incorporated with handles for easy turning and offset innerspring system.

The actual working box spring is integrated with an extra wood slat for additional support.

  • Regency Sapphire Euro top
This is an 11-inch premium innerspring bed that is made with a one-sided Eurotop construction and soft feel.
  • Regency Sapphire
This is a 10-inch premium innerspring mattress that is made with a two-sided construction and medium feel.


This lineup of mattresses and box springs is thoughtfully made and honestly priced. The beds provide superior comfort, durability, and support.

There are eight models available that range from firmest tight top to softest and thickest pillow top.

Every orthopedic bed features the company’s best offset innerspring system that is designed completely for the Original Mattress Factory.

  • Orthopedic Adjustable
This is an 11.5-inch ultra-premium high-quality innerspring bed that features a two-sided construction and medium-hard feel.
  • Orthopedic Extra Firm
This is a 10.5-inch ultra-premium high-quality innerspring bed that features a two-sided construction and a hard feel.
  • Orthopedic Luxury Firm
This is a 12.5-inch ultra-premium high-quality innerspring bed that is made with a two-sided construction and medium feel.
  • Orthopedic Ultra Firm
This is an 11-inch ultra-premium high-quality innerspring bed that is hand-built with a two-sided construction and the hardest feel.
  • Orthopedic Ultra Plush
This is a 14.5-inch ultra-premium high-quality innerspring bed that is designed with a two-sided construction and offers a soft feel.
  • Orthopedic Pillow Top
This is a 12.5-inch ultra-premium high-quality innerspring bed that features a two-sided Eurotop construction and medium feel.
  • Orthopedic Premier Super-Pillow Top
This is a 15-inch ultra-premium high-quality innerspring bed that is designed with a two-sided Eurotop design and offers a soft feel.
  • Orthopedic Euro top
It is a 16-inch ultra-premium quality innerspring bed that features a two-sided Eurotop construction and offers the softest feel.


The Serenity box springs and foam mattresses provide superior support, superior comfort, a truly unique feel, and exceptional durability.

There are three available models, all of which are made of high-density memory foam/latex foam and high-density polyurethane foam.

  • Serenity
It is a 10.5-inch ultra-premium high-quality memory foam bed that features a one-sided construction and offers a medium-soft feel.
  • Serenity Latex
It is a 10.5-inch ultra-premium high-quality latex foam bed that features a two-sided construction and soft feel.
  • Serenity Plush
It is a 10.5-inch ultra-premium high-quality memory foam bed that is designed with a one-sided construction and offers a soft feel.

Who is Suitable for the Original Mattress Factory?

The Original Mattress Factory lineup is suitable for people who are looking for correct body support, superior comfort, and durability. Unlike other companies, Original Mattress Factory produces both beds and box springs.The mattresses are designed to offer superior support for your lower back, hips, shoulders, and the heaviest parts of your body. The innerspring construction offers most of the support apart from the box spring and set.

The company’s orthopedic beds come in a variety of firmness range, which gives you a softer and firmer feel. For an orthopedic feel, the company uses a thicker, stronger innerspring system with a remarkable gauge.

This means you get a supportive bed. When you sit on the mattress, you will feel the extra support. When you lay on the orthopedic bed, it is going to be even more supportive for you.

Who is Not Suitable for the Original Mattress Factory?

The Original Mattress Factory product lineup may not be a suitable choice for people who prefer longer trial period and returns. This particular company does not accept exchanges or returns. Compared to the risk-free sleep trials offered by online mattress retailers, these policies are substandard.According to the manufacturer, once a mattress has been sold out, it is considered to be a used item, and it will not be taken back for reselling to another customer. However, you get a one-year comfort policy.

Top 4 Original Mattress Factory Reviews

Classic Luxury Firm Mattress

  • Overview

The Classic Luxury Firm Mattress is 9.5 inches high. It is made of a quality innerspring system that is hand built with a two-sided construction (Another famous luxury model with this design is Idle sleep mattress). This model delivers adult level support as well as unmatched durability at a very reasonable price tag.

Its construction features a Bonnell innerspring system. This is the most customary type of innerspring system. It has an hourglass shape, which is wider at the top and bottom than at the middle. The springs are interconnected by a mesh of metal.

The problem with choosing this mattress is you don’t have a no-risk sleep trial so if it doesn’t work well for you, you have limited options.

