How Often To Water Succulents (+ How Much & When to Water Succulents) With Tips for Watering Succulent Plants

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If you've ever grown succulents and want to know how often to water them, this article is for you. We'll show you how to tell if your succulents need more or less water and give some tips on watering.

Succulents, especially desert succulents, are very drought resistant. They thrive in dry conditions and can withstand long periods of desiccation. Succulents have a lot of water stored in their leaves and stems, which they lose through transpiration. When you do not water them, some succulents can survive for weeks without water. Read on to find out how often to water succulents.

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How do you know when a succulent needs water?

Succulents are amazing & low-maintenance plants that you can grow indoors or outside. They thrive in warm, dry environments and are a beautiful addition to your home. However, succulents need water to survive! The leaves on a succulent will start to turn brown or shrivel if they are not watered often enough. When the leaves get soft and lose their color, it is time to give them more water.

Tips for Watering Succulent Plants

Watering succulents is a crucial step in their care. Succulents don't need water regularly, but they do need to be watered at least once a week. Here are some tips for watering succulent plants:

If you over-water your succulents, they will become soggy and rot.  Excess water can lead to root rot or even the death of the plant if not taken care of properly.

Watering succulents can cause rot in the soil if it sits in the wet area for too long or if there isn't enough drainage for excess moisture to escape from the potting mix.

Allow the soil to drain thoroughly before watering. Ensure that your succulent plant has adequate drainage holes in its pot and that the soil is dry before applying water again.

How Often To Water Succulents Outdoors

If your garden is a bit dry or if you have a lot of shade, you may want to give them more frequent watering than the average succulent gardener does. If you live in a hot or a warm climate with only an occasional summer storm, it's probably best to water your succulents every week or two instead of once or twice a month.

How Often Should You Water Succulents Indoors

The best time is to water them about once a week if you live in an area where it gets dry during the winter. If you live in a wetter climate that is not too cold, water your plants every two weeks. Watering succulents indoors is an essential part of maintaining your plants. While most succulents are drought-tolerant, it's best to avoid over-watering them.

How Much Water Do Succulents Need?

The amount of water your succulent needs depends on the type of succulent you have, how mature it is and if it’s in an environment that’s dry or humid. If your plant is young and soft-wooded, such as a cactus or aloe vera, it will need more water than mature plants with thick leaves such as agaves or geophytes. Also, if your succulent is in a dry area, it may need less water than in a humid location.

For general succulents, Water the plant either directly or by pouring two-thirds of the pot's volume into the water. During the non-winter months when the temperature is above 40 degrees, you should water your succulent every other week. During the winter months (when the temperature is below 40 degrees), you should only water your succulent once a month, as it is dormant during this time.

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Factors That Affect How Often To Water Succulents

Watering succulents depends on several factors that can vary from plant to plant and even season to season. Some of the factors that will affect are:

The temperature has a direct effect on how often you should water succulents. The warmer the weather, the less moisture they will need to survive. It may be necessary to water your plants every two weeks in areas with high temperatures, such as southern California or Florida. In cooler climates like my own in the Pacific Northwest, I find that my plants can go weeks without any supplemental watering.

If you live in a sunny area and expose your succulents to lots of direct sunlight, you should water them daily. If you only have access to morning or evening sun, then it's okay to water them less often.

Humidity also significantly affects how often you should water succulents outdoors. Humidity indicates your plant's health and how much water it needs to stay healthy and happy. The higher the humidity level in your home or office, the more likely your succulent will do well without any additional water.

Soil type also affects how often you should water succulents outdoors because different soil types hold different amounts of moisture and nutrients for various lengths of time.

How to Water Succulents

Watering succulents is a delicate process that requires you to take care of them. You want to ensure that you give them enough water and keep the soil moist but not too wet. The best way to water succulents is with a watering can. Soak the soil around the plant and wait for it to dry before soaking it again. Here are some general guidelines on watering timelines:

At least once a week: These plants prefer sitting in full sun or bright indirect light with plenty of room to spread out. They do not like crowded and need at least six inches between each plant for good air circulation.

Once every two weeks: These plants grow fast and should be watered by you more frequently than once every two weeks if you want them to bloom well during the summer months. They also like full sun or bright indirect light (but not direct sunlight). If there is not enough room for proper drainage, use pebbles in your potting mix instead of soil.


Succulent plants need less water than plants without thick leaves. But succulents should not be left to dry, especially in hot conditions. Nearly all succulents should be watered at least once a week in moderate climates during the growing season. Most succulents respond well to being lightly misted outdoors. While indoor growers typically do not have such an option.

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