How to Cancel Verizon Wireless? (Detailed Steps and Precautions)

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Are you looking to cancel your current Verizon Wireless subscription but unsure of the process? If Verizon no longer meets your needs and you've decided to discontinue their services, consult our article for a detailed guide on the necessary steps to follow.

It is very unfortunate to make it public that Verizon is among the service providers that never want customers to end their wireless services. Thus, they have made the process more complex for you to retail the subscription.

Otherwise, assuming you no longer need the services, you can learn a few approaches to canceling Verizon Wireless. If you are in such need and don't know where to start, then some options are obvious for you.

We have researched canceling Verizon Wireless services, and the results are amazing. We insist that you read along as we explore the details, methods and recommendations from the experts.

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How to Cancel Verizon Wireless?

The best approach to cancel the  Verizon Wireless subscription services is contacting the company through their official p[phone number or customer care option. But this comes with a restriction. It is only the manager, as well as the account owner, that is entitled to contact the Verizon technical team about canceling the wireless subscription or the entire account. This is because you must have all the needed information, including the account PIN, to be able to make the canceling process simple.

However, there are many other methods and approaches you can consider valid when it comes to canceling the Verizon Wireless subscription plan. Thus, if you are interested in learning these methods and have a few tips to keep you safe, any involved requirements, etc, keep reading the article to the end. We have done everything for our dedicated readers.

10 Steps on How to Cancel Verizon Wireless Plan

In this section, we will highlight the most popular and famous steps to follow on how to cancel the Verizon Wireless plan or delete the account.

1. Visit the Verizon store or contact the customer service team.

This is the most preferred and recommended opening step to get the Verizon Wireless plan canceled. Reach out to the support team or visit the Verizon store for assistance. You can contact them by phone at 1-800-922-0204. Before calling or walking into the store, be prepared with all the Verizon account information.

You must have the account owner's name, phone number linked to the account, account PIN or social security number, and the last four digits of the account on the social security number. When you contact the Verizon support team, ensure it is during normal working hours, and they will help you cancel the wireless Verizon services. They are available from Monday to Friday, starting at 8 am to 5 pm Eastern time.

2. Give Verizon time to verify and justify details.

The company will not take too long to verify the details. The customer support team or staff will only take up to one minute to verify your details as well as your identity before proceeding to the next step. Thus, it is very important that when you contact them or visit the store, you possess all the information we mentioned in the first step.

3. Inform the representative that you wish to cancel wireless services.

Immediately after the representative is done with the verification of the account and identity, you can take your time to explain and seek help from them to cancel the subscription plan or cancel your Verizon Wireless account at this point.

4. Respond to questions about why you want to cancel.

During this section, the Verizon representative will ask you a few questions. This clearly indicates it is not a simple task to Cancel Verizon Wireless services. Every representative or the whole Verizon team is coached to ask the customer questions, and among them is giving explanations as to why you want to cancel the services, including the reason why you don't like their services. They will also ask you basic questions concerning your Verizon account and services. Although it takes a few minutes, we advise you to remain polite as well as answer them honestly.

5. Turn down any retention request.

There also comes a time when the Verizon representative will seek to transfer you to the retention department. This implies that the department will request you to stay connected and offer you lucrative deals as well as promotions so that you do not leave. Despite this, it's important to firmly but politely decline these retention efforts. Insist that there is nothing the Verizon company will give you to stay connected; instead, you would prefer canceling.

6. Inquire about early subscription termination charges.

Before you process, seek an explanation about the early termination fee, which will be deducted from your account; if this is a contract, then you will owe them the costs of how much time is left on the active services. For instance, at the beginning of the contract, then you will owe the company about 350$. This cost decreases as time elapses.

7. Ask more about the device payment agreement

You are also advised to ask the representative about the device payment agreement based on what you have. Calculate the amount of money you owe the company, which is the standing balance. This is visible on the last Verizon bill as well.

8. The Legan agreement and disclaimers

This is the next step, and we need to get the legal agreement and disclaimer through it. Before the representative cancels the wireless services, you must go through it and agree to the terms. From the questions, customers can answer yes or no based on your stand to keep the record as well as files in the database, which confirms that you actually wish to cancel the plan or contract.

9. Ask a representative about the Cancellation date.

Before you end the phone call, one thing you should not forget is asking about the cancellation date. You need to be aware of when the company will cancel the contract and obtain the reference number. You might need this number later for many reasons.

10. After canceling the date, check the account within a week.

With the cancellation date, you will understand when you need to go online to make the confirmation, which justifies that the company has canceled their contract. Under some circumstances, Verizon might fail to put the information into the system. This is an unintentional misstep by the company, though you have to justify that everything went well.

Things to Note When Canceling Verizon Wireless

When canceling your service with Verizon Wireless, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Early Termination Fees: If you are still under a contract, be aware that canceling early may incur a termination fee. This fee is typically prorated, which means it decreases over the length of your contract. However, it can be as much as $350.
  2. Device Payment Plans: If you have a device that you're paying off through a plan, you'll need to clear any remaining balance. This amount will be added to your next bill after cancellation if you don't pay it off earlier.
  3. Final Bill: Your last bill will include any outstanding balance for your device (if not already paid) along with any other remaining charges. If your account has a credit balance, it might be refunded to you, but this can take up to 60 days.
  4. Number Porting: If you're transferring your phone number to a different carrier, your Verizon account will be automatically closed once the new carrier activates your number. If you're not transferring your number, you will need to explicitly cancel your Verizon service.
  5. Cancellation Timing and Billing: When you request cancellation, the service will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. Verizon does not prorate services; they charge monthly. To simplify the process, it’s advisable to time your call close to the end of your billing cycle.
  6. Reflecting Account Charges: Be aware that it may take some time for all account charges to be reflected on your final bill.
  7. Returning Rented Equipment: If you have rented any equipment from Verizon, you must return it to the company within 30 days, either by dropping it off or mailing it back. Be prepared to pay additional charges if the equipment is not in good condition.
  8. Credits and Overpayments: If you have any credit with Verizon or have overpaid for services, note that Verizon will process the refund within 60 days. This is usually done via a mailed check based on the information in their database.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check directly with Verizon for any recent changes to their policies or for specific concerns related to your account.


Q. Can customers deactivate Verizon accounts online?

It is so unfortunate that users do not have the option to close their Verizon Wireless accounts online Thus, the only option is to call them or visit the store and finish the cancellation process.

Q. At what time should I cancel my Verizon account?

Customers can cancel their Verizon account anytime  if they wish. However, the cancellation will be validated on the last day of the billing cycle. Also note that when canceling any time you wish, you must pay the Early Termination Fees as well as the Device payment agreement. keep[ that in mind.

Q. Should I cancel Verizon while switching?

If you want to switch from Verizon to another carrier, then we recommend that the company clearly justify that you do not have to cancel the wireless contract:. Once you switch officially, the Verizon account cancels automatically and moves to a different carrier. But I recommend that you contact the representatives or visit them shortly after switching.

This is to confirm the steps and verify that your account has been canceled. You will get the final bills, which consist of the Device Payment Agreement and the Early Termination Fee, where applicable. This is only when your new carrier is not entitled to clear the balances.


While there are different methods to cancel the Verizon Wireless contract, in the above article, we recommend contacting the Verizon representative or visiting their store for assistance. You must have all the account information at hand, either the account manager or owner, to make the process easy.

Deny all the retention attempts as the customer and politely insists on canceling the plan. Accept the legal agreement, confirm the cancellation, and you are good to go. How to cancel Verizon Verizon Wireless Wireless is simple, as we have highlighted in the above article.

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