  • Support

A good bed will lightly support your body, while keeping your spinal column in the same position. The unique spring structure and soft fabrics lend the ideal support, comfort, and strength. Generally, it offers you a support level of 5.

  • Comfort

This bed has a medium comfort level of 6.1. The upholstery layers, level of support, and the size of the bed all contribute to the general comfort. It offers a medium feel that is suitable for the side, back and stomach sleepers.

  • Design

The two-sided design offers optimum durability because you can flip over the bed to allow you to sleep on either side. This offers unmatched versatility and a durability rating of 5. You get a sensation of a new mattress whenever you flip it over.

  • Price

Being a traditional design bed, it is one of the most inexpensive choices with a very affordable price range.

Twin 209
Twin Extra Long 234
Full 299
Full Extra Long 339
Queen 369
King 479


  • It offers optimum support and comfort.
  • Bonnell innerspring provides enough space as well as room for free movement.
  • Two sided design is highly versatile.


  • Comfort layers are not thick.
  • A risk-free sleep trial isn’t offered; the customer takes the risk.

Regency Sapphire Eurotop Mattress

  • Overview

The Regency Sapphire Eurotop Mattress is 11-inch high. It is hand-built bed with a one-sided Eurotop construction that comes with a soft feel.

It is a single sided bed that is upholstered and padded on one side. The other side lacks padding and features a  non-skid surface. You cannot flip the bed, but you can rotate it occasionally to increase its durability.

  • Design

The mattress’s construction features LFK offset coil innerspring system. The LFK offset coil system is ergonomically made to provide ultra-responsive support. This coil system conforms to the contours of your body.

It offers surface coverage, which is consistent from top to bottom and all the way to the edge. The innerspring system is long-lasting and durable and does not take a body impression.

  • Support

This mattress offers active support. It has a rating of 7 according to the support scale. The bed offers a dynamic response to body movements in order to provide the support required relaxing, deep sleep.

  • Comfort

This mattress has a soft feel that offers a medium comfort level. The integrated innerspring system transfers heat more efficiently than conventional materials and it is cooler on initial contact. The innerspring system retains its consistent shape as well as support quality for comfort.

  • Price

The mattress is available at very reasonable price range and sizes.

Twin 329
Twin Extra Long 354
Full 439
Full Extra Long 479
Queen 509
King 669
California King 689


  • LFK offset innerspring system is ergonomically made to provide ultra-responsive support.
  • Conforms to the contours of the body for effective pressure relief.
  • The innerspring system transfers heat more efficiently and its cooler on initial contact.
  • The coils are suitable at retaining shape as well as support quality.


  • May not be a suitable choice for people suffering from back pain.
  • There isn’t a no-risk sleep trial.

Orthopedic Premier Super-Pillow Top Mattress

  • Overview

The Orthopedic Premier Super Pillow Top Mattress is 15-inches high. It is one of the thickest beds made by the Original Mattress Factory.

It is a high-quality innerspring mattress that features a unique two-sided Eurotop construction and two pairs of side handles. The company uses its best offset coil system in this mattress. It is a two-sided bed, so you can flip it over for versatility and extended durability.

  • Design

The mattress is made of the knotted offset coil system. The knotted coils are those in which the end has been tied to the coil so as not to produce a protruding wire. The coil system features a hinge action that prevents sagging and leaning.

The bed’s two-sided construction is the best you could have ever wished for as far as an orthopedic mattress is concerned. You can conveniently flip the mattress over to prevent it from fast wear and tear. This makes it versatile and improves durability.

  • Support

Unlike conventional mattresses, orthopedic models are designed to offer strong support for your body. It evenly distributes your body weight so as to relieve stress on the spinal column. Therefore, this alleviates painful pressure points by providing maximum support to joints and the back.

  • Comfort

This bed offers medium comfort. It does not yield to your body weight. You will also not sink during sleep. This offers superior comfort for a back and stomach sleeper, but it may not be a great choice for side sleepers.

  • Price

The bed is fairly priced and offers superior quality and performance. It has met the expectations of more than 120 customers.

Twin 539
Twin Extra Long 564
Full 729
Full Extra Long 769
Queen 889
King 1,099
California King 1,129


  • Conforms to the contours of the body to provide increased support.
  • Prevents the body from curling and sinking, thus improving posture.
  • It does not bounce and prevents motion transfer, making it ideal for couples.
  • Two sided design is highly versatile and durable.


