NovaForm Mattress Review: Would You Go For It?

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Good sleep is important to function throughout the day and an imperative branch of the health department. However, many people around the world suffer from sleeplessness because of the wrong kinds of mattresses. A NovaForm mattress may be able to help.

NovaForm takes pride in offering the market custom-designed mattresses that reduce constant tossing and turning and helps you sleep better along with creating the perfect posture for your body. The several other products the brand offer make the sleeping experience more exquisite.

NovaForm is a prominent mattress company specializing in memory foam products, offering a diverse range of affordable mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows. Notable mattress models include the ComfortGrande Plus, Serafina Pearl Cool, Overnight Recovery Gel Memory Foam, Advanced Back Support Specialized, SoFresh Responsive Foam, and a basic Gel Memory Foam Mattress 1.

In this review, we have discussed in detail everything that you need to know about Nova.

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Key Features of NovaForm Mattresses

  • Each model is designed with an extra layer of support so that in any position, the body posture is not harmed.
  • All of them are made to balance the weight evenly around the body so that not a certain part gets the stress
  • Ventilation is taken care of so that the mattress does not remain stuffy in the winters and hot in the summer
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NovaForm Mattress Pros

NovaForm mattresses are generally well-received, known for their comfort and support. They come in various firmness levels, catering to different types of sleepers 2. The affordability, multiple firmness options, and motion isolation due to the memory foam construction are some of the standout benefits 2.

The NovaForm ComfortGrande Mattress has gained recognition as the best foam mattress under $1,000 by Wirecutter, offering a compelling balance of support, pressure relief, and durability at an affordable price 3.

NovaForm Mattress Cons

However, there are some cons to consider. Heat retention can be an issue with these memory foam mattresses. Additionally, NovaForm offers a limited choice of mattress materials, focusing solely on memory foam. Certain models also have size restrictions, which could be a drawback for those with specific size preferences 4.

NovaForm Mattress Comparison Table And Reviews


The construction of this mattress includes a base foam of 7.5 inches. The second layer is the 3.5 inches FlexTech Air channel foam for breathability. The third layer is made of 2 inches gel memory foam to keep the temperature intact. The final part is the 1-inch memory foam which is responsible for support and comfort. The feel of the mattress is made to be plush.

Comfort and Support

 The support is cradling and the comfort is ultimately soft. Pros

  • Sleep temperature is monitored and remains cool
  • Perfect for people that like to sleep on their sides
  • Mattress edges are reinforced so that the body weight is supported at all time


  • Only Queen, King, and California king sizes are available
  • It takes time in coming back to its original form
Why is this model best for you?

If you like to sleep on a soft bed then this model is perfect for you. It is also ideal if you are living in hot and stuffy places and would not like to wake up sweaty.

Why is this model not best for you?

If you are a medical patient that has a hard time taking support from your body, then the softness of this model will not suit you.

Novaform Plush

This plush mattress is made of three layers. The first ones are the supportive base layer of 6 inches. The middle layer is the FlexTech Air channel for ventilation. The last layer is the 3 inches memory foam which is ultra soft.

Comfort and Support:

This mattress will provide you a very soft comfort along with balanced support. Pros

  • Contours body shape according to the natural spine alignment
  • Foam is made hypoallergenic
  • Helps to increase body circulation


  • The temperature does not remain cool
  • The motion control is not very strong
Why is this model best for you?

People that are health conscious or suffer from heart diseases can use this as a way to increase their circulation which makes it best.

Why is this model not best for you?

If you are sharing this bed with your partner, then you should get ready for a rollercoaster ride since the motion transfer control is not very good.

Serafina Pearl

The Serafina pearl mattress has three layers. The first layer is 8 inches of base foam for better support. The next one is a 3 inches layer of CustomWave foam which helps in better support and ventilation. The final layer is a 3 inches layer of ComfortLuxe gel pearls which help in cooling the mattress.

Comfort and Support:

This mattress is the most supportive one out of all of them. It is medium soft for a light cradling comfort.


