How to Connect 4 Speakers to a 2-Channel Amp? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

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Are you Stranded with 4 speakers and do not know how to connect to your 2 channel amp? Here is the solution. Please read our detailed article and learn multiple approaches connecting 4 speakers to the 2 channel amp. Here is how to connect and produce admirable system sound.

Though you are used to the 2 channels amp from the daily routine, there is a high possibility that you only know how to connect multiple speakers to this amp. Therefore, you need to stop limiting yourself to connecting a couple of the speakers to 2 channels and also expand your knowledge and learn how to connect 4 speakers to the same 2 channel amp.

Though there are many approaches to achieving the results, we have only collected a few approved configurations for long-term use. Regardless of what you want, like adding the extra DJ speakers to the system or connecting the 4 PA speakers to the 2-channel amp, we have a solution for you here.

When you think of connecting these speakers to the amp, you must be very careful because when you get it wrong, you're likely to damage the device. For the perfect sound, follow the procedure with safety and care.

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4 Approaches Connecting 4 Speakers to a 2-Channel Amplifier

There are different methods of connecting your 4 speakers to the 2 channel amp. However, in this section, we will share the simplest and most popular configuration for you to make the right selection that fits your preferences and available resources.

1. Wiring in Series

This is the first and most popular connection you can count on. It is an ideal method, especially when you have a mighty amp with the capability to manage the whole impedance from the 4 speakers. Wiring in the series will give you the best and most effective significant sound return.

However, we would like you to confirm the specifications first on the speakers and amplifiers to justify if they are compatible or versatile. Still, before you start the process, you must also understand the unique differences of the terminals from the positive to the negative on both the setup equipment.

With that in mind, this setup will guarantee you incredibly perfect results, but only on the condition that you connect the 4 equally matching speakers. Also, note that you must use the high-end 2-channel amp to handle these speakers effectively. When you're sure with the above conditions, then follow the below steps to connect the 4 speakers to the 2-channel amp:-

2. Parallel Wiring

This is the second-best method of connecting the 4 speakers to 2 channel amps. Although there are many claims, it remains that parallel wiring gives you the best and outstanding audio results in general as long as you follow the procedure correctly.

One thing to remember here is that your amp must be high quality to help you avoid effects like degradation and distortion cases. Otherwise, the method is straightforward, though its appearance is not impressive. The result gives you effective working speaker connections in the shortest time possible. There is no complex wiring needed in this process. If you are not aware of where to start, then here are the guidelines:-

But for this method to be complete, you will use numerous wires, and we hope that you will add these to the cable management obligations to gain that cluttered appearance. When you follow the above process correctly, you can hear the best sound from the 4 speakers.

If you are an Audiphone, then consider this method as the best one. Generally, many people opt for the best and highest-quality sound. This is only achieved in the above parallel wiring. You will enjoy the rich and solid sound, though it takes a lot of wiring and time. If you are not intending to give or add something else to the connection, then the switch box will give you ideal results. Let us find out more in the next section.

3. Switch Box

If you are operating on a tight budget but wish to have an efficient connection, then you do not necessarily need to spend money on other equipment. The switch box gives you a one-time solution, and you can connect the amp to your switch box before adding the 4 targeted speakers separately. If you are a newbie in this industry, then you must be asking how to go about it. Follow these step-by-step guidelines:-

Your setup is complete, and you can test the sound from the system. It is incredible and gives you the same results as the parallel when you do it right.

4. Speaker Selector Switch

This is the last method to connect your speakers to the 2-channel amp. The speaker selector switch gives you the most straightforward approach to getting the system set up and running. But if you are not sure what a speaker selector switch is, then this is the device intended to be used in distributing sound waves to the numerous speakers while keeping your amp from being overloaded with power.

Selector switches are recommended to be used alongside the low-power amp up to 100 watts. If you do not protect the amp, be sure to undergo the damage, like turning to the protected mode or damaging the casing.

The connection is simple, as stated, but you must start connecting the input wires from the selector box to the amp on the output jacks, then connect your 4 speakers effortlessly. Remember that the selector switch caters to issues such as impedance and manages the overloading impact on the amp. There are also unique selector switches that come with independent volume control for regulating each speaker.

This last method is here to help you work with multiple speakers in your home for the multi-room speaker's installation. When your amp exceeds 100 watts, the method doesn't work well. A general note is that when your speaker comes with 4 terminals, then one thing you need to do here first is to bi-amp, if not bi-wiring the speakers.

When you are using a passive subwoofer to establish a connection to your 2-channel amp, you will also need to have extra equipment, including the RCA cable. Hence, it would be best if you took caution here to make the connection complete. Though most amps accommodate up to 2 speakers, the industry is growing, and many methods exist to achieve the same results.


From the 4 methods above, you can read and grasp the step-by-step procedure and then keep it in practice to get a great sound experience in the room. The method of choice depends on your preferences and needs, from parallel to the series and using the switch box. We have explored the methods in detail, and regardless of the speaker wattage rating or amp wattage rating, you can connect the 4 speakers to the 2 channel amp using either of the 4 methods. Give it a try.

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