How to Charge Airpods Without Case?

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Losing the casing for your AirPods is an experience many of us can relate to. Not only are you faced with the burden of carrying the individual AirPods separately, but you also have to solve a perplexing challenge: figuring out how to charge them. Learn whether or not it is possible to charge your AirPods without a case in this post.

Have you just lost your AirPods casing? We're sorry; we feel the pain of having to carry around the individual AirPods without the sleek piece of plastic to secure them. Without your case, charging AirPods becomes a hustle as you constantly borrow your friend's casing for a quick charge.

This can quickly become annoying, and the need for a permanent solution is apparent. Before anything else, it's important to clarify that charging your AirPods without the case is not possible.

So what are your alternatives? This post covers just that; read on to find out.

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Buy A New AirPod Case

Opting for a new AirPod case is the simplest solution to address the problem. By purchasing a new case, you can access all the remarkable features that AirPods offer, including wireless charging, fast charging, and much more. The Wireless Charging Case simplifies charging your AirPods.

Just place them inside and use a Qi-compatible charging mat or the Lightning port. It works with AirPods (1st and 2nd generation) and offers multiple charges. You can order the new AirPod case from Apple Stores, online retailers, and other reliable retailers.

However, it is worth noting that Apple has gained a reputation for pricing its products at a premium. This holds true for AirPod cases as well, with a retail price of $79.00. If this price exceeds your budget, it may be worth exploring our next alternative.

How to Order A New AirPod Case from Apple?

Purchasing a new AirPod case is as easy as heading to the Apple Store closest to you and picking out the case of your choice. But what if there is no Apple Store close to your location? You may also order a new AirPod case from Apple online, but there are a few things you need to know first.

The first thing you need to know is the exact model of your AirPods. This is due to compatibility reasons, where not all AirPod cases are compatible with certain models. The new case from Apple is compatible with both the first and second-generation AirPods, so you won't have any compatibility issues if you have either. If you are not sure if your AirPod compatibility, you can always contact Apple Support and ask them. You will need to provide them with the following information:

To locate the serial number, visit the "My Devices" page on If you're unable to find it, a convenient solution is to visit the nearest Apple store with your AirPods. Apple support will assist you by collecting the required information and arranging a replacement AirPods case for a fee of approximately $100, which will be shipped to you.

Buy A Second-hand or Refurbished AirPod Case

If the price of a new AirPod case is too high for you, you can always consider going for a second-hand or refurbished AirPod case. Depending on the quality and state, you can get the perfect case for your needs at a flexible and much affordable price. The following are some of the best online marketplaces you can search for refurbished AirPod cases:

Note: As a result of shipping restrictions for standalone lithium-based batteries, AidPod cases can only be shipped via ground transportation, and they must comply with domestic and international shipping regulations. If the designated shipping address is not eligible for ground shipments, there is a possibility that the order may be canceled.

What to Look for When Buying A Refurbished AirPod Case?

If the price of a new AirPod case is too high for you, you can always consider going for a second-hand or refurbished AirPod case. Depending on the quality and state, you can get the perfect case for your needs at a flexible and much affordable price. Always be vigilant when buying refurbished products since you don’t want to end up with a case that is mere bits of jagged metal. The following are some of the things you should take note of when buying used or refurbished AirPod cases on an online marketplace.

  1. Warranty: Check if the refurbished case has a warranty to protect against potential defects.
  2. Condition: Examine the case's condition, looking for any visible damage or wear that may affect its functionality.
  3. Compatibility: Confirm that the refurbished case is compatible with your specific AirPods model.
  4. Seller Reputation: Research the reputation of the seller or retailer you're considering purchasing to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction.
  5. Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with the return policy to understand your options if the refurbished case doesn't meet your expectations or if any issues arise.

Buy An Alternate AirPod Case Model

The premium cost of Apple products has created a market of alternate brands that develop cheaper products that are more accessible to the everyday user. Even though these products do not come from Apple, they still offer the same, if not better, quality than their branded counterparts. Some of these brands even offer a longer battery life meaning that you'll get better use of your products. The following are our top 5 Apple AirPod alternatives you can use to charge your AirPods:

Make sure you read the product description to ascertain that the case is compatible with your AirPods.

Final Thoughts

Regrettably, charging your AirPods without the case is not an option. However, you do have two alternatives: acquiring a new case directly from Apple or purchasing a pre-owned/refurbished one from a reputable online marketplace. The one thing you have to keep in mind is compatibility; make sure that the case you go for is compatible with your AirPods model. If you find the AirPod case from Apple quite expensive, you can explore alternative brands on Amazon that offer the same functionality (if not better) but at a lower price.

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