  • The gel pearls keep the sleeping temperature optimal
  • CustomWave helps in making personalized support and ventilation
  • Quilted cover keeps away heat and moisture


  • It is not resistant to fire
  • The material holds the shape and regains it very late
Why is this model best for you?

For people that like to maintain their temperature in every season, this model is perfect. It is also the most supportive out of all the mentioned ones.

Why is this model not best for you?

If you are looking for one that keeps bringing its shape back in a jiffy, then this model is not suitable for you.

Bella Venta

The construction of this mattress consists of three layers. The first one is the 7 inches of a supportive base layer. The next layer is 2.5 inches of Ventaflo foam which is a unique design for air flow. The last layer is the Gel memory foam for comfort and coolness.

Comfort and Support:

With an enhanced ventilation system, it will give you maximum support and a light cradling comfort.


  • Gel memory foam neutralizes the body temperature
  • Ventaflo technology helps in enhancing air flow
  • Motion transfer is strong


  • The mattress is not hypoallergenic
  • Edges do not provide support
Why is this model best for you?

With the enhanced ventilation system, this model is great for humid and stuffy weather and for users living there.

Why is this model not best for you?

With the air flow increment, there is a higher chance of allergens attacking you. If you are a sensitive person, then it may not be the best option for you.


The ComfortGrande is also made out of three layers with the first one being an 8-inch base foam. The middle layer is the 3 inches air channel foam which is responsible for air flow. The last layer is 3 inches of gel memory foam for comfort and coolness.

Comfort and Support:

The ComfortGrande provides light comfort yet strong support to the user. Pros

  • Targets the comfort of pressure points
  • Ultra-soft and cool cover keeps away heat and moisture
  • Contours the natural spine alignment


  • The firm mattress does not have a firm cover
  • The motion is easily transmitted to the partner
Why is this model best for you?

The ComfortGrande is perfect for people with muscle and joint pain problems since it helps in reducing the pain by releasing pressure.

Why is this model not best for you?

If you are using this to share with your partner, then this model is not the right fit for you since you motion is easily transferred.

Deluxe Comfort

This medium firm mattress is a 7-inch base layer, followed by a 2.5 inches middle layer that is made from air channels for ventilation. The final layer is 2.5 inches is premium memory foam.

Comfort and Support:

With this mattress, you will get light comfort along with the balance of your body. Pros

  • Balances the weight of the body evenly
  • Resistant to flames
  • Quilted cover resists heat and moisture


  • Edges are not reinforced
  • The sleep temperature is according to the room
Why is this model best for you?

If you are one of those that like to sleep in every position all night, you will find this model to be perfect.

Why is this model not best for you?

Areas, where heat accumulates easily, will want a model that remains cool and not according to the atmospheric pressure.

Serafina Adjustable Mattress

The construction of this mattress consists of a base layer of 3.5 inches which adjusts as you adjust the frame. Next is the base layer of 3.5 inches regular base layer for added comfort. The CustomWave FlexTech foam is for added ventilation of 2.5 inches. The final layer is the 2.5 inches of gel memory foam for cooling and better sleep. The mattress is further easy to recline.

Comfort and Support:

The mattress can be reclining to be supportive to you in any angle with a cradling comfort. When you lay on it the body weight distributes over it evenly. Pros

  • Adjustable mattress
  • FlexTech Foam allows ventilation
  • Gel Memory foam manages temperature


  • Increases motion transfer
  • Not hypoallergenic
Why is this model best for you?

The mattress of perfect for people that like to stay in their comfort zone while enjoying leisure time

Why is this mattress not good for you?

If you are to be sharing this model with your partner then it is not ideal for you since it transfers motion.

NovaForm Firm

The NovaForm firm mattress begins with the base layer of 10 inches for maximum support. The next layer consists of a 1-inch ultra-soft memory foam layer. The last layer uses the FlexTech surface for increased responsiveness.

Comfort and Support:

This mattress is perfect for support on the stomach and the back. It provides highly responsive support and light cradle comfort. Pros

  • FlexTech technology allows increased responsiveness
  • Resistant to flames
  • Minimizes motion transfer


  • It is not breathable
  • The mattress does not keep cool
Why is this model best for you?

