Nisolo Shoes Review: Eco-Friendly, and Long-Lasting Footwear!

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Searching for perfect, sustainable, ethically made, and durable shoes for the next purchase with honest reviews? Here comes the Nisolo shoes as a better alternative for men as well as women footwear needs. Read this honest overview and learn from experts with a detailed analysis.

On top of your favorite shirt and bottoms, you also need complementary shoes to complete things. Every customer online is looking for durable and affordable brands. While still, some go the extra mile to find high-quality, ethically made products. This can be one way to support the upcoming and struggling artisanal firms.

If that is what you need, your anticipation is all in the pair of Nisolo shoes. While this brand is small and still developing, it claims to offer high-quality leather shoes as well as artisanal bags sourced from around the world. They also claim their products are handmade, thoroughly designed, and blended perfectly to ensure that style and comfort are at their best place.

However, we had to go and try it out before concluding. First of all, you must have the basics of the company. In this article, we will share some of the best--selling Nisolo shoes and promotions and then rely on customer feedback to evaluate if it's worth the money. Keep reading along to the end.

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Nisolo Shoes Review

Nisolo is a Spanish word that is translated to 'not alone.' Therefore, this company offers men's and women's footwear and handmade, ethically friendly, sustainable bags. The brand has been able to show awareness as well as the connection between the creator and the fashion. One thing is that Nisolo values two significant segments in the market, the future and the consumer. This is based on the producers concerning the environment.

Going into details, Nisolo boasts of offering the fashion of never feeling alone and guaranteeing mutual and sustainment between the firm's customers and employees. This company is based in Nashville and is ranked among the musketeers of the shoemaking arts. Today, they have numerous varieties of high-quality footwear alongside jewelry, handmade bags, and accessories ideal for any occasion.

Nisolo was founded by Patrick Woodyard in 2011, who is still the CEO and co-founder. This guy decided to leap and relocate to Peru, where he got inspired by the passion between the women and men sacrificing to provide for their families from the artisanal businesses.

Today, what sets this footwear brand apart from the rest is its focus on the ethical-that is the well-being of the families and factory workers. The company is sustainable with 0% net carbon while offering employees a 100% living salary which is incredible. We can summarize this in a few highlights. Here is a comparison between the pros and cons of Nisolo shoes.

Nisolo Shoes Pros:

Nisolo Shoes Cons:

Why We Like Nisolo Shoes

Nisolo, as a brand, operates on three main objectives. First, the company aims to offer high-quality shoes to customers, ideal for any occasion and fit any outfit. Secondly, they manufacture these shoes using eco-friendly products besides leather materials. And lastly, the aim is to treat their employees, creators, and customers ethically without them feeling lonely in the industry.

This company is a certified Field B cooperation and a top-rated brand. For every purchase you make from their website, they tend to help the needy artisanal businesses and people in Peru by offering sustainable and liveable salaries. They also engage in Amazon rainforest protection activities.

We rank this company for many reasons besides the above three main values. They have a massive collection of shoes to select from on their website. Therefore, due to the customers' needs and relevant guidance, we would like to take you through some of the best-selling and featured Nisolo shoes on the market. Remember, the below list was arrived at after considering the customer ratings and materials used to make them.

The Best-Selling Nisolo Shoes

Multiple Nisolo shoes are on the market with guaranteed comfort, durability, ethical practices, and sustainability. First, you must understand that Nisolo shoes are made in manufacturing facilities in Trujillo, Peru. They also have partner manufacturing plants which are located in Mexico as well as Leo.

Leading our favorite list is Chelsea Boot. These fabulous Nisolo shoes are designed mainly for women who prefer a classic Falk appearance. The boot comes past the ankle featuring tight-leg pants. They are available in 6 unique shades. They also have leather on the exterior, while a slightly pointed toe makes them timeless and attractive.

It is simple to pull up since it has a leather tab, which is amazing when you are in a hurry. This stylish boot adds a little weight to your step, and the brand recommends that when purchasing, consider going half size up to have extra wiggle room.

Numerous sleek leather styles are always fashionable for events like hiking in the snow, sunshine, and rain. Going deeper, Carmen Chelsea Boot, though rugged, has a versatile style featuring memory foam insoles to make it soft and comes with weather-resistant leather material at the upper part.

Secondly, we have Huarache Sandals. This is one of Nisolo's Unique designs. These shoes are available for women and men and are made beautifully using hand-woven leather. Their bottom is flat and ideal for leisurewear and people who prefer loose-fitted pants. They have rubber soles to help evade slipping, while a comfort thing comes in due to the presence of the soft leather lining. They are available in different colors for all genders.

