Nolah Mattress Review: Reasons To Buy Or Not Buy

Jack C. Haman
Nolah Mattress is one to look out for. The years of industry experience paid off as Nolah offers a luxurious and soft experience making it one of the world’s best mattresses.

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Nolah is a popular mattress brand that makes all-foam and hybrid mattresses. Here is an overview of their main mattress types:

Nolah also offers mattress toppers and adjustable bed bases to complement their mattresses. Their mattresses come with a lifetime warranty and 120 night trial period. Overall, Nolah is known for making high-quality and comfortable mattresses at affordable prices compared to many other direct-to-consumer brands.

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Key characteristics of Nolah

  • The mattress features a combination of the bouncy latex foam and the responsive memory foam.
  • The unique technology used by the award-winning mattress experts of Nolah provides plenty of air pockets to allow air circulation all through the mattress layers.
  • The bouncy support which cradles the body while nurturing it, temperature neutral and cooling comfort all make it stand out

Nolah comes with a premium knitted viscose cover that is inspired by nature and Colorado Mountains. Its design features the sun rising above the horizon, and the wavy portrait of the mountains below. Nolah is one of the few mattresses having a complete 360 degree encased luxury cover, covering on all the sides, with black cover at the bottom, and white on the top.

Nolah mattress is great if you

  • Are side sleeper – Nolah seems to be softer than the average bed-in-a-box, making it ideal for side sleepers.
  • Want good value – Nolah sells only online in an attempt to provide with a value product at a reasonable price.
  • Want to sleep cool – The proprietary Nolah Air Foam™ used in the top layer sleeps quite cool (for a foam mattress) based on our testing.
  • Want a little bit of bounce – Nolah features a second layer of Avena® foam, which has only been used before in Leesa.  This is a latex-like foam with more bounce than memory foam.  When used as the second layer, it gives the mattress just a little bit of bounce.

Nolah mattress is not the right decision if you

  • Price is not the best – If you are looking for some cheaper but also high-quality mattress, you can reference our top list.
  • Want a firm mattress – Firmness is subjective, however, most including myself find the Nolah to be softer than average which is probably not a great choice if you are a stomach sleeper.

Nolah has a great initiative which environmentalists will love. It has partnered with Defenders of Wildlife, an organization committed to serve and protect wildlife communities since 1947. Nolah offers you the opportunity to contribute to the adoption of an endangered animal if you purchase one of its mattresses since some of its money will go for this purpose.

Nolah Mattress Construction

So, what is the Nolah mattress made of?   Nolah features 10″ High 3-Layer Foam Construction consisting of: Top Layer: 2″ Pressure relief Nolah Air Foam™ (2.5 lb/sqft) Support Layer: 1″ Latex-Like Avena® Foam (4 lb/sqft) Base Layer: 7″ High-Density Polyurethane Foam (1.8 lb/sqft) Nolah comes with a knitted Natural Viscose Cover made from wood pulps. The cover looks great and is soft to the touch while it absorbs moisture and dissipates excess body heat for the utmost comfort of the sleeper.  

Firmness and support

Comfort wise, the Nolah offers medium firmness and is neither too soft nor too firm. It is just right with a universal feel, to accommodate the needs of any sleeper, talking body shape, and weight.

It does, however, feel a bit towards the softer side in the firmness scale , which makes it ideal for side sleepers and perhaps a bit too soft for stomach sleepers.

So, if you prefer softer feeling mattress with a little extra bounce , thanks to the second layer of latex-like Avena® Foam, Nolah ( or Leesa) is definitely the best for you, although you should consider other options if you are a larger back sleeper.

Nolah is a mattress ideal for those who like a plush foam mattress that keeps cool while it is perfect if you sleep on your back or side and require a softer mattress with great support for the body.

Value for money

The Nolah mattress comes at a reasonable price given its quality materials and construction. Of course, the mattress ranges in price depending on the size you choose which comes as follows(Before coupon):

  • Twin- $549
  • Twin XL – $649
  • Full- $799
  • Queen- $949
  • King- $1,069
  • California King- $1,069
*Price update at June 30, 2022. Please note that prices and product specifications mentioned in this review may change, and it is recommended to consult the official Nectar website for the most current information.Trial, Warranty, Free Shipping, & Returns

Sleep experience

One great advantage that comes with Nolah, is how it sleeps really cool. Thanks to the AirFlow foam and the Avena® Foam, there is plenty of air circulation to retain heat.

The covering material also succeeds to keep body moisture away to sustain a balanced temperature.

This makes the Nolah the perfect choice if you don’t like your hot feeling memory foam mattresses like Loom&Leaf or Tempur-Pedic  

Motion Transfer

As with memory foam, the structure of the Nolah is such that there is a negligible transfer of motion from one side to the other, making it a good mattress if you are sleeping with a partner. So, you don’t have to worry about waking up when your partner moves around at night.


There is some distinct off-gassing when you unpack this mattress. It will take a couple of hours before its smell wears off, yet it will within a day or two. In this sense, Nolah is not the worst off-gasser, but it is not the best either.


Nolah is manufactured in the USA and comes from 8 factories across the world. The cover material and the foam are all from the USA itself and offer high durability.

Shipping, Trial, Return

The Nolah Mattress manufacturers developed a good product with a general appeal which comes in a box and is delivered free of charge at your doorstep. Once you unbox it, it can be easily placed on a flat surface or in a bed frame of your choice.

  Nolah offers both a return and warranty policy that exceeds the industry standards. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 120 nights before you make your final decision, or you can return the mattress and get a full refund.

The Nolah mattress also offers you a 15-year limited warranty against any manufacturing damages or defects.


Nolah complies with all eco-friendly standards as it is made from 100% CertiPUR-US® certified foams that are guaranteed to be free from harmful substances. This means all foams in the Nolah mattress are made without the use of ozone depletes, PBDE flame retardants, formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

You can also buy a mattress topper to adjust the firmness scale and also, the temperature of your mattress

Final Verdict

Nolah is a very comfortable bed-in-a-box mattress made of different kinds of foam: proprietary and Avena® Foam. It receives plenty of positive reviews due to its technology and unique design. It is a bit softer than average and offers great pressure relief, therefore a great option for side sleepers. Sold exclusively online, Nolah is good value for money and is definitely worth a try.

Tip: Although this should not affect your decision, we fancy the unique animal donation proposition which resonates with many mattress shoppers.

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