If you are used to tossing at night and you sleep in various positions, then this model is perfect for you.

Why is this model not best for you?

For people that want their mattress to maintain the temperature throughout the night, this model might let them down.

8” gel memory foam

This mattress is uniquely made of only two layers. The first one is the 6 inches base foam and the second one is the 2 inches cooling gel memory foam.

Comfort and support:

This mattress is perfect for any position as it provides support from all ends.  The light crawling comfort enhances the comforting gesture. Pros

  • Highly enhanced cooling capabilities
  • Relieves pressure from tensed spots
  • Resistant to flames


  • Low ventilation in the mattress
  • It does not retain its shape in a short time
Why is this model best for you?

If your body gets hot and sweat while sleeping, or you feel claustrophobic because of your mattress, you can use this for a cooling effect.

Why is this model not best for you?

Since it does not give better air flow, you may not like it accumulating stench and allergens.

Firmness levels

The company offers 9 different types of mattresses all of which are divided into three categories of firmness. The plush ones are the softest and are perfect for people that are skinny and like to sleep on plush surfaces.

This include 2 types:

  • Altabella
  • Novaform Plush

The next category is the medium ones which are suitable for people that want mediocre firmness of the mattress and helps them sleep better.

This includes five types:

  • Serafina Pearl
  • Bella Venta
  • ComfortGrande
  • Deluxe Comfort
  • Serfina Adjustable Mattress

The last ones are the firm mattresses that are perfect for people that have been prescribed firm beds and for those that find comfort in the type. None of them compromise on quality or the features that make them outstanding. This includes two types:

  • Novaform Firm
  • 8” Gel Memory Foam

Technology used

In the evolution of mattresses, researchers have found out that memory foam is the best kind for most people. The reason behind this is that it contours the shape of the body without causing it the stress of positioning according to the shape.

NovaForm Mattresses also use memory foam so that each type is made perfect for the majority. NovaForm also uses gel memory foam for an advanced approach which helps them in achieving coolness of the mattress in either weather.

Each model is made with different styles so that the infused technology can benefit the users in different ways.


Ventilations and breathability are highly crucial in mattresses since that avoids heat and moisture being accumulated in the mattress. It also avoids smells in the mattress and allows users to sleep well.

The NovaForm mattresses use different technologies to ensure that most of their mattresses remain well ventilated so that users can avoid the stuffy and muggy feeling they get after waking up. It also helps in choosing any mattress for any weather.


The durability of each model is made according to the technology that is used. Each one of them is ensuring to last very long with their covers. The company gives warranties on the mattresses to ensure the customers of the durability.


To make sure that the customers have a satisfied buying experience, the company gives a warranty on the item of up to 20 years. The warranty shall cover severe body contours that have been set and any other malfunction that it may see.

Trial period

The company claims that their products are consumer-tested and for the further guarantee, they offer a warranty for twenty years. Along with these, they do not give a trial period for the customers.

Free shipping

The company does not charge for delivering in the United States so that users can pay for the mattress only. You will also cut down on the cost of setting up since NovaForm mattresses can easily be set up in three minutes as they claim.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on Amazon for the NovaForm Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress are predominantly positive, with users finding the mattress comfortable and supportive 5. These real-world experiences provide valuable insights into the performance and comfort of NovaForm mattresses

Final verdict

In conclusion, NovaForm mattresses offer an attractive option for individuals seeking budget-friendly memory foam mattresses with various firmness options. The positive reception of the ComfortGrande Mattress as a budget-friendly yet comfortable choice underscores the brand's commitment to value.

However, potential buyers should carefully consider the potential issues such as heat retention and limited material choices. Reading customer reviews and testing the mattresses in-store, if possible, can aid in making an informed decision. NovaForm mattresses could be a suitable choice for those looking for a balance between affordability and comfort.

NovaForm Mattresses has various different models to offer its users. Each one of them is designed with unique qualities for comfort and support according to the user. Some of them are highly expensive, while some are easy in the pocket so that customers can enjoy using the one that they like.

The firm levels make it easier to denote which one you want. These are definite to go option for you since you can be carefree of its usage for the next twenty years with their extended warranty.


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