Nisolo offers Huarache Sandals for women's leisure walks. Examples of such shoes include Ecuador Huarache Sandal and Isla slide, perfect for vacation at the beach. Still, when you prefer a flirty summer night out and look simple, they also have All-Day Cross Strap and Huarache sandals. Open Toe clog is ideal for tropical wedding occasions. Regarding the Huarache Sandal mule style,  Nisolo also has a vast collection. They have Open heel, which includes  Paloma Open toe and Ama Mule woven Closed Toe.

Third on the list of best-selling Nisolo shoes are Nisolo Chukka. Even though it has a sleek design, these shoes are a traditional style for men. They match the rolled-up jeans as well as slim dress pants. For men, these Nisolo Chukka are available in 3 styles: Daytripper, Cusco, and Everyday Chukka boots. While Cusco is perfect for traveling due to its lightweight, collapsible design, making it easy to handle, each style has its preferences. Meanwhile, they all come in brandy, black, and tobacco shades.

The last on the list for favorite Nisolo shoes is Nisolo Oxford or Nisolo Emma D'OrsayOxyford; they are available in-store and come in 4 shades to select from. Though designed for women, you can choose from back, almond, brandy, and bone, which are precisely one-of-the-kind shoes on the market. The shoes feature an opening after the heel, and this should not give you problems anymore with the slipping foot. The foot molds the shoes the more you wear them because it's made of leather.

There are many other products on the website, but these are a few of our favorite Nisolo shoes we have picked. Kindly have time, go through them, and enjoy your next purchase with Nisolo products for guaranteed sustainability, comfort, sustainability, and high-quality shoes made with ethical practices in mind.

Customer Review

Nisolo Shoes are high quality and handmade 100% hence sustainably. This is simply a claim from the brand website. Therefore, we had to go beyond and expound on it. The only approach was to seek the customer's this Nisolo Shoes review, we researched online and found numerous external sites giving different views and ratings from verified purchasers.

The first one is Zappos. Out of 209 reviews, Nisolo Shoes gets 79% 5 stars with only 1% one-star rating. In the statistics, 93% felt true to size, 76% felt true to width, and 100% had moderate arch support. This indicates that customers are satisfied based on style and comfort. One of the clients left a rating with a statement:-

"A Chelsea boot unlike any other." The stylish and comfortable shoes were just what I was searching for in long-lasting footwear. My feet are becoming older, and these boots provide the support I want without compromising my appearance. I was extremely fortunate to try these on in person before purchasing them. Another great plus was the salesperson telling me where my footwear was made. Nisolo is the best leather boot available."

The Good Trade also offers a detailed Nisolo Review. In the title, it is clear that these nIsolo shoes are sustainable and withstands all season without challenges. The author praises the brand for offering multiple pairs to select from; they match any outfits on the market. According to The Fascination website, the author reviews after testing Nisolo Andres All-weather Boot. He compares the pros and cons and gives ratings on the brand, perks, customer experience, value, and quality to arrive at a conclusive bottom line, saying:-

"The Andres All-Weather Boot is a superbly resilient and fabulously stylish men's footwear masterpiece." The Andres is designed to combat any season's elements (and terrain!). It combines utilitarian comfort with tangible durability. Nisolo has designed an iconically comforting and adaptable boot, so if you're a guy searching for full-on comfort, the Andres boot is a must-have!"

A fantastic blog on Make Fashion Better convinces you to get a pair from this brand for any season and match it with your preferred outfits. The Editor outlines the 5 main values of the Nisolo brand: transparency, people, accountability, collaboration, and the planet. One company advocating for all the above values stands to rank among unique fashion firms.

Heading to the Reviewed USA Today, the author tasted Heeled Chelsea boots before writing the blog. Then, in summary, he appreciates the stylish and ethically sourced shoe material. Still, on Amazon, the Nisolo Traditional Huaraches for women scores 4.1 stars after 357 global ratings. This says a lot about how customers are impressed on the market with these shoes.

On the other hand, Wayward Blog explores the brand regarding shoes being best for travel. Every day, Chelsea is the favorite here, and in the end, the site gives a discount promo code to save 10% on purchases through their affiliate services.

Customer feedback has positively painted a perfect picture of the Nisolo shoes online. They are complimented for comfort, sustainability, quality, ethical practices, and engagement in environmental conversation activities. This is a go-to brand for all-weather shoes.

