How to Wash a Crochet Blanket? (Hand-Wash, Machine-Wash and More)

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If you have a crochet blanket, you must know that a slight misstep can result in sagging, discoloration, or even breaking of the fabrics. Due to its fragility, special care must be taken during its cleaning process. Please read on to learn how to wash a crochet blanket correctly without ruining its formation.

Any home would benefit from the addition of a gorgeous crochet blanket. However, over time it will accumulate dirt and dust. Now that you're in this predicament, you might wonder how to wash a crocheted blanket and protect its delicate material.

To put it plainly, it's not hard at all! However, you need to take time and learn the correct procedure to clean your crochet blanket for it to last much longer. Note that a distinct crochet blanket is built from a specific fabric. The level of ease in washing a crochet blanket is relative to the material used.

Before I show you how to clean your blanket, it's important to remember that different fabrics require different washing procedures to prevent damage. For more detailed information, continue reading!

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What Materials Are Used to Make a Crochet Blanket?

Are you aware of the fabric used on your crochet item? Various types of yarn, such as cotton, wool, bamboo, and acrylic, can be used to knit a crocheted blanket. The best technique to care for your crocheted blanket will vary from one type to the other. For example:

Natural fibers such as wool, alpaca, and cotton tend to be more delicate than synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polyester, or nylon. However, the fabric may wear out prematurely if you wash your blanket too often or with harsh detergents. Always check the manufacturer's instructions label to see what's recommended before washing your crochet blanket.

For delicate fabrics, hand-wash in lukewarm water and let them dry naturally rather than subjecting them to the washing machine and dryer. Note that Synthetic fibers can withstand more frequent washings at higher temperatures than natural fiber can.

However, for each fabric, necessary measures must be taken into consideration. Read on to comprehend the best ways to wash, dry, and care for your crochet blanket.

Regardless of the fiber content, hand-washing is the most gentle way to clean your crochet piece and is preferred to using a washer. Below are the procedures in detail:

Method 1: Hand-Wash a Crochet Blanket 

If you want better outcomes, consider these steps:

To wash the item:

Step 1: Add the detergent to a laundry vessel filled with cold water.

Step 2: Mix thoroughly until the detergent is uniformly dispersed.

Step 3: Without wringing or scrubbing, gently swish the crochet blanket in the cleaning solution.

Step 4: To get the soapy water to penetrate the blanket's fibers, gently squeeze it.

Step 5: Rinse your blanket:

Step 6: Please remove the soapy water and replace it with clean cold water for rinsing.

Step 7: Do this repeatedly until the water is completely clear and no longer foaming.

Remove Rinse Water:

Step 1: To remove extra water, gently lift your blanket and gently squeeze it over the basin. 'Use a sheet as a sling to lift a large blanket from the tub.'

Step 2: When most of the dripping has stopped, support the blanket from beneath and transfer it onto a dry towel (or multiple towels).

Step 3: Roll it up in the towel to absorb the water and press down firmly (but don't wring it) as you go.

Lay the Blanket Flat to Dry:

Step 1: Place the blanket on an even surface that can accommodate your piece, such as a drying table with a top towel.

Step 2: Ensure the crochet blanket dries evenly by turning it over regularly.

Dry the Item:

Method 2: Machine-Wash a Crochet Blanket

In a bind where neither time nor space permits hand washing, the following guidelines may help you clean your crochet blanket in the washing machine:

Step 1: Put the crochet blanket in a big delicate lingerie bag so it can move freely but won't get tangled.

Step 2: Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle only with a machine that doesn't have a central agitator.

Step 3: It is recommended that crochet blankets be air-dried instead of a machine dryer.

Now that you know how to wash a crochet blanket correctly, below is the recommended drying procedure.

How to Dry a Crochet Blanket?

The best way to dry your crochet blanket is to lay it flat on a towel after squeezing the excess water.

Step 1: To remove extra water from the blanket, roll it with a towel and press gently but firmly for the towel to absorb the water.

Step 2: After doing this once or twice more, you can lay the blanket dry in the open air. Depending on the interior temperature or season, it may take longer or shorter to dry out.

Step 3: Give the piece a quick reshape if necessary, but refrain from pulling.

Step 4: When necessary, replace the towel and reshape the blanket the following day if not yet dry.

With that said, how long should it take for you to wash your crochet blanket? Read on.

How Often Should a Crochet Blanket Be Cleaned?

It's a good idea to wash a crocheted blanket if you have to routinely. The quantity of dust or filth accumulated on the fiber, and the frequency with which it is used, will determine how often to wash it. However, it would help if you did not wash your Crochet blanket more often than necessary. Timely cleaning will increase its lifespan and reduce damage occurrence. Even with proper care, unwanted repeated washings will wear out the blanket. It will get exceedingly fuzzy, lose its form, and possibly rupture a few yarn threads.

By reading on, learn how to wash and dry crochet blankets made of different fabrics.

How to Wash a Woollen Crochet Blanket?

Blankets made of wool crochet should be hand washed in cold water with a gentle detergent. Wool-safe detergents are the finest option; however, be as gentle as possible while hand washing the garment. Avoid stretching, twisting, or wringing the crochet; squeeze it in a basin or tub to spread the soapy water throughout the piece. Finally, empty the basin, immerse the crochet in cold-clean water, and gently rinse it. Repeat the rinse process until the water is devoid of any soapy substance.

How to Wash a Handmade Crochet Blanket?

It's not cheap to buy a handmade crochet blanket. Handmade crochets are of sentimental and physical significance, so take care when washing them for longer use. The most critical step is always adhering to the label's washing directions. Avoid using bleach and other caustic chemicals at all costs. Make sure only to hand wash a handmade crochet blanket. You can wash your blanket as often as you like; however, we recommend doing it once a year.

How to Wash a Cotton, Linen, or Acrylic Crochet Blanket?

If your crochet blanket isn't made of wool, washing it is easy. Put it in a laundry bag if you have one. To avoid damaging the fabric, wash in cold water using a mild detergent (preferably without bleach). Dry it by air or run it through a low heat setting in a heatless tumble dryer.


Have you been wondering how to wash a crochet blanket? The previously mentioned details show that a crochet blanket can be washed by hand or machine. It's not only about hygiene in washing your crochet blanket; doing it correctly will extend its lifespan. However, It is recommended to check out the manufacturer's instructions label and adhere to those directions precisely.

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