How to Use Klarna on Amazon?

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Do you want to discover if Amazon accepts Klarna, how to use and benefits on the marketplace? We have got you covered. Read our detailed article for the guidelines, facts, benefits and many more purchases on Amazon with Klarna.

Today, online shopping has taken over the internet and facilitates the establishment of numerous payment methods. Equally, amazon, as a marketplace, accepts multiple payment plans online and through the application. Other than gift, credit, and debit cards, they also have other plans.

Many have wondered if Amazon offers Klarna as a payment plan for installments. This is an ideal buy now and pay later method. Another commerce business partnered with the firm to provide customer-friendly payment plans even with a fixed budget.

Thus, this article will discover if Amazon offers Klarna, how to use this plan, and what benefits customers can enjoy. Read the comprehensive article and find out more.

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Can You Use Klarna on Amazon?

Amazon now supports Klarna as an online payment option, making it a convenient choice for those managing their spending. To use Klarna on Amazon, first, ensure you've downloaded the Klarna app and set up your account. Through the app's search feature, you can easily find Amazon, add items to your cart, and proceed to checkout once you're ready. This integration offers a streamlined shopping experience, allowing you to enjoy Klarna's flexible payment plans directly on Amazon.

No more struggle, and with Klarna, you can purchase expensive products without issues.. in case you are curious to learn more about Klarna, its working mechanism on Amazon, getting refunds, benefits of Klarna on Amazon and many more, keep reading our article to the end. We have done extensive research for you. 

How to Use Klarna on Amazon?

Klarna for the newbies in the house is simply the plan you buy now and pay later.  To use Klarna for purchases on Amazon, you need to link your Amazon account to the Klarna app. This process involves 

Assuming you are done setting up everything, you can use the Klarna app or Klarna browser extension to add more items to the cart from Amazon. Then, instead of paying once, you can use 4 interest-free installments. You can pay every two weeks and every 30 days with additional charges, and the installment is interest-free.

Benefits of Using Klarna for Amazon Purchases

Using Klarna for Amazon purchases offers several benefits, enhancing the shopping experience with flexibility and convenience. Here are some key advantages:

1. Payment Flexibility: Klarna allows you to spread the cost of your Amazon purchases over time. You can choose to pay in four interest-free installments, pay the full amount after 30 days, or opt for financing options for longer periods. This flexibility can help manage your budget more effectively.

2. No Interest or Fees for Installments: If you choose the pay in four installments option, Klarna does not charge any interest or fees, provided you make your payments on time. This makes it a cost-effective option compared to traditional credit purchases that might accrue interest.

3. Try Before You Buy: With the option to pay later, you can order items from Amazon, try them at home, and decide whether to keep them before parting with your money. This is particularly useful for clothing, accessories, and other items where fit and personal preference are important.

4. Safe and Secure: Klarna offers a secure way to shop on Amazon without directly using your credit or debit card details online. This adds an extra layer of security to your transactions, protecting against fraud and unauthorized purchases.

5. Simplified Checkout Process: By using Klarna, you can streamline the checkout process. Once your Amazon account is linked to Klarna, you can quickly select Klarna as your payment option without the need to enter payment details for each purchase.

6. Purchase Protection: Klarna offers purchase protection, which means if there are issues with your order (such as receiving the wrong item, damaged goods, or if items never arrive), Klarna can assist in resolving the dispute with the seller. This provides an additional layer of assurance when shopping.

7. Insights and Management: The Klarna app provides insights into your spending, upcoming payments, and purchase history. This can help you keep track of your finances and manage your purchases more effectively.

8. Helps customers build credit: Klara normally reports your payment ratings to the credit bureau. Thus, it directly helps customers increase their credit scores.

9. There is top-notch customer support: The support team is efficient, quick, and perfect for assisting users. Contact the team for any issue; they will gladly help you.

Using Klarna Amazon with a Computer

Some people have been asking if using Klarna on Amazon is possible without downloading the Klarna app. The thing here is that you are also allowed to download the Klarna browser extension and link with Amazon. This way, you can add more Amazon products to the cart.

When you are done shopping and need to checkout, click on the option ' pay with K,' a menu that will pop up on the screen. Choose it and finish up by making a payment. Unfortunately, the Klarna browser extension is currently available for the Google Chrome browser.

Amazon Refund with Klarna

some people are asking; How Do I Get an Amazon Refund Using Klarna? Well,  amazon still offers refunds to customers who make purchases with Klarna, as long as you raise an issue, Klarna is automatically notified, and it continues to process the refund.

Klarna will take at least 14 days to process the refund as long as your request has been approved by the Amazon associate. It usually takes 2 to 5 working days to get the refund processed and sent to your account. Still, Klarna allows customers to use direct, partial, and invoice payments. This comes at a varying time the company takes to process. This means customers are likely to receive the payment on the Klarna card at different periods than the normal Amazon refund.

Using a One-Time Klarna Card for Shopping at Amazon

In case you are interested in a one-time Klarna card to make payment on the Amazon order, then you are advised to use the Klarna app for this case. Then, assuming you have launched the Klarna app, tap on the home tab and proceed to the search bar to look for Amazon.

At this point, you will have the option to create this one-time Klarna card. As long as you have one processed, utilize it on Amazon and make the payment at the checkout. The debit or credit card for the customer will be linked to the one-time Klarna card automatically.

Before we sum up everything, you should note that the Klarna app can help customers approve the installment payment from any e-commerce website or feature. Thus, you can use the Klarna app to make the Amazon Prime yearly payment.

Thus, as a dedicated customer, you can still make the Amazon Prime membership plan payment with Klarna and break it into 30 days, and you can use the 4 interest-free installments, which you need to pay every two weeks.

If you need to make an Amazon Prime membership plan using Klarna, download the Klarna app or use the Google Chrome browser Klarna extension. You can manage the prime membership plan on a desktop. Check out more of Amazon in the previous article, or keep checking for more updates in the future.


Klarna is one of the perfect payment plans for online shopping customers. In the above article, we have covered how to use the Klarna on Amazon to pay for Amazon Prime membership and normal orders. We have also explored the benefits of the Klarna on Amazon. Klarna is the perfect payment plan for Amazon customers, offering guaranteed convenience, security, flexibility, and many more. Download an app or browser extension to get started.

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