Where to Buy Nisolo Shoes

You are on the right track if you have decided and are looking for the perfect place to get the Nisolo shoes. There are various stores where you can easily access these trending leather shoes. However, to have a full collection with other accessories, head to their official store at and place an order. You can order from online retailers if the delivery is unavailable in your region. Our research indicates that these shoes are sold in retail like:

Are Nisolo Shoes Worth It?

Nisolo shoes are something else. Rating it as good is an understatement and comes with its size recommendation. The sizing chart is available on the website ranging from 5.5 to 10, and serves both men as well as women. Numerous online customer feedbacks praise the brand. Many people who have purchased these Nisolo shoes are impressed with the quality. The brand prioritizes customer care and comfort over everything.

Nisolo packages its items in a durable box for easy and safe transit. And every shoe is wrapped in a high-quality Nisolo-tailored knapsack. They even go beyond to attack the instruction on notecards for guidance on how to go with it during the wet weather, cleaning tips, and effective polishing techniques to keep these leather shoes in shape and last long. This is the brand you need. It remains sustainable and supports artisanal and small businesses, hence ethical in its production.

Most of the booths are pleasantly soft in terms of touch, easy on our eyes, and feature gorgeous suede leather. They even have excellent stitching, which makes the bottom very rigid and, coupled with the rubber sole, makes these Nisolo shoes more durable. Therefore, if you are looking for durable, comfortable,  and ethically manufactured shoes, the Nisolo brand is worth your attention. Give it a try and enjoy promotions, an affordable pricing tag, and complimentary shipping or return policy.

Nisolo Shoes Discounts

In this Nisolo Shoes review, we also wanted to know if the brand offers an opportunity for customers to save a few bucks on a budget. While researching and writing this review, we discovered a few discounts and promotional services relevant to you.

Some of these lucrative deals include five-for-five clubs, which, when you join, guarantees you a discounted price of 5 pairs of shoes which cost you $50 each. This club was launched in 2016, and once you join, you get the discount code in your email. When you sign up for the account as a new customer, you get to enjoy 16% off on your first order with a priority to get all the latest updates and deals from the brand. They also have referral programs; when you refer a friend, give them 50, and you also receive 50 bucks in return to your account.

Keep checking the website consistently, or sign up for updates to get all the latest deals. These are vital for your savings.

Nisolo Shoes Contact

Our Nisolo shoes review might not have answered all your concerns. Therefore, if you have a question, you can direct it to the Nisolo customer care support team. On their website, they have listed multiple means through which you can contact them.

First, you can contact them by phone at  615-953-1087, which only operates Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm CST. You can also fill in the contact form on the website, which they revert via email.   Besides, they have provided the email address with which you can contact them by composing a message at

Our research also noted that these guys are active on their social media platforms, reaching out to them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter anytime. Follow these accounts, collaborate, get updates, and seek clarification where necessary anytime.


Q. What is the Nisolo shoe's shipping policy?

Unfortunately, the brand ships its products only within the US. They do not offer international shipping. However, if you are a customer based in Canada, they have partnered with Garmentory, which provides shipment for Canadian clients.

The company has a shipping rate of $4.95 through the FedEx SmartPost option. Still, they have expedited shipping, which is very expensive, and ground shipping costs a fixed rate of $8.95. 2-day shipping service will cost you $29.95; still, there is a quick option for overnight shipping that goes for $49.95.

The company takes about 1 to 2 business days to process your order before shipment. This is reasonable and worth waiting for.

Q. What is Nisolo's return policy?

There is an option to return Nisolo shoes. However, it must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. For the shoes to be accepted for return in the store, they must be unworn. Nisolo charges $5.95, deducted from the refund as the stocking fee and shipping charges. Still, there is an option to return these handmade shoe t and get the in-store credit which will not cost you anything.

Also, note that the company provides a single free exchange if the shoes are unworn and must be returned within 30 days from the day of purchase.


Nisolo is not just a normal shoe brand but a sustainable brand that offers high-quality, ethically made, and durable leather shoes. Nisolo shoes are excellent and match any outfit or occasion because they are timeless and versatile, with a huge collection of styles and designs.

Therefore, if you are searching for a sustainable round shoe brand, considering customer comfort, top quality, and sleek design, look no further than Nisolo shoes. These shoes are top quality and have superior durability because suede leather is waterproof and 100% handmade to support middle artisanal businesses.

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