How to Get a Receipt from Amazon? (A Full Guide!)

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Having a receipt ready is a good idea if you plan on returning anything you bought on Amazon. But what happens if someone buys something from  Amazon? Are they entitled to a receipt?

Amazon has become the de facto center of commerce, which has resulted in a significant increase in paperwork. You'll want to know how to get a receipt if you're a regular Amazon Prime customer who purchases on the website or through the mobile app. Luckily, there are several ways to get a copy of your receipts that will help keep things organized and make life easier! Read on.

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How to Get a Receipt from Amazon? 

The good news is that printing a receipt for any Amazon order is simple and can be done from your account. Customers with Amazon accounts can access and download their order receipts in PDF format.

Continue reading to find out whether you can search for previous receipts on Amazon, what information is often included on a receipt, and much more!

Why Is It Necessary to Have An Amazon Receipt?

Keeping accurate records of your purchases is essential for effective budget management. Additionally, you may still need to locate and print an old Amazon receipt, even if you're purchasing products for yourself or as presents on Amazon. When returning an item for a refund, it is essential to have the original receipt with you.

This is due to the fact that Amazon will want proof of purchase (and likely other information) while attempting to verify the validity of the return. You should also retain your online purchase receipts so that if anything goes wrong with one of your purchases, such as an issue with the product or delivery, you can use the original receipt as evidence to have things fixed quickly and easily.

How to Find And Print A Receipt On The Amazon.Com

Using a desktop or laptop computer, you may quickly and easily locate your receipt on the Amazon website and print it off. You must be signed into the same account you used to make the purchase in order to find a receipt on Amazon.

Step 1: Enter your Amazon login information. By visiting

Step 2: Choose the drop-down option in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Choose Returns & Orders.

Step 4: Locate the order that contains the goods for which you are looking for the receipt.

Step 5: Alternatively, you can launch the print dialog box by choosing (File > Print (CTRL + p).

Step 6: Click the Print button and get your printer to print your Amazon receipt.

Step 7: Repeat the previous steps to locate and print more receipts/invoices.

What Details Are Available On The Amazon Receipt?

The Amazon receipt provides all the financial information required to identify or validate transactions, including the date, order number, and total cost. Shipping and handling, Subtotal, total, free shipping and discounts, total before taxes, and due taxes are all included in the payment details.

In addition, it contains the product's description and condition data,  the seller's order number, as well as the total price paid. The address,  shipment date, and speed are shown above the billing address and credit card number used to pay for the item. There is an option to return to the order summary and examine the order status at the bottom of the Amazon receipt.

How to Get An Amazon Receipt Using Your Phone 

Below is a straightforward method for anybody with an iPhone or Android smartphone to get their Amazon receipts without having to go online or print anything out:

Step 1: Open the Amazon app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Tap the user icon in the app's bottom bar.

Step 3: Go to the Your Orders section of the Amazon app on your phone.

Step 4: Tap the order you want a receipt for on the Your Orders

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the order page and click on Download Invoice.

Step 6: From the menu that pops up, choose

Step 7: Click Download Documents.

From this menu, you can choose to download other documents, like the warranty card, if you want to. The receipt will be saved on your phone as a PDF file. After that, you can view and print this PDF file whenever you want. After you buy something, the Amazon app will send you a receipt right to your phone.

You can also use the receipt to check out items from any order you've made in the past. If you did not receive an email with the invoice number and order number and you want to determine how much money was spent, try this helpful hint:

Go to the My Orders page in Settings > Account Information > Settings (under the My Account tab). If you tap on an order, you should be able to find out everything about it here.

Can You Find Old Receipts On Amazon?

The good news is that old purchase receipts may be found on Amazon. If you've bought something from the site before, it was probably made with an old receipt. Amazon maintains a record of your previous transactions and purchases, allowing you to locate orders from the start of your account.

If you go to the Amazon homepage and click on “Returns and Orders," a search menu will appear from which you may get a record of all your previous purchases. To find a specific purchase, browse through the list or use the search bar to enter keywords relating to the product or category. The option to examine your invoice/receipt will then appear when you click on order details.

What Can Amazon Purchases Be Receipted?

You can obtain a receipt for any Amazon purchase regardless of how big or small, even if the item was bought years ago or via a third-party seller. In addition, if you are connected to the correct account, you may also examine receipts for Amazon Prime and other services from the Commerce giant.

Bottom Line

And that’s all you need to know about how to get a receipt from Amazon. Just keep in mind that the convenient way is to log in to your account and search for the item you wish to return or exchange. You may also contact customer service directly through email if you need additional information on how to obtain your refund or replacement item.

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