How to get a strike in Wii bowling? [Step Guides]

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Have you ever wished to get 12 strikes in a row on Wiii Bowling? As much as it may sound hard, it also can happen. Wii bowling plays out similarly to a real bowling game, and the highest point you can attain in a game is 300. The moment you get more strikes that results in more points, it will affect your skills point to rise. This article will show you how to get an easy strike on a Wii bowling. However, it's not guaranteed to get the strikes, but it's worth a shot.

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How to play Wii Bowling?

Before playing Wii Bowling, every player must know the game's basic controls. In Wii Bowling, you will use a Wii Remote to control the Mii Character on the screen. On the remote, you will utilize the Neutral D-pad to move left or right and press the A button to switch between moving left and right so that you can face left or right. When satisfied with your aim, you can raise the Wii remote towards you from this point. Make sure you hold your B button while swinging the remote backward and forwards, and finally, release the button when facing the controller downwards, and you can release the ball.

How to get a strike?

The widely used trick to get a strike in Wii bowling is positioning your Mii character ¾ to the right side of the lane (This position applies if you are righthanded; reverse if you are lefthanded). This technique should be supported by using an angle of the ball path toward the left to the target of the first pin. Having done this, it is always recommended to delay releasing the ball to minimize excessive spin slightly.

According to your preference, you can adjust this technique to what you are good at, increasing your chances of getting a strike. Here are simple instructions for righthanded individuals, and the lefthanded is the reverse of the steps you can follow to get a strike in Wii bowling.


Step 1: On the Wii Remote, press right on the D-pad and ensure you have moved as opposed to the turn selected.

Step 2: When you move your Mii in line, you will get a pop-up of red guidelines that shows the two last notches with the line on the bowling alley floor. These notches are so close together compared with the rest notches.

Step 4: Press and hold the key button 'B' on your remote and roll the ' ball' on the screen as hard as possible.

Step 5: When your arm is pointing straight down, release the ball so that it can roll down the alley, and this will make the ball not hop when you release it. If you have done this step correctly, your ball will curve and knock down the first pin directly. The crush will cause a strike.

Step 6: If you want numerous strikes, keep swinging your arm while your 'B' button faces downward. Do that until your Mii gets to the start of the lane. If your arm starts to swing up, let go of the ball.

Step 7: Keep following the instructions for holding and swinging the Wii remote, and do not release the Before releasing the button, ensure to swing it back, swing it forward again, and eventually release the button. Doing this makes the shot straight, and there is a high likelihood of getting a strike.

Step 8: You can make a swing if you want to get a fast throw on the ground. Always note that when twisting your arm, don't do it unnaturally. Sometimes you may spin too much, and you need to move your Mii closer to the side of the bowl.

Step 9: Lastly, to get a strike, you must practice a lot until the ball spins with the right amount to crash the front pin.

Wii Bowling Training Tips

Apart from achieving ten frames at a time, you need more than that to give you a perfect game. To refine your rolling abilities when playing Wii sports Bowling, you need a training section to improve your rolling abilities and be perfect. In the Wii sport, the three-bowling mini-games provide an enjoyable challenge and a great way to strengthen your fundamental bowling skills.

Here are a few tips to hone your bowling skills during training to achieve more strikes on Wii bowling sports. Are you ready to learn the challenges and the tips as well? Let's check it out.

1. Picking Up Spares

Picking up spares is easy as it involves knocking down some pins to make your spare and move on. However, this technique requires focus, strategy, and practice to achieve spare conversion and maintain a high score. Therefore, to successfully pick up spares in Wii bowling, you need to aim your ball strategically. Always target the remaining pins in a way it can maximize the chances of knocking them down.

2. Extra Pins in Bowling

Here's an excellent tip for Bowling in Wii Sports! When aiming for the pins in the first round, try moving your character to the far right or left. Then, depending on which side you aimed at, go as far as possible in the same direction for the second shot. Guess what? Your target will be in a completely different lane! It's a neat trick to score some extra pins. You can Give it a shot!

3. Bowl Slightly Off-Centre.

Apart from getting a strike by Bowling in a straight line without a hook, you can also use this different technique. You have to zoom in on the other lane to attain much accuracy and move your Mii one arrow away from the center using the remote. You can move it either to the left or right. You can throw your ball when you have positioned the Mii character. Always note that your swing should be straight and aligned with the center of the lane.

4. Fine- Tune Your Setting.

Before positioning your Mii character, check if you have the correct settings. This means if you want to make an angle to your character, you will have to select " Turn," If you also want to move your Mii character from right to left, you will have to select " Move." Always use the redline indicator to guide you as you move Mii on the bowling alley floor.

5. Play at an angle

You can adopt a straightforward approach to have the best angle in the game, where you position the Mii character to the side of the lane that aligns with your throwing hand. If you are a righthanded player, you can move to the right, while the left-handed players can move to the left. If you are done positioning Mia, you can focus on throwing the ball at an angle that can target the space between the first and second pin. Practice this technique, and you will achieve strikes consistently.

Alternate Ball Design in Bowling

Wii bowling has an advancement where you can alternate a different ball design to use it. This is mainly achieved when the player completes the Pro level of the game and can unlock bowling balls with awesome diamond designs.

Alternate ball color in Bowling

It is quite simple if you start the Wii bowling game and are interested in changing the ball color. You have to hold the D-pad and select either direction of the color you want so that it can change. Let's look at the directions with their colors. For instance, the default color of the ball is usually blue, where you press up; for green, you press down; for gold, you press right; for pink/red, you press left.

Straight shot in Wii Bowling

A straight shot can be achieved in Wii bowling using this technique, where you first hold the 'B' button without releasing it. This will cause the Mii hands to remain suspended in the air, and at this time, you will avoid rolling the ball immediately. When Mii's hands with the ball are in the air, this will be the perfect time for you to proceed to bowl the ball. From releasing the ball, you can release the B button so that it can drop the ball and swiftly roll in a straight trajectory.


It's important to note that the Wii bowling sport has difficulties achieving strikes. The appropriate way to get a strike in Wii bowling is by investing time and practice supported by some trial and error. However, if you love the game, you should immerse yourself in it and learn strategies that can work for you when playing. We hope the article's steps, instructions, and tips will help you strive more in the game by getting Wii Strikes without struggles. Always enjoy the process of the game and have fun as well.

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