How To Cancel Starz On Amazon Prime in 2022 (Step-By-Step + FAQs)

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A Starz subscription might just be another item on your monthly streaming bill if you are subscribed to multiple streaming services. This may cause the bill to soar without you even realizing it. So, how do you cancel your Starz subscription on Amazon Prime? Read on to find out.

Amazon Prime is among the best alternatives to major streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, Now, there are more than 175 million users. With Amazon Prime, you not only have the option to watch your favorite shows but also live TV. As a result, you may subscribe to several premium TV channels. One of the well-known TV networks available through Amazon Prime is Starz.

It is home to various popular and acclaimed original shows such as Outlander and Power Franchise. The channel, however, does not come cheap. You'll have to opt into the $8.99 monthly subscription. Wondering how to cancel the subscription? Don't worry; this blog post will teach you how to cancel a free trial or a long-term membership.

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How To Cancel Starz Subscription Through

Canceling your Starz subscription through the Amazon website is straightforward. To do so, follow the guide below.

That's it! You can now go channel account settings page and confirm that Starz has been canceled by checking the end date. Auto-billing will stop upon the cancellation of your Starz membership. You may always restart the channel and continue your subscription if you change your mind.

How To Cancel Amazon Subscription Via The Mobile App

If you do not want to use a web browser, you can use the Amazon android and iPhone apps to cancel the subscription. To achieve this, follow the detailed instructions below.

How To Cancel Starz Through Firestick or Fire TV

You may be wondering what to do if you subscribed to Starz via Firestick or Fire TV. The only way to unsubscribe is through Amazon's website. Neither Firestick nor Fire TV offers a way to accomplish this. To cancel your subscription, follow the instructions below.

That’s it! You have successfully unsubscribed from Starz.

Can I Cancel My Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your Starz subscription at any time anytime. This can be during the free period, immediately after subscribing, or after prolonged use of the service. During the cancellation, there are no termination fees.

Can I Get A Refund From Starz?

Amazon is not known to give refunds after the cancellation of a channel. You may, however, get a refund if you renew your subscription in less than a month. You must cancel your subscription within seven days of purchasing the subscription to be eligible.

What Is Self-Service Refund?

Amazon will reimburse you for the value of your remaining subscription at the time of cancellation if you use the self-service refund option. Once you accept the refund, your subscription will be canceled immediately. The money will be repaid to your preferred payment option within a few days.

You can continue to use your Starz subscription until the end of your billing period if you decide not to accept the refund. After that, you won't be able to use your Amazon Prime membership to access the channel. You can undo the cancellation during the grace period if you change your mind.

How To Cancel My Prime Video Subscription

You can terminate your Prime Video membership if you decide not to subscribe to any movies or TV shows. Doing this will terminate all subscriptions connected to your Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership, including your Starz subscription. To do so, follow the guide below.


It's simple to terminate your Starz subscription. You may do it through the Android and IOS apps as well as the Amazon website. Only through Amazon's website can you cancel a membership that was activated using an Amazon Firestick or Fire TV. During cancellation, Amazon may provide you with a self-service refund.

If you accept the refund, your subscription will be canceled immediately, and the refunded sum will be sent to you. If you decline the refund, you will be able to access the Starz channel until the billing period ends. After that, the subscription will be instantly terminated.

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