  • May not be a good choice for side sleepers.
  • A risk-free sleep trial is not offered.

Serenity Mattress

  • Overview

The Serenity Mattress is 10.5 inches high and it is made of ultra-premium high-quality memory foam. It features a one-sided design that offers a medium-soft feel much like the Nectar mattress.

This top-of-the-line high-density foam bed comes highly recommended by 2o users. This is a top quality bed that guarantees a good night sleep.

  • Design

Unlike other Original Mattress Factory beds, this one does not feature an innerspring system. It is made of 4-inch high-density specialty foam layers, and 6-inch high-density polyurethane foam core. The bed’s one-sided design is best suited for most sleepers.

  • Support

This mattress has a high support rating of 9. It gently supports your body while keeping your spinal column in the appropriate posture.

  • Comfort

The bed can provide extra comfort by conforming to your body’s contours. The foam has the ability to adjust and reposition itself along the lines of your body, even when you toss and turn.

  • Price

This is one of the most expensive mattresses sold by this company.

Twin 1,079
Twin Extra Long 1,104
Full 1,429
Full Extra Long 1,469
Queen 1,699
King 2,069
California King 2,119


  • Conforms to the body contours to provide extra comfort.
  • Offers pressure point relief.
  • Supports spine and back alignment.
  • Accommodates different sleeping positions.


  • It is an expensive choice compared to the innerspring beds.
  • It does not offer a risk-free sleep trial.

Warranty and Returns

The company’s warranty only covers defects in workmanship and materials. This does not include the gradual loss of support or comfort over time.

The Original Mattress Factory does not accept exchanges or returns. According to the company, once a mattress is sold out, it is considered a used item, which cannot be retrieved or resold.

The Wrap Up - The Original Mattress Factory Review

Original Mattress Factory (OMF) Pros:

Variety and Customization

Firstly, the Original Mattress Factory (OMF) provides a wide variety of mattresses. Options include innerspring, latex, gel memory foam, and adjustable air beds. The variety allows customers the flexibility to choose a mattress type that suits their needs. Additionally, many of these mattresses can be customized in terms of size, firmness, and materials.

Quality and Value

No doubt, OMF is committed to quality. The company uses high-quality materials like natural latex and cotton in many of its mattresses. Moreover, their mattresses are competitively priced, especially when compared to other small mattress manufacturers.

Customer Support and Product Features

The company is generally responsive to customer feedback and concerns. This customer service feature is especially beneficial for customers who may have inquiries or need help. Regarding product features, the mattresses have reinforced edges, which prevents sagging and allows full use of the mattress surface. Most models also isolate motion well, an essential aspect for couples.

Original Mattress Factory (OMF) Cons:

Limited Availability

Unfortunately, the Original Mattress Factory only has store locations in a few states, making it less accessible for many customers.

Durability Concerns

There are also concerns about the durability of some OMF mattresses. Some customers report sagging issues after a few years, despite warranties.

Limited Online Information

Furthermore, there is less independent information and reviews available online compared to major brands. This limitation could make it harder for potential customers to make informed decisions.

Customer Service and Quality Concerns

Some customers have complained about issues with returns or exchanges. In addition, there are some variances in quality and comfort reported between different models.

Initial Off-Gassing

Lastly, foam and latex mattresses may have some mild off-gassing odor initially. This off-gassing might be off-putting to some customers, although it typically dissipates after a few days.

The Original Mattress Factory offers a range of quality mattresses at competitive prices. However, potential customers should consider their individual needs and preferences and possibly try out the mattresses in-store when possible.

Because sleep is so integral to our lives, it is essential to get the most restful and restorative sleep possible. If you choose well, you can achieve this with the Original Mattress Factory. Unlike other brands, this one has 4 product lineups (classic, regency, orthopedic, and serenity).

With this brand, you get a dizzying array of styles, materials, and prices. You will never drain your energy, because all the available options are in the same store.

Innerspring mattresses are the most common with the Original Mattress Factory, but there are also orthopedic beds and the unique category of memory foam/latex beds, such as the serenity mattress.

Shop at a well-known mattress store that offers a variety of choices. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask questions. It is important to know that you are getting the best for your back and your unique and personal situation.

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