Latex for Less Mattress Review: The Reviewer’s Honest Assessment

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If you're searching for an affordable, eco-friendly latex mattress, Latex for Less is a brand that should be on your radar. As direct-to-consumer retailers specializing in natural latex bedding, Latex for Less offers a lineup of competitively priced mattresses. In this complete Latex for Less mattress review, we’ll give you an in-depth look at each of their mattress models. We’ll evaluate performance factors like pressure relief and cooling, plus provide a detailed buyer’s guide to help you find the best Latex for Less mattress for your sleep needs.

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About Latex for Less

Latex for Less is a retailer of natural latex mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows and other bedding. They focus exclusively on products made from latex rubber sourced from rubber trees.

The company sells latex bedding from a few different top manufacturers. Their direct-to-consumer online sales model allows them to offer latex mattresses at relatively affordable price points compared to the industry average.

Some of the Latex for Less mattress models we’ll cover in this review include:

Let’s start by understanding what exactly makes latex such a great modern mattress material.

Overview of the Latex for Less Mattress Models

The Latex for Less Mattress

The Latex for Less Mattress is their flagship model featuring a flippable two-sided design with a different firmness level on each side.

One side has a medium (5) feel that contours closely for pressure relief. The other side is extra-firm (8) for enhanced back support. Simply rotate the mattress to the desired firmness.

The two-sided versatility makes this a great pick for couples with different firmness preferences. The mattress provides close conforming for side sleepers on the medium side and firmer spinal support for back and stomach sleepers on the extra-firm side.

The buoyant latex responsiveness also prevents you from ever feeling “stuck” in this mattress. Overall, it’s a great flippable model offering two distinct feels.

The Natural Latex Mattress

As the name suggests, the Natural Latex Mattress utilizes 100% natural latex rubber throughout its construction. This creates an ultra-breathable design with close, responsive contouring.

With a medium (5-6) feel, this mattress strikes a balance suitable for most sleep positions. The aerated latex allows for plenty of airflow to keep you cool during sleep.

The responsive bounce of the latex makes changing positions easy. The Natural Latex Mattress offers a 100% natural latex option for those wanting an eco-friendly mattress.

The Latex Hybrid Mattress

For the benefits of both latex foam and pocketed coils in one mattress, Latex for Less offers their Latex Hybrid model.

It combines a 3” latex comfort layer with a thick 8” pocketed coil support core. This provides the contouring pressure relief of latex on top and the stable support and lift of coils underneath.

The individually wrapped coils provide plenty of bounce and airflow. A neutral foam encapsulates the coils to limit motion transfer. With a medium (6) feel, this hybridlatex mattress has wide appeal.

Additional Models

Latex for Less also offers all-natural latex toppers and pillows to complement their mattress lineup. Their products are also sold on Amazon.

Now that we’ve looked at the construction and firmness of the Latex for Less mattress models, let’s evaluate their performance on key mattress criteria.

Choosing the Best Latex for Less Mattress

When picking out the perfect Latex for Less mattress for you, keep these tips in mind:

Take advantage of Latex for Less' sleep trial and customization to dial in the perfect comfort and support.

Latex for Less Natural Latex Mattress Review

A latex mattress closely conforms to your body shape along with excellent pressure relief. If you’re facing any kind of back aches then this latex mattress is the ideal choice for you. The Latex for Less mattresses is purely 100% natural along with wool fire barrier and organic cotton as a cover.

It is handcrafted in the USA and certified by GOTS for organic cotton cover as well as OEKO-TEX certification for natural 100% Talalay latex. The Latex for Less is an eco-friendly mattress; manufactured to adjust sleeper’s body requirements and it is available in two different models including 7-inch and 9-inch mattresses. Both the models are flippable and both sides come with different firmness levels.

The company has compressed both 7-inch and 9-inch mattress with multiple layers where you can enjoy both levels of firmness like medium and firm. The company also ensures that this natural mattress will be long lasting, comfortable and supportive for 20 years. Let us scroll down to view the in-depth review of the Latex for Less 7-inch and 9-inch mattresses models!

