How to Turn Off Headphone Safety? (4 Ways)

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Are you addicted to high music volume? Listening to loud audio via headphones for prolonged periods can permanently damage your hearing. However, there are instances when we wish to listen to music carefree from all distractions. But do you have the sense to take adequate precautions to protect your hearing? Keep reading to find out how to disable the Headphone Safety feature on your device.

You could risk permanent hearing loss if you regularly listen to audio over headphones at unsafe volumes. New guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent hearing damage advise adults to avoid noise exposure above 100 decibels (dB). For this reason, Apple included a Headphone Safety function that automatically lowers the volume if the user adjusts the volume to a higher level than the recommended. With the assistance of the Headphone Safety feature, your iPhone can curb unanticipated elevated Headphone audio volume levels.

Despite this, there are times when you would rather not have the iPhone automatically lower the volume. For example, when using your iPhone as a music player and listening over Bluetooth speakers. In such a scenario, you should turn off the Headphone Safety feature for continuous enjoyment. There are several verified procedures for disabling the tool, but before that, read on to comprehend how the Headphone Safety tool works.

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How Does the iPhone's Headphone Safety Feature Work?

The iPhone's Headphone Safety function alerts you to potential hearing damage while using headphones. In particular, continuous exposure to 80 dB for over 40 hours in seven days triggers the iPhone's Headphone Safety function. Therefore, your phone will warn you if you've listened to loud audio than recommended within seven days.

Without notice, the feature will lower the volume automatically whenever you connect your iPhone to headphones or Bluetooth devices next to accommodate the alert. Note that the exposure restriction only applies to audio; phone calls have no effect whatsoever.

If you are listening to your favorite tunes via Bluetooth speakers, have general trouble hearing, or want some loud audio over your Headphones, here are procedures to turn off the Headphone Safety tool on your device.

How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone?

Although disabling headphone safety is quick and easy, weighing the benefits against the hazards is vital before doing so. If you do this, your headphones' volume-limiting feature will no longer operate automatically. Please use caution and limit the volume personally if you disable the headphone safety feature. To proceed, follow these methods below:

Method 1: Use the Reduce Loud Sounds Feature on iPhone

Do this:

Step 1: On your device’s home screen, tap on Settings.

Step 2: Click on Sounds & Haptics.

Step 3: Click on Headphone Safety.

Step 4: Click on the Reduce Loud Sounds button to turn off, or toggle the green button to the left to disable it.

Note that instead of turning off the Headphone Safety, you could use this option to lower and set low volume levels for other sounds. Remember that, with the Headphone Safety option on, you can set a maximum volume level.

Method 2: Turn Off Headphone Notifications on iPhone

Be aware that excessive volume can cause permanent hearing damage without this safeguard. This method has two ways. Here is the first procedure:

Step 1: On your device’s home screen, click on Settings.

Step 2: Click on Sounds & Haptics.

Step 3: Click on Headphone Safety.

Step 4: Click on the Headphone Notifications button or toggle the green button to the left to switch it Off.

Or else, do this:

Step 1: Tap on Settings.

Step 2: Select the Accessibility option.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Hearing section and tap the Audio/Visual option.

Step 4: Tap on the Headphone Notifications icon to turn it Off.

Note that your iPhone may deny you the chance to disable the Headphone Safety feature based on your operator or region.

Consider the following method if you cannot turn off the iPhone's Headphone Safety.

Method 3: Alter the Bluetooth Device Type

If you change your device settings from "Headphone" to "Other," the volume won't be automatically lowered, and you won't see any headphone notifications. To complete the action, do this:

Step 1: On your device’s home screen, tap on Settings.

Step 2: Select Bluetooth.

Step 3: Click the "I" Information button next to the device you want to change.

Step 4: Tap on the preferred Device Type. From the menu, you can either select (Car Stereo, Hearing Aid, Speaker, Headphone, or Other).

Step 5: Go ahead and select your device accordingly.

Method 4: iOS Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking in iOS devices means reprogramming them to bypass Apple's security measures. It's essential to remember that "jailbreaking" might seriously compromise the security and privacy of your device and data. Jailbroken devices are vulnerable to fake app stores where software Viruses are common. You will have no one to blame in case of a data security breach.

How to Disable Android's Headphone Mode?

If you've ever plugged headphones into an Android device and seen a volume warning message, you know how annoying that can be. This alert is generated by the Android's headphone safety function, which is activated in response to potentially damaging volumes. This feature is quite helpful, but if you have to bypass the recommended volume level, do this:

Step 1: Select Settings and then Sound.

Step 2: Select the Headphone icon.

Step 3: Turn off the Safety Headphones option.

How to Connect Bose Headphones to an iPhone?

Bose headphones connect to iPhones via Bluetooth. Here is the procedure:

Step 1: First, ensure that your iPhone's Bluetooth is on.

Step 2: The right earpiece of the Bose headphones has a switch, so flip it up.

Step 3: Then, launch the Bose Connect app on your phone, and it will detect your headphones automatically.

Step 4: To connect, Drag the Connect Message down to pair.

Why Should I Practice Headphone Safety?

Headphones are fabulous since they are portable and straightforward, but improper use can be dangerous. Over time, prolonged exposure to loud music or other sounds might damage your hearing. In addition, listening to music on headphones and not paying close attention to what's going on around you can lead you into an accident. To avoid injuries or ear damage, be conscious of the potential impact of headphone use.


I hope you have realized the significance of the Headphone Safety function in preventing damage to your hearing. However, there are times when we need to turn it off and enjoy it. With the preceding instructions in mind, you can quickly turn off the Headphone Safety feature whenever you like. However, remember that it is particularly crucial to watch the volume when using headphones.  

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