How to Skip Songs with AirPods Pro?

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AirPods Pro is a popular choice for listening to music. Their premium experience is attributed to their intuitive controls and other advanced features. AirPods Pro offers an easy way to skip songs you don't want to hear when listening to your favorite songs. This guide will show you how to skip songs with your AirPods Pro. Read on to learn more.

AirPods Pro has a wide range of features that will take your wireless listening experience to a new level. You'll not only experience stellar sound quality but also utilize their intuitive touch controls and other premium features. With the AirPods Pro, you can do anything - cut back, stopchange the volume, or skip songs without touching your phone or tablet. Here is how you can use your AirPods Pro to skip songs.

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How to Skip Songs with AirPods Pro?

Using the Touch Control

When playing music, you can skip to the next song using the force sensor. The force sensor is the integrated sensor in the AirPods Pro's stem. It is a tiny touchpad with capacitive and pressure-sensing capabilities. By simply gripping the branch, you may use it to control audio playing, noise cancellation settings, Siri, and more.

How to Skip to the Next Song

You can play the next track by taking the following steps:

Step 1: Play a song on your AirPods

Step 2: Double-press the force sensor to advance to the next song.

After the second press, you can hold the force sensor to fast-forward the current track.

How to Return to the Previous Song

To play the previous track, you should triple-press the force sensor. You can also hold it after the third press to rewind the current song.

Using Siri

You can also use Siri to control your music without touching your phone. Siri is a feature that allows Apple users to perform various functionalities, including skipping tracks. You can activate Siri by simply saying "Hey Siri" and then saying your command. Alternatively, you can skip songs using Siri by taking the following steps:

Step 1: Press and hold the force sensor to activate Siri

Step 2: After you hear the chime, tell Siri to skip forward or backward.

Siri can also change the volume and switch between transparency and noise-canceling modes.

How to Troubleshoot AirPods Pro Skipping Songs?

If you run into problems skipping songs after trying the steps above, the problem could be on your AirPods Pro. This problem mainly arises due to firmware issues. The force sensors on your AirPods can fail to work when the firmware is outdated or corrupted. Therefore, ensure that the firmware is working correctly. You can take the following steps to update your AirPods Pro firmware:

Step 1: Place your AirPods Pro into their cases

Step 2: Connect them to a power source

Step 3: Connect your device to the internet

Step 4: Place the AirPods and case next to your device

Any firmware updates will automatically download and hopefully fix the issue. You can also restart your device's Bluetooth and check whether it solves the problem.

How to Change the Double-Tap Settings on AirPods Pro?

While double-pressing is a default setting on the 3rd Generation AirPods, you can change it on your 1st and 2nd Generation AirPods. You can set each AirPod to use Siri, play and pause music, skip forward, or go back to the previous track when you double-tap it. You can take the following steps to change the double-tap settings for each AirPod:

Step 1: Navigate to your Settings. Tap on the name of your AirPods

Step 2: Select either Right or Left AirPod

Step 3: Select your preferred option, either Siri or Next Track

AirPods Pro Tips and Tricks

AirPods Pro has control features that allow users to save time. Here are different shortcuts and tricks to make the most out of your AirPods.

Press the force sensor to pause or play your music. You can also pause audio by removing one or both earbuds from your ears. To resume audio, you can put the earbuds back in your ears.

To adjust the volume, place your thumb on the AirPod stem and swipe up or down with your index finger.

Noise cancelation is one of AirPod Pro's signature features. While you cannot adjust the noise canceling intensity, your AirPods Pro can cycle through the different listening modes by pressing and holding the Touch Control. By default, the AirPods Pro will switch between Active Transparency mode and Noise Cancellation when you press and hold. You'll hear a light chime when the change goes through.

You can also add the Off option to your listening modes by taking the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Select Bluetooth

Step 3: Next to your AirPods, tap on the Info icon 

Step 4: Navigate to the Press and Hold AirPods section,

Step 5: Tap on the entry for Right or Left.

You can keep the Noise Control option enabled and activate the Off option.

You can also use your AirPods to answer or reject calls. When a call comes in, press the force sensor or double-tap an AirPod to answer. You can double-press the force sensor on your AirPods Pro to decline an incoming call and send it to voicemail.

You can also connect and share audio with other AirPods users. To do this, navigate to the Control Center on your device, and select the AirPlay icon. You can then tap on Share Audio, select the given set of AirPods and tap on the circle for the other AirPods to connect.

The Spatial audio feature is available in iOS 14. This feature brings head tracking and surround-sound effects to supported audio to use spatial audio. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Select your AirPods info icon and tap on Personalized Spatial Audio. Select Continue and remove your AirPods and play supported audio or video.

You can utilize the Live Listen feature to listen to audio through your iPhone's microphone. Go to Settings, select Control Center, and then add the Hearing icon to your main control center. You can now activate the feature through the control center.


Skipping songs on your AirPods Pro has never been this easy. We hope this guide has shown you how to skip songs and manage music playing with the AirPods Pro headphones. These methods come in handy when you don't want to pull out your device to skip a song. You can utilize them to skip songs regardless of your streaming app.  

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