Overall Ratings of Latex for Less Mattress

Longevity Good Most of the latex mattresses are very durable and the same goes for this brand. The Latex for Less mattress comes with a 20-year warranty.
Motion Transferability Very Good Latex for Less can isolate motions from one side to another. Therefore, these mattresses are very good for couples.
Edge-to-Edge Support Fair Usually, latex foams are not excellent when we talk about edge support, and the same issue goes with the latex for less.
Conformance Excellent Latex foams offer very close conformance. The Latex for Less come with two different firmness levels and each of them has a different level of conformance.
Pressure Relief Excellent Latex mattresses are excellent in terms of pressure and pain relief and this mattress is no different.
Spinal Alignment Very Good The Latex for Less is equipped with two different firmness levels in the same piece. You get to change the firmness level if you want more spinal alignment with the soft side.
Off-Gassing Good In Latex for Less, you may feel slight odors at when you unpack the mattress but it will fade away within a couple of days.
Temperature Regulation Fair For overly heated bodies, the Latex for Less mattress may not sleep cool. You may not get the feeling of a gel infused memory foam.
Breathability Good Latex for Less is good enough when breathability is central criteria.
Superior Services Excellent Latex for Less uses compressed and vacuumed sealed technique free shipping but there is no international delivery available. You can receive your product in 07 to 15 working days after placing the order and gives you a 120-night trial with full possibilities under warranty of 20-years.

Construction & Design

The Latex for Less mattress comes with the thickness of 7-inch and 9-inch with flippable design in which side-1 act as a medium firm and side-2 act as a firm.

7-inch Mattress

All-Natural Latex 6-inch Side-1:5 (Medium)   Side-2: 7.5 (Firm) The two type of latex is used like DUNLOP and TALALAY in the firm and medium side of this 7-inch mattress accordingly. All natural materials prepared it without using any dangerous compound.
Natural Wool Fire Barrier ½ -inch The wool is good for better breathe and adjust the body’s temperature to remain person calm and cool.
Organic cotton cover ½-inch The organic cotton cover presents a softer and smooth topper for ultimate and comfortable sleep

9-inch Mattress

All-Natural Latex 8-inch Side-1:5 (Medium)   Side-2: 7.5 (Firm) DUNLOP and TALALAY latex is used in the firm and medium side of the mattress accordingly. All natural materials manufactured this mattress without using any chemical.
Natural Wool Fire Barrier ½ -inch The natural wool provides better breathe and regulate the body’s temperature that keeps sleepers cool, calm and offers ultimate sleep.
Organic cotton cover ½-inch This ultra-soft organic cotton provides you softer and even surface to enjoy their sleep throughout the night.

All-Natural Latex

The Latex for Less 7-inch and 9-inch mattresses models contains two types of latex, DUNLOP, and TALALAY. The company uses DUNLOP latex in the firm side of the mattress, which has 6-inch thickness whereas the TALALAY latex is used in the medium side of this flippable mattress that has 2-inch thickness. The pure natural 100% latex always provides you with a cloud-like impression and comfortable good nights sleep in both models.

The medium side of the mattress has lightweight material, which acts as a soft material and more responsive. It also helps to release the extra pressure from your sensitive parts such as hip, neck, and shoulder and presents you bouncy feeling. Another side of the mattress that is Firm , finest suited for those who are love to sleep on their stomach .

The latex is responsible to keep the sleepers cool throughout the night. Additionally, the company extracted the Latex from the tree, which identified the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The originally extracted latex remains consistent when it comes from the source to finalize the product. As a result, there is no any harsh, harmful chemicals are used in its construction, and you can experience the good and deep sleep throughout day and night.

Natural Wool Fire Barrier

The Latex for Less both model mattresses are handcrafted in the USA and the California wool is considered the best natural and popular wool. The company uses this 100% all pure wool that has a ½-inch thickness and helps to breathe better as compared to other synthetic or artificial substitute.

The wool aids to absorb the extra temperature from the sleeper’s body and provides them a calm, cool, and dry sleep all over the night. Moreover, the wool has a flame-resistant feature that made this mattress trendier. This fire barrier wool comes without any harmful and artificial chemicals where you can experience ultimate comfortable sleep at 7-inch and 9-inch model.

Organic Cotton Cover

The top layer of both the models of Latex for Less mattresses is covered with ULTRA-Soft organic cotton, which is certified fabric by the GOTS. The ½-inch stretchy fabric that is not woven helps to give you a soft surface to sleep comfortably. The mattress has breathable and greater softness cover that gives you instant comfort.

2-in-1 Firmness

The Latex for Less mattresses come in two different heights 7-inch and 9-inch mattresses with two different firmness options in each model. This mattress offers you both medium and firm firmness option that acts as a flippable designed mattress (Another famous memory foam model is Layla). One side of the mattress is firm and the other side of the mattress is medium.

This unique 2-in-1 design makes this mattress ideal for every type of sleepers such as side sleeper, back sleeper, and stomach sleeper. Whereas, the medium firm side is perfect for those sleepers who are facing any kind of a back pain because it provides your body a good support.

The firm side of the mattress is best for those sleepers who love to sleep on their backs and want a balanced and more stable surface. Both models of Latex for less mattress is also good for side sleeper because 100% natural latex offers you more comfortable and helps to align your shoulder, neck, and back.


The Latex for Less mattresses is manufactured with premium quality of the latex, ultra-soft organic cotton along with pure flame-resistant wool. In the 9-inches mattress model has all-natural Latex layer of 8-inch thickness that uses 6 inches of DUNLOP latex (100% Natural, 85 density, 36 ILD) in the firm side of the mattress and 2 inches TALALAY latex (100% Natural, N2 Density, 19 ILD) is used in the medium side of the mattress.

The fire barrier natural wool has ½-inch thickness but it helps to regulate the body temperature and provides you cool sleep. The organic cotton is used as the top cover of the mattress that has ½-inch in its thickness and, presents you ultra-soft and comfortable sleeping surface. Furthermore, the 7-inch mattress has three layers which are comprised of all natural latex, natural wool fire barrier, and organic cotton cover.

The thickness of all natural latex is about 6-inches that use two types of latex such as DUNLOP and TALALAY that is 100% pure or natural. The ½-inch natural wool fire barrier helps to regulate the body temperature and the person can enjoy a cool, calm, and comfortable sleep. The organic cotton ½-inch cover is used to provide softer and smooth mattress top for ultimate good night’s sleep.

Sleeping Experience Based on Weight and Sleeping Position

Sleepers comfort and proper body alignment are the most vital factors for selecting the perfect mattress.

7-inch Mattress

Side Fair Very Good Good
Back Very Good Very Good Good
Stomach Good Good Fair

9-inch Mattress

Side Good Very Good Good
Back Good Fair Very Good
Stomach Fair Good Good

Lightweight Sleeper

If you have less than 132lbs. weight and like to sleep on your sides on a firm mattress, you will feel the stress at your hips and the shoulders because these are the sensitive points. It causes the rigidity and discomfort of sleep.

Therefore, this latex for less mattress offers you another side that act as a medium firm that allows the side sleepers to feel hug-like feel and keep your lumbar region in suitable alignment on both 7-inch and 9-inch mattress.

Average Weight Sleeper

If you are an average weight and you are a back sleeper, then your weight repeatedly distributed through the top surface of the mattress. You will not feel deeply sinking into the 9-inch mattress; simply flip the mattress and this mattress a more supportive for your entire body. It is the highly recommended sleeping position that makes your movement around both models of mattresses easily.

Heavyweight Sleeper

Being a heavyweight sleeper who has weighed over 220lbs. and love to sleep on your stomach, then surely you are facing spinal pain problem. The 7-inch Latex for Less mattress uses the all-natural material that helps to align your body’s sensitive parts without sinking into the mattress. If you are a heavyweight sleeper then the 9-inch thick mattress is an excellent choice for good sleep. The stomach sleeper can also enjoy their soothing and comfortable sleep all over the night because it offers great responsiveness.

Feedback from Customers

We have collected the multiple opinions from the customers that help you to select the highly satisfied mattress according to value and money. Most customers find the mattress as it was promised and lived up to their expectations. Let’s have a look at what specifically customers have shared in their feedback: I’m very health conscious for my family so, I opt 9-inch latex for less mattress that satisfies me immensely.
I wanted toxin free mattress and comfortable sleep because I mostly feel pain in my hip and shoulder. After using this model there no more pain and I sleep comfortably. Another customer was happy with the 7-inch model manufactured by using high-quality latex. I’m happy because mostly I cannot enjoy sleep throughout the night due to hot sleeping.
The 7-inches model of Latex for Less mattress helps to regulate the temperature of sleeper’s body. Due to the usage of all natural materials, it increases the level of support, regulates temperature and brings cool good night’s sleep. One more customer who uses 7-inch latex for less mattress shared his experience and love the feature of motion transferability. He is sharing a mattress with his wife that is addicted to moving all over the night during sleep and disturb her partner. But now he can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and gets fresh in the morning due to excellent motion transferability feature.

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