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What is the new advertising Home Depot slogan representing the brand? If you are into the Home Depot slogans, this article covers you. Please read and explore the slogans from the foundation to the current.

Besides Home Depot being famous for its improvement products, the company also releases its new annual reports and announces new slogans for advertising purposes. Its orange logo makes the brand more iconic and relies on the slogan to symbolize the company.

If you're a newbie, you might be interested in knowing the Home Depot SLogan and what each means to the public. Due to the varying advertising plans, Home Depot has also shown periodic slogan changes over the years.

Let us explore what we have found concerning the Home Depot slogan.

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What's Home Depot Slogan Now​​​​​​?

Home Depot is popular and identical to many people not only because of the logo and services but also because their slogan works well as the tagline for the advertisement. Their slogan is' How Doers Get More Done, ' which symbolically indicates the range of products, services, and DIY projects they complete with ideal customers worldwide. There are many other previous Home Depot slogans that the company has utilized for a while. Among these are as listed below:

'Where low prices are just the beginning' from 1993, 'First in home improvement' in 2001, the same as 'Driving down the cost of home improvement,' while in 2003, they introduced, 'You can do it. We can help while saving more. More Doing' was introduced in 2009 and has been in operation until they launched the current slogan 'How Doers Get More Done' in 2019.

From the above, we can see early that the latest and newest Home Depot slogan is effective in campaigns aiming at the clean-cut Lowe's. Besides the holistic approach, warehousing, and styling in home improvement, Home Depot has taken a different slogan that helps them get their customer's DIY projects done.

Because of the slogan, it is clear that Home Depot has remained hyped regarding flexibility during the pandemic and has delivered their projects on time and recorded market-breaking sales and earnings.

Meaning of the Home Depot Slogan

The current Home Depot slogan introduced in 2019,' How Doers Get More Done,' has a specific meaning. Ideally, it symbolizes the services as well as products of specialization. These hardware offer these target services and products to serve customers through business and home DIY improvement projects.

As far as Home Depot is concerned, it remains among the largest hardware retailers on the market around the world and relies on the above slogan through advertising and marketing campaigns.

Home Depot is on the market to lend a hand in business and home improvement projects because the service is reflected through its slogan and aims to help you get the work done.

Thus, the Home Depot website also clarifies that the current slogan is ideal as it is reflected in the guaranteed seamless shopping experience. Whether shopping in-store or through online stores, they aim to give you a perfect experience.

'Where Does Get More Done,' the customers are doers, and for the last 40 years in business, the company has been revamping its capabilities to help customers get more done through evolution. Their 2017 strategic plans aimed to give customers a seamless shopping experience and convenient interactions to showcase their ability. They are changing their tagline to match the services and products.

The guys are proud of their evolution through the Prp B2B website, expanded tools, e-commerce solutions, and many more, placing the company in a unique position.

Why Home Depot Has Been Changing Slogans Since 1993?

The above information shows that Home Depot changed its slogan,' How Doers Get More Done' in 2019. They switched to this newest slogan because they aimed to utilize it in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Hence, they wanted to revamp and ensure they changed their customers' shopping experience compared to their competitors like Lowe's.

The company also claims that their customers highlighted they love getting their hands dirty while they work on new skills and building new stuff or doing DIY projects. Hence, the company has revamped to help the target customers complete the projects and achieve the goals in the shortest time possible.

Still, the company changed the slogan, which helped it evolve and focus more on helping meet its customers' ends. Hence, today. Home Depot is creating not only a simple but also convenient and seamless shopping experience, which is online as well as in-store. From the Home Depot slogan, ‘How Doers Get More Done,’ the company has highlighted its services and products, which target sectors like truck rental, leading delivery services, digital technology services, and a collection of growing tools.

The prior slogan, ‘More Savings, More Doping,’ introduced in 2009, meant that the company was committed to serving the customer by providing cost-effective products and services but with guaranteed quality. You can follow up for more meaning on the other Home Depot slogans.

Besides the Home Depot slogan, it also features a reputable logo. The logo contains the iconic dual color, a white and orange palette combination. Inside, you find the name of the hardware in the square orange box.

Though the company used the logo alongside its previous slogan,' More Savings, More Doing,' they currently do not combine the newest slogan with the logo in the advertisement. There may be a reason, but we will learn more with time. So far, we have exhausted everything about the Home Depot slogans from 1993 to date. If you still have a pending question, you can contact the company for information; otherwise, seek clarification from our FAQ section below.

Before going into the FAQ section, we would also like to remind you that Home Depot launched a new slogan in 2005: 'The Lowest Price, Guaranteed. 'Through the operation, the Better Business Bureau complained that the slogan was misleading. Home Depot took it down. This is because the company did not match prices to ensure that they were offering the lowest prices, as highlighted in the slogan, compared to the competitors on the market. Then, these guys actually agreed and changed the slogan. Home Depot is competing with Lowe's for the DIY projects today.


Q. When did Home Depot launch its first slogan?

From the above article, though we have seen that the first recorded Home Depot slogan was launched from 1993 to 2001, the truth remains that these guys have used multiple slogans since its inception in 1978 by the founders Arthur Blank alongside Bernie Marcus.

The recorded slogan in 1993 was,' Where Low Prices are Just the Beginning,' which was dropped in 2001 with another slogan. Read more in the above article.

Q. What is Home Depot's brand?

From the information sourced on the Slogan and Tagline website, the writer claims that the MRO company, previously Interline Brands, the current Home Depot, owns the Home Depot Pro. The Home Depot Pro has over 70 distribution centers in the US alone.


In conclusion, Home Depot has recorded multiple slogans throughout its operation since 1993, when it was first spotted. Although they have been using the slogan since 1978, it was introduced in 2019 as 'How Doers Get More Done,' aimed at helping customers complete their homes and businesses' DIY projects